Title: Shining Oblivion
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: PG
Pairing: SanzoGoku, HakkaiGojyo, and others more to come.

Disclaimer: I don't own Gensomaden Saiyuki or any of it's characters. I only own the story. ^^' Okay, so not the whole of it since the cutting part is very old, but... yeah... *sweat drops even further*


Shining Oblivion

I may have battled numerous demons in the past. I may have battled some gods. Heck, I even battled my own self numerous times before. But this time, this is the point where I got really scared. As in, so-scared-that-dying-is-better-than-this.

Sanzo's eyes shook. I know he was trying to stay calm, it was obvious. I winced as a piece of grass poked a scar. My eyes slowly traveled to my wrist, and I watched how the blood dripped. Anything just to make me ignore Sanzo. I wonder what he's thinking now.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Then everything went blank.

++ || ++

"Gomen[1], Sanzo." Hakkai had a serious look on as he exited the room and closed the door behind him, "Goku lost too much blood." He then smiled sadly, just to reassure the monk in front of him, "But on the contrary, he'll be fine. He just needs rest. No blood transfer needed."

"Good." Gojyo lit up a cigarette, "Nobody here has the same blood type as the saru."


Sanzo scoffed, and entered the room without one word. The other two just let him. When Sanzo realized that Goku had fainted, he immediately carried the boy to find Gojyo and Hakkai, who drove the four of them at the nearest town in a speed that wasn't even within the speed limit. They went to the nearest hotel, ignoring the look that the female clerk was giving the bloodied boy in Sanzo's arms. It was Hakkai who healed the boy.

Sighing to himself with his face still void of emotions, Sanzo sat down on the stool near the bed where Goku lay sleeping. Slightly narrowing his eyes at the figure on the bed, Sanzo lit up a cigarette, changing his view from the bed to the window. "You're an idiot, Goku." A puff of smoke.


"You're awake."

Goku stayed silent, staring at the ceiling as he brought an arm to rest on his forehead, slightly wincing as his wrist touched his skin. "What happened?"

"You fainted." Sanzo answered simply. What was there to say? Another puff of smoke. "Of all people, I never thought that a saru would cut himself."

"...Gomen ne."

Sanzo scoffed once again, crossing his arms, "What's the story?"

"...!" Goku didn't know how to answer. Should I tell him? Sanzo, the reason why I cut is because I love you. Heh, yeah right. Like I'll ever say that. Even though it is true. Sanzo...

Sighing exasperatedly, Sanzo darted his eyes back at the boy, "Hn."

"E-eto... ano... Sanzo, I..." A slight blush tinged his cheeks as he fought for the right words,


"Sanzo, the truth is... I... well... I..."

"Spit it out."

That did it. "THE REASON WHY IS BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, DAMNIT! THERE?! YOU HAPPY?! I've been cutting because I was depressed! I know you don't love me the same way that I love you, so I cut! You may think I'm crazy, but I don't need any damn psychiatrist[1]! Do you think a damned love-sick person who's gay needs a psychiatrist?! Oh wait, don't answer that. Fuck it. I'm getting out of here."

But as he tried to stand up, he was pushed back on the bed, and before he had a time to react, slightly chapped lips descended on his. He could smell slight smoke, but he couldn't care. Sanzo was kissing him. He felt something chew on his lower lip slightly, and he opened his mouth to welcome the other's tongue. Sanzo's arms rested on his shoulders to prevent him from moving, and Goku clutched a part of Sanzo's clothes to make sure that he was really there.

As the kiss ended, Sanzo only lifted his face a few millimeters from Goku's. They were panting and breathing heavily, their breaths mingling together as one. Sanzo stared into golden pools, "I'll repeat what I said. You're such an idiot, Goku."

"Che', nandaiyo."

"Sen da yo."

And they kissed again. Sanzo... you're my shining oblivion.

++ || ++

"About time." Gojyo smirked as he took his eyes off the scene. He fused his cigarette and threw it for the trash bin.

"Aa. They certainly look happy." Hakkai beamed as he stood up from his crouching position and closed the door quietly. "Do you think Goku will cut himself again after all this?"

"I'm thinking no. And if he does, well... I'll teach him some fucking tip-"


"Hey, hey, I was kidding! Let's just hope he doesn't, alright? And if he does, well, Sanzo's in his secret anyway. He'll find a way, ne?"

"I guess so."

"Well, now since our job is done," Gojyo took the green-eyed man by the collar and dragged him down the hall to their room, "I wanna have fun for once."

Hakkai sweat dropped.

~ owari ~


[1] *cough* Was it psychiatrist? Eto... I can't find my dictionary and the meaning of the word slipped my mind. ^^;;

Gomen / Gomen ne - I'm sorry.

Che', nandaiyo - Shoot, you're so mean.

Sen da yo - you're so annoying


Author's Notes: *stretches arms* Yatta. Finally done. And I'm sorry if I didn't update any sooner. ^^;; A friend of mine has been sleeping over here since March 20. *sweat drop* And I gotta show and guide her around the house, right? Well, yesterday she went home, but will be back tomorrow. Heh... But I finally got to finish this chapter, and the story.

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