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Elvis Sighting

by Kyer en Ysh April 1, 2000



"Yes, Nat?"

"Why are you dressed as Elvis?"

"It's part of my new life. I'm afraid its time for
me to move on, Nat."

"As an *Elvis* impersonator?!"

"I lost an arm wrestling match with Urs. Seems
she's always wanted to manage a traveling entertainment group."

"You lost a match with....Nick!---How could you, a big, strong,
medieval knight, lose an arm wrestling match with a woman singer?"

"She played dirty, Nat!. Kept bringing up stuff she
*knew* would bring on a flashback."


"Yeah. Did the same kind of tricks with the others too. Hey, I'm not
the only one whose prone to flashbacking,---All she had to do was bring up
the new Pompeii findings, Afros, and some incident involving Mickey Mouse,
and the others were sunk too! Urs found out that I had fibbed a
little about that 60's flashback. I wasn't really with the Grateful Dead.
Next thing we knew, the whole sordid affair was out. Apparently, 'blackjack' isn't the only form of 'black' she's good at."

"Nick? What *others*? And what *were* you up to during the
Golden Age of Rock & Roll?"

"I...uh..was actually part of the precursor to the Flying Elvises."

"Flying.. Isn't that the stunt parachutists who.."

"Yeah. It seemed a fun thing to do at the time. Me, Vachon, Screed,
and LaCroix would put on our costumes, darken our hair---well, in the
other's cases, more like get a hair cut or glue on a wig---anyway, out we'd
go and buzz the commercial airliners on days like April Fools---when we knew
the pilots' claims of seeing dogfighting, black pompoudored, besequined
Elvises would not be believed."


"It was LaCroix's idea."


"Alright---so the sequined capes were *my* idea. But he planned the
flight manuevers!"

"Can we back up some? How did Urs discover you all used

"Uh...well...the suit. Janette thinks I look kinda sexy in it. And,...uh...she
wanted to celebrate a 'past lives' party....pure coincidence that the four
of us each chose the same episode of a past life." (Either that,
or I'm not the only one she likes to play 'groupie' with...)

"Oh, Nick----you didn't go! You promised me you were going to stay
away from the vampire lifestyle!

Sorry, Nat. And you were right---the party?---it was a
complete disaster. Janette's Mae West wig somehow caught a spark from the karoake machine after I accidently spilled some
bloodwine in its works when she started to nibb...never mind. Anyhow.. The
blonde hair got fried right to her head. What's left of it, anyways. Some
idiot vampiress made a crack that she now looked more like LaCroix's brother
than his daughter---and that's when the cat fur *really* started to fly.
Alma sure should have paid more attention to where her panther suit's tail
was in relationship to the fan blades. Needless to say, I *had* to take my
suit to the cleaners after it was over. How was *I* to know that Schanke
used that same shop?

Oh God! What did he say?




Nick! You can't come in here and tell me you're moving on
without giving me the full, juicy details! So--spill!"

"He didn't say anything, Nat. ...He just sort of laughed. And snapped
a picture."

"A picture!"

"Darn empirical evidence."

"So, Schanke's got a picture of you and this Elvis costume. Why didn't
you just say you were picking it up for someone else?"

"I was still wearing it."


"Suddenly, acquiescing to Urs' blackmail was easier to accept than the
thought of living with Schanke for the next year."

"So you're really leaving then?"

"Yeah. Besides, LaCroix said that if *he* had to honor this fiasco, *I*
had to go too."

"And this is goodbye for a year?"

"Uh, huh. Unless... Nat?"


"I need to ask you... Would you be my...?"

"Yes, Nick?"