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SpicySugar: Erm. . .Oh yeah! The Disclaimer! I got a brand new one! On the box it says that he is GUARANTEED NOT TO BE AS ANOYING AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE! All he does is say the stupid line, and that's it!

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Disclaimer: She does not own Harry Potter She does not own Harry Potter She does not own Harry Potter She does not own Harry Potter She does not own Harry Potter She does not own Harry Potter She does not own Harry Potter She does not own Harry Potter She does not own Harry Potter