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A brothers emotional fight.

Seto stood outside his brother's door, pacing back and forth. Muttering to himself about why Mokuba was upset, trying to make sense of his actions.

"I mean Mokuba eats like a horse, he wouldn't stop eating over a silly phone call. What did I say? I'm sure I did nothing to offend him. God, I hope he's alright." Joey stood against the wall admiring his concern for his brother.

"Aw, you look so cute when you worry." Seto spun on his heels to face him.

"This isn't about being cute, my brother almost starved himself to death and now he's in the with some quack doing God knows what to my little bro." He suddenly felt tears come to his eye's, pain blistered his heart as the thought of Mokuba suffering arose. He sat down on a large, comfy, chair and covered his face in his hands.

Joey saw the pain he felt and sat down beside him to comfort him. He pulled Seto into his chest, rubbing his back sensitively.

"Aw, Joey - I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you. I'm just.." He began to cry harder and found ease in Joey's chest. Joey hated seeing Seto so upset and almost began to cry himself.

"It's alright - you are just worried about your brother, nothing to be sorry about. I remember when Serenity first went into hospital for her eye's. I know that I wasn't there when I was meant to be but I was so worried cause I promised my little sis I'd be there for her. But In the end, everything turned out okay and I know it will now, he'll be okay, you'll see." Seto smiled and peered up, feeling his pain begin to melt away, like when snow melts in the sign of first light.

"Really?" The tears soon vanished from his puffy eye's. Seto thanked the great unknown for giving such a wonderful boyfriend. Joey was capable to heal all his pain and defend him for his own worst thoughts.

"Thank you," Seto sat up and wiped away the tears which stained his pale cheeks. Joey leaned into the chair.

"For what?" He seemed confused in Seto's response. Suddenly he began to laugh, muffled and happily. Despite Joey's confusion, he grinned - he was finally happy to have Seto laughing again. Seeing Seto happy was the most valuable part of his life.

"You;" Joey sat more baffled than the first. He decided just to nod and smile, to see if that would satisfy him.

"Well, yeah you know I'm like that. I can do so many amazing things, so uh. What; brilliant thing did I do this time?" Seto beamed blissfully and placed a elfin kiss upon his cheek.

The door to Mokuba's room swiftly opened and a man dressed in a white coat walked toward them. Seto shot up and stood before the levelled doctor.

"Ah, Mr Kaiba. You have no need to worry about Mokuba's physical condition. We are feeding him through a line, that is giving him all the vital neutrinos he needs." The long faced man gave a relieving smile. However Seto wasn't too relieved.

"And his mentally state?" He spoke sternly, his voice was strong enough to burn through the soul. doctor sighed and flipped through his chart.

"Well, I managed to talk to your brother and he informed me of your currant relationship and from what I can tell, Mokuba isn't too happy about it." He hissed through his teeth. Now Joey got up and stood next to them.

"Did he say why?" The man shook his head and replied.

"No, but I must ask, are you and your brother close?" They both nodded, the doctor stared at Joey angrily. He groaned and moved away.

"I see," he took a pen and began to scribble down little notes. Seto's anger rose and snatched up his clipboard and threw it across the hall. Suddenly grabbing the doctor by the collar and shaking him, hoping he'd receive his point.

"Look, I want answers out of you, so you can write later. What is wrong with my brother?" Joey thought best to let him get on with his assault.

"Well, it's my professional opinion that your brother his having a hard time to letting you go. He seems to have expectance issues. I think it's best that you talk to Mokuba about this, however not until he's well enough to speak." Seto narrowed his eye's and let the doctor down gently. Once he ordered him to leave, he entered Mokuba's room, Joey followed just behind him.

Mokuba laid so peacefully upon the bed. It seemed like he'd been asleep for an eternity. Seto couldn't bear to see his brother suffer. He was suffering all alone and it was all his fault.

