Welcome to my preview for Reflections!

Painful memories of heartache and betrayal return to haunt Legolas and Aragorn as they relive an adventure they had years ago.

Legolas: "Who are you?"

Only this time the tables are turned.

Aragorn: "Legolas! Run mellon nin!"

As the two near the end of this 'new' venture...

Legolas: "Strider! Nooooo!"

they begin to fear it may be more than they can bear.

Goblin of the Misty Mountains: "Your friend is gone. He is on his way to Umbar as a slave or did you not know? He will not be returning."

If they cannot find a way...

Legolas: "No Aragorn. You can't."

no one can.

Elladan: "Ada, we tried to save them. The goblins have gone too far."

There is no more light.

Elrond: "They are out of our reach then. It is finished."

But there is still Hope.

Elrond: "Perhaps it is time for us to leave this Middle Earth."

That alone can save them.

Legolas: "I look into my reflection..."

Old fears must be conquered.

Legolas: "but it is like staring into the depths of night. For all I see is darkness."

Who's to say how it will end? For not even The Wise can tell and in the darkness, a voice calls to them.

Aragorn: "Hold on, mellon nin. I have you."

Legolas: "I can't hold on much longer. I'm going under."

How far will they go to survive this trauma?

Elladan: "He is gone."

Or will they survive it at all?

Aragorn: "Legolas, don't you know me?"

Elrohir: "Ada!"

Legolas: "How long have I been sleeping?"

Aragorn: "It seems like ages."

Legolas: "Aragorn...help me."

Aragorn: "Legolas, I promise, mellon nin."

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