There was a slight buzz among the castle grounds at the end of the week.  The wedding had been quickly arranged, because Nikolett's blood was still in her father's system, which made it possible for him to be able to go out in the day.  But, it wouldn't last for long.

They sent letters to all of those who were in the Order of the Phoenix, inviting them to come.  Surprisingly, they all did.  Dumbledore presided over all who gathered; he would be conducting the ceremony.

Sirius stood at the front of the crowd, Harry standing behind him as he best man, and Lupin standing behind him.  They waited impatiently for the wedding to begin.  Harry had never seen Sirius this nervous before.  Even in the face of Dementors, did he show more courage.  He kept asking Harry and Lupin how he looked, which was beginning to annoy the both of them.  "You look fine, don't worry."  Harry said, exasperated.

But, Sirius wasn't the only one who was worrying.  Nikolett was beginning to pace, which was driving Hermione mad, since she was pacing on the ceiling and kept getting hit by either her hair or her dress.  "I'm getting married."  Was all she kept hearing.

"Yes, you are.  But, if you don't come down here, I'll have to kill you."  Nikolett stopped pacing and looked around as if she didn't know how she got up on the ceiling.

"Sorry."  She quickly walked down the wall and back on the floor.  "I guess I'm just nervous."

"Well, you shouldn't be, dear.  Marriage is nothing to worry about."  Mrs. Weasley said helping Hermione fix the gown she had gotten on her last visit.  It would be her bridesmaid dress.  Mrs. Weasley would wear the exact same thing.

When all three were ready, there was a knock at the door.  Hermione poked her head out to see who it was.  It was Ron.  "Dumbledore says five minutes."  He said, trying to take a peek at Nikolett.

"Okay.  Five minutes."  She said, closing the door on his nose.

"Ow!"  Was all that was heard from him as he walked away.

"We'd better get down to the grounds."  Nikolett said, admiring her wedding gown (muggle-made even) in the mirror.  It was, of course, white with spaghetti straps, a silk bodice with lace over it and her skirt, which flowed straight down to her feet, was pure silk with lace trimming.  "I'm getting married."  She said, once again, before being led out to the grounds.

They met her father half-way and they walked the rest of the way together.  "Are you sure you want to go through with this?  There are other vampires."  He told her.

"Oh, father."  Was all she said and gave him a kiss on his cold cheek.

"I had to try."  He said as he linked his arm into hers.

They stood in the back of the garden (which Nikolett had planted herself) and waited for the wedding march to start playing.

Sirius heard the march start playing out of what seemed like nowhere.  Dumbledore must have conjured a ghost band to play it.  He saw Mrs. Weasely begin to head down the aisle and then Hermione.

Then he saw Nikolett on her father's arm.  His eyes went wide in amazement at the sight of her.  She was a sight to behold that was for sure.  He smiled widely at her and she did the same as she and her father slowly approached.  "She looks so beautiful."  Harry whispered, breathlessly.

"I know."  Sirius said as Nikolett and her father stopped right in front of the beautiful while alter, wrapped with colorful flowers, each emitting golden dust.  She kissed her father and was then handed over to Sirius.  The group became silent as Dumbledore began to speak.

"Friends… Relatives… We are gathered here to join these two wonderful people through the bonds of marriage.  Nikolett and Sirius had been inseparable since they first met at Hogwarts and it looks as though that theory still stands.  There have been overbearing obstacles that they have overcome and yet, they are still together… With losing old friends, and gaining new ones, they still carry the love for one another in their hearts… Now, Sirius and Nikolett have decided to give their own vows… Sirius?"

"Niki, you know what I never stopped loving you.  Even in Azkaban, I thought all I could of you until your memory was gone.  And when I escaped, the memories of you came flooding back and I remembered what it felt like to love again.  But, when I came to the thought that I might never see you again, it broke my heart.  I new I would never find anyone as wonderful as you… When I saw you again, when you helped to heal me as a hawk, I fell in love with you all over again.  And not because I thought you were the most beautiful woman in the world, that's not even part of it.  It was your caring nature and the love you had for everything around you… I love you with all my heart and I want you to be my wife."  There were a few sniffles coming from the crowd, but mostly from Mrs. Weasley.

"Oh, I always cry at weddings."  She whispered to Hermione, who was trying not to laugh.

"Nikolett?"  Dumbledore asked.

"What can I say?  We've know each other all of our lives.  We've had our ups and downs, which means that all that's left for us is peace.  When I was younger, I never knew what I wanted out of life.  But, then I met you and you changed all of that.  You changed me.  I was different from everyone else, yet you showed me that I was the same as everyone else in so many ways… You make me love you in so many ways that I've lost count.  And, because of that, I want you to be my husband."  There were now loud sobs coming from Mrs. Weasley, who was now being sat down by her husband.

Dumbledore cleared his throat to get the attention of those who were gathered.  "Well, on that note, does anyone object to this union?"  The only sound that was heard came from Mrs. Weasley as she blew her nose into her husband's jacket.  "Well, then…"  He waved his wand and two rings appeared in his hand.  "My gift to the two of you."  He told them and magicked them onto their fingers.  "Nikolett and Sirius have shown true love and compassion for each other, which I have witnessed, myself.  As have may of you.  And I am happy to pronounce that they be man and wife.  Sirius, you may kiss your bride."  Both smile widely as their lips touched and everyone cheered loudly.

"I love you."  She said."

"I know… I love you, too."  He said.

"I know."  They kissed again which began their lives together as husband and wife.

~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~