'Why did I leave him, I should of seen this coming. I never leave him for more than a day or so.' He soon began to cry silently. Joey rushed to him and brought him down into a relaxing hug, Seto smeared his tears into Joey's shoulder as he returned the embrace.

Joey pulled back and kissed him softly on his cheek, walking away, he moved a chair to Mokuba's bed. He patted the seat and help Seto unwind by tenderly massaging his shoulder's. He headed out the door once feeling Seto's tranquillity return and announced that he would be them something to eat.

The sun soon disappeared in Seto's frame of reference, on the floor - sat three bowls that once contained soup and noodles. He hadn't moved for five hours, in hopes that his brother would wake, even though the doctor told him - he would not be awake till morning.

Joey sat in the kitchen, eat a roast dinner the chef had prepared. It tasted divine, tender meat and scummy herbs that brought out it's spice.

"This is really good Frances." He pointed to the food with his fork and then guzzled down some wine. The wine reminded him of the times he had with Seto. Joey could hardly believe that he was going to live here. However then he remembered Serenity would be left alone. He had to call her.

Picking up the phone he quickly dialled Tristan's number. There was a moment of ringing and then it was received.

"Hello." Tristan answered, his tone seemed high and winded.

"Tristan, are you alright?" Tristan laughed and assured him he was alright.

"Can I speak to Serenity please." Tristan handed the phone to Serenity, who was laying on his chest.

"Hi Joey, yes we're fine. Really what? Wow! That's fantastic!! Oh, I'm sure we can work something out, okay bye." Serenity put the phone on charge and relaxed back in Tristan's arms.

"Guess what?" She asked childishly, rubbing her hand alone his arm.

"What," he began to kiss her neck. She giggled and replied.

"Seto has asked Joey to move in." Tristan leaned back in shock. He never thought it would last this long.

"Really, wow!" He squeezed her tight, he knew now that Serenity needed somewhere to live.

"So, do we turf the spare room, or do you wanna share my bed." Serenity smiled and kissed his cheek.

Joey trudged up the stairs and walked toward Mokuba's room, when he could hear muffled noises from inside.

"Seto, I like Joey and all but I didn't want him to interfere with us. We've been through so much and I saw him as a kind of a threat to our relationship." He could hear Mokuba's sobbing gently, then he heard bed spring squeak.

"It's alright Mokuba, I'm sure you'll get along with Joey if you got to know him better." Then silence; Joey felt it was the right time for him to enter. He slowly opened the door, they both stared at him blankly.

Mokuba's eye's seemed to be sad and almost with a hint of guiltiness. Joey raised his hand, to stop him from speaking. He knew that he had to be gently with the youth.

"Mokuba, please; let me speak." Joey walked toward the brothers on the bed and sat in front of them.

"Okay; if you want me to, I'll just go home. If you are uncomfortable with my moving here, I can just go home and come round a little less, if it makes you more comfortable. I just want to let you know, that I'll never come between you and your brother." Joey stared up at Seto, preying for him to understand and to his own surprise, he did. Mokuba first looked into Joey's eye's and then Seto's.

He was getting exactly what he wanted but felt unhappy because this would cause Seto pain.

'This is so hard, if I kick Joey out, Seto will turn back into a miserable old grouch and if he stays, Seto and I will drift further apart. Come on Mokuba do you really think that will happen; no.'

"No, you can stay, I've just got to accept the fact that my brother is in love. Just don't be all kissie and mushy and stuff." Joey smiled and looked up at Seto. His expression was full of love, hope and almost lust. They leaned in, over Mokuba's head for a sweet kiss.

"What did I just say!" They pulled back and began to tickle him fiercely.

That night, they all retired to Seto's room, Joey and Seto laid with their arms around each other and Mokuba slept in the middle. This made Mokuba feel so warm and happy, almost like he felt he had to big brother's to watch over him. As they laid in the dark, the stars twinkled bright, in hopes of a blissful future.