Summary: What if Amy wasn't the perfect clone that Project Crescent strove for? What if her powers burned out again for some unknown reason even though she hasn't pierced her ears again? Is Amy doing something discreet, unknown to everyone else? Can Amy be saved? Does she want to be saved?

The summer night was hot and stifling. Amy Candler tossed and turned in her bed, trying to get comfortable. With a groan of frustration she tossed off the blanket and lay in the dark, staring at the ceiling. Her thoughts were still lingering on her sister. Aly. For some reason, Amy could not bring herself to think of Aly as the reject clone. No matter what anyone said, Amy knew somehow that Aly was her sister. Nothing could change that.

But Aly was moving. Her family was moving to keep her safe, keep her away from her sister. Even though Amy knew it was for the best, she felt tears prickle in her eyes. Forcefully, she wiped them away. Why should she be crying? It was all her fault, anyways. She wasn't being careful, showing off her talents. Was she doing that purposely without even realizing it, somehow having this strange need to be above everyone else? Oh, god, Amy hoped not. How awful that would be. That would mean she was practically Jeanine Bryant. Her ex-enemy, the dead girl. Again, her eyes filled with tears.

No matter what anyone said, Jeanine was a human being. How awful it must have been to die at that age.

Now, Amy sobbed. This was all her fault she knew it. It was her fault that Devon was dead she killed him. His death was linked to Amy's existence she knew it. And Aly. Aly had to move away because of Amy's nosiness. Aly was going to be torn apart from all her real friends, friends like Karen. Friends that weren't friends just to put you down. Friends that weren't like Amy. Amy gasped for breath, crying. And Jeanine. She had killed Jeanine. If Amy hadn't been 'perfect', maybe Jeanine wouldn't need to blackmail anybody cause she would've been in power. No one would be able to stop her from doing anything so she wouldn't need to blackmail, just straight out threaten or something. Better than dying, right? And Andy. Andy. Amy had completely ruined his life. She was such a paranoid little—

"Amy?" A soft voice sounded in the darkness. Amy ceased crying immediately and turned in the darkness. The light switched on and Amy shielded her eyes from the light. After her eyes had become adjusted to the light, she saw her mother.

"Amy, is everything alright?" Nancy Candler asked worriedly. Amy nodded.

"Are you sure? Why're you crying?" She asked. Amy shrugged.

"I-I guess I missed Aly..." Amy trailed off. It wasn't a complete lie anyways.

"Are you ok? Do you want to talk about it?"

"No, I'm ok. I'm just going to go to bed now I guess." Amy smiled a little half-smile.

"Well, ok. Good night." Nancy switched off the light.

"G'night mom." Amy whispered in the darkness. And she drifted off into a nightmarish horror of a dream. Faces of her loved ones filled her minds, their angry stares, taunting voices, pointing fingers...

"No, I'm so sorry." Amy sobbed in her sleep. "Please forgive me. I'm sorry. I'm really really sorry!"

And then it was the same familiar dream. Burning. Burning into a charred pile of clone ashes. Faces laughed, pointing openly.

'This is what you deserve, Amy.'

'You've destroyed life for us.'

'Why'd you do it, Amy? I thought we were friends.'

'I was only trying to help you, Amy.'

'Why? Why?'

Amy cried and screamed.

'I'm so sorry!'

And she burned and burned.