Chapter 13

Ten years passed…

"Mother, can we go now?" A young human girl yelled up the stairs.

"Soon, Jessica," Sarah replied to her eager daughter. "Very soon."

"Good," the girl told her, "because I really want to go and see Aunt Amelia. She told me that she would tell about Treasure Planet again."

"Jessica Amelia Silver, you have heard that story at least twenty times now. Aren't you getting the least bit tired of hearing it yet?" Sarah asked as she came down the stairs.

"No way!" Jessica said.

Silver followed his wife down the stairs, laughing. "That´s me girl, Jessie lass," he said proudly.

"Thanks, Dad," Jessica replied, giving the big man a kiss on the cheek. The three of them then began to walk up to the Doppler mansion.

Once inside, and reunited with the Dopplers, they all started to reminisce about the good old days. Their rememberances were cut short by the doorbell ringing.

Delbert got to his feet to answer the door. Amanda and her husband smiled at the Doctor, who's eyes lit up happily, and called his company to greet his daughter and her husband.

"Dad! It´s so good to see you again!" Amanda said, hugging her slender father tightly.

"Amanda! I've missed you, dear. My, but it certainly warms my heart to see you well," Delbert remarked, holding his daughter's hands fondly.

Then Amanda smiled, and dashed over to hug her mother, allowing Delbert a chance to talk with husband. Jerry was a handsome human fellow, five years older than Amanda.

"Oh, come now! Come in, the both of you," Delbert commanded, moving out of the way, so everyone could move inside.

"My, Amanda my love, you have grown so since the last time we've seen you," Amelia observed after hugging her daughter again.

"Mom? Jerry and I have a suprise for you and Dad," Amanda said, smiling up at her husband.

"Oh? And what would that be, dear?" Amelia asked, curious.

"Hmm. Let's go into the living room, shall we? I think you'd better be sitting down for this," Amanda cautioned.

Their curiosity peaked, Amelia and Delbert did as they were told, returnign to where Silver, Sarah, and Jessica sat talking.

"Ah now, Amanda me darlin'," Silver greeted her. "You're the very image o' yer lovely mother, so yeh are!"

"Oh, stop that, John Silver," Amanda laughed, blushing. "He's forever saying things like that to get me to blush, Jerry."

"Maybe you'd care to let me in on your secret then, Mr. Silver," Jerry teased, winking at his wife, who giggled.

Silver laughed heartily. "Ah now, another kidder in the family, is it? Ah, tis a grand thing to know, so it is!"

Amelia interrupted the teasing to get back to the point. "Amanda? You said you had something you wished to tell your father and I?"

"Oh yes! Brace yourself, Momma… but you're going to be grandparents soon!" Amanda announced.

The room became very quiet all of the sudden. That lasted… oh, about fifteen seconds, when Amelia broke the peace to laugh with joy, hugging her daughter fiercely.

A half-minute later, Amanda grunted, saying, "Mom… can´t breathe."

"Oh, I do apologize, dear," Amelia said, releasing her daughter quickly. "You're going to be a mother… that´s just so wonderful!"

Jessica giggled. "Just wait until Jim hears about this," Jessica said quietly and Silver nodded in agreement.

"Aye, lass. Though, sets me fair to wonderin' when the boy and his fair Alice are goin' to make Sarah an' me grandparents."

"I'm not quite sure my heart could take being a grandmother twice in the same year," Amelia declared, squeezing her husband's hand.

"Oh, come on, Mom! I'm sure you can handle it. Of course, you needn't worry about Benjamin… he's going to be a virgin until he is forty at least."

"Amanda Sarah MacUmber, I am going to pretend like I didn't hear that," proclaimed yet another new voice, startling everybody.

A rather dour Benjamin, his arms crossed, his face disapproving, glowered at his sister. Jim and and the raven-haired Alice stood at the door to the living room, holding hands.

"Poppa, you forgot to lock the door again," Alice told Delbert, grinning. She then moved over to hug her smiling mother warmly.

"So, Alice my love, what brings you and our illustrious Mr. Hawkins our way?" Amelia asked, putting her arms about both her girl's waists.

"Well, Mom, we heard that Amanda and Jerry were visiting, and decided to make it a family gathering instead," Benjamin declared with a grin.

"Oh, that… and one other thing besides," Jim mentioned casually.

"Oh? Do tell, Mr. Hawkins? More news from the Interstellar Navy?" Amelia asked.

Alice looked over to Jim, who looked back at her. Then Jim started, "Um, no Ma'am. Not really. Though, before we begin, you and Delbert might want to take your seats…"