Night was falling over the quiet hillside of the Romanian border.  The villagers of the small town that lined the border where quickly hurrying to close up shop and get to their homes where they knew it would be safe. 

There was an evil that haunted the town, that they only knew about.  It would never harm them as long as they obeyed the orders they were given, but there was always one who wound up missing.

Hermione Granger was the person to defy orders, this night.  She had been on holiday to visit an old friend of hers and he had just deserted her.  "Men!"  Was all she said as she continued to stroll though the town. 

She looked up at the sky every now and then to see how far the sun had set.  She wanted to see this so-called­­ evil for herself.  As of right now, she figured it was just some silly superstition, since this had been going on for centuries.

She looked up at the sky once again only to see something flying right toward her.  It was big and black with leathery wings.  It was a bat!  But, it didn't attack her.  It flew a few inches from her head and then flew away.  She laughed slightly to herself, but she quickly stopped as she saw it again.  But, this time it wasn't alone.  Four more were traveling behind it, this time.  They began to dive head-first at her, then stopped as they came about a yard away from her.

They surrounded her in a circle as they just hovered in mid-air.  But, she quickly saw that they weren't ordinary bats.  They were transforming into people with very pale skin, yellow eyes and sharp fangs.  Vampires!  She had known a vampire before, but they didn't look to be as friendly as she had been.

They slowly advanced toward her, drool dripping from each of their mouths.  She felt terrified at the thought of never seeing her parents of her friends again, because she was almost positive that they were going to kill her.  And what she heard next confirmed her theory.  "Ooh!  Fresh meat!"  One said as he licked his pale lips.

Hermione swallowed hard as she saw another bat quickly swoop down.  "Enough!  Let the girl go!"  She heard a female voice command.  The vampires, looking as if they'd been slapped in the face, backed off and knelt on the ground toward the woman.

Hermione, who had closed her eyes as she felt the vampires getting closer to her, opened her eyes to see the woman in front of her.  "Professor Bronte?!"  She exclaimed as she saw the others kneeling toward her former teacher.  "Wha--?" 

"Come on, Hermione.  They won't harm you."

"A-Are you sure?"  The older woman gave a smile.

"I'm sure.  Let's go.  I'll walk you to your hotel."

"Actually, I'm here visiting a friend; my pen-pal."  She said as they began to walk through the streets.

"I didn't know you had a pen-pal."

"Not even Harry and Ron know.  I joined this program when I was ten and we just couldn't stop writing to one another."  She said, not really sure what was going on in this town, but she pretended not to be as frightened as she was.  They walked in silence for only a minute, but Hermione was not one to keep her mouth shut and Nikolett knew it.

"Something's bothering you."  It wasn't a question.

"Yes.  There is… How did you get those other vampires to back off?  You're only half, but you surely don't have that much power."

"You're right.  I don't."  Nikolett said as they stopped in front of a rather large house.  "Here is your friend's home."  She said, loudly, then bent down to whisper.  "Let's talk about this tomorrow.  It's not safe to do it this time of night."  Hermione slowly nodded. And entered the house.

As soon as she walked in, she saw a very beautiful Snowy Owl sitting on the back of one of the chairs in the kitchen.  "Hello, Hedwig.  I'm glad you're here.  I need to send something to Harry."  Hedwig hooted loudly to show that she understood, then stuck out her leg which already had a letter attacked to it.  Hermione quickly pulled it off and opened the letter.


            You won't believe it!  I'm finally moving in with Sirius!  He's coming on Saturday to help me move my stuff out.  He told me that he got a new house, too.  I can't wait to see it!  He says it's must better than the one at Grimmauld Place.

            Anyway, do you want to come and help?  Sirius said it was all right.

            Well, I've gotta go.  I have to tell the Dursley's the good news.

                                                Write back soon with your answer!


Hermione smiled.  She figured that this was the best for Harry, seeing as though he's never really had a loving home.  And now that he was in Auror training, he had Sirius there to help.  She quickly scribbled a return note and attached it to Hedwig's leg.  The bird quickly took off and flew out the open window.  She figured she would tell him about Nikolett in person, once she knew everything.

Meanwhile, back out in the streets, Nikolett growled evilly at the thought of the vampires who attacked her former student.  She knew they were still lurking about; she could feel their eyes on her.  "If any of you touch that girl, you'll have to answer to me!"  She growled loudly.  A screech in the darkness told her that she had been heard.