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By: kelle24

Joe walked into his living room and sat down at the computer station. He picked up a bright shiny disk that was lying on the desk and twirled it around in his fingers. They had given him this disk that held his memories a week or so ago and wondered if he should watch it. Did he really want to see what his life was like before he got into the Viper project? He loved to put the sleek car through its paces as he tried to get the bad guys changing it to the defender and then back again to a normal looking car.

He sighed and put the disk into the computers disk drive and waited for it to load. The images played on the computers screen. He watched the whole thing and then shut the viewer down and ejected the disk.

After that was done he went towards the window and stared out it thinking about his life. He was given a second chance and for that he was glad. He was happy that he wasn't the same person that was a thief. He was now among a group of people that arrested the thieves and the bad guys. If they haven't changed him then he probably would have ended up dead or in prison. They had changed his life around and he wasn't about to waste the opportunity of a lifetime.

He then turned around and walked to the kitchen to fix him some breakfast. After that he got his coat and walked down the steps that would lead him to the Viper. Slipping inside he started the car and drove away from the hiding spot. It was just another day of his job. He smiled as he raced away from the house.

The End.