Hiya everyone - this is my first Yugioh fanfic and just a word of warning - if you don't like Yaoi - don't read.. Thanks a lot Jediqueen001xx

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! Nor the song "Don't you want somebody to love" by the boogie pimps.


One night - one chance!!

Seto Kaiba sat in a neon filled bar as countless sults and pimps surrounded eager men. Hungry after a long day but Seto, no; he needed to unwind and different way. Or; so he thought. Taking another sip of his beer he scanned the room. Again seeing nothing but rather ugly provocative women. He laughed to himself and turned back to his drink.

Suddenly a familiar song spun on the turn tables -

'don't you want, don't you want want..' It drummed inside him. But where had he heard this? Wait, it was Joey!!

'That bastard was singing it all through geography . What a stupid pathetic little mutt!! I can't stand him. But then why can't I get him off my mind?' Shaking his head he was ready to walk out the door, when..

He saw Joey in the middle of the floor, as he turned back for one more glance. Dressed in an unbuttoned red silk shirt and miming to the song. Soon enough he caught Seto staring at him and began to hypnotize him with his, slow, sexy dancing. Gesturing him to dance, Seto refused at first, however Joey gradually pulled off his shirt and allowed it to fall to the floor. Relieving his pale, muscular chest that glistened with sweaty oils, reflecting off the brightly coloured lights. All the other man practically fell off the chairs from watching him. However Seto had the first pick at him and he'd have him to himself.

Moving toward Joey on the empty dance floor, the chorus kicked in again and drummed loudly in every direction. Joey's hip's swayed with the music, Seto took him from behind and press his inner high's to his.

'Don't you want somebody to love,

Don't you need somebody to love,

Wouldn't love somebody to love,

You better find somebody to love.' Joey sang perfectly with the song and continued to grid, hard into Seto's already throbbing member. He gasped with pleasure and wrapped his arms around his waist and moved with his alluring partner.

'This is insane, why am I doing this? It's not right, he's my enemy. Oh God!!' Joey, circled his hips round and round making harder for Seto to restrain him from fucking Joey now. His crotch was a flame and he needed him now - dam the morning after, he'd regret it later. Seto spun him round and pressed their lips roughly together. After deepening the kiss for a long while, Seto launched his tongue deep within Joey's mouth, exploring every taste he had to offer. Soon they were at war, as Joey roughly countered. Passion mounted overly in them and they needed each other now more than ever. Breaking apart for air. Seto leaned in when Joey pulled away and pulled Seto with him, leading him up a set of stairs and into a vacant room. Joey locked the door and laid down on the bed. Seto paused a moment and listened to the same song that continued to play outside. Hyping him up again.

'Don't you want…' However Joey helped him sooner.

"Don't you want me Seto? Well, there are plenty of other men out there I can lay." He stood and headed for the handle. Though secretly he wanted to stay and he got his wish. Seto stood in front of the door and removed a hundred from his pocket.

"Let's get something straight, tonight you're my bitch - got it?" He placed the money in his hand, despite his Joey only leaned in close and slipped it back in his trouser pocket.

"It's on the house." He winked smugly and ran his finger alone Seto's erected element, causing him to moan deep inside. Swiftly after, he removed is pants and walked back over to the bed, preparing himself. Seto laughed and pulled off his tie and so their pleasure began. They made - passionate, heated love through the night and as Seto found relief inside Joey, he could only wish that this night could never end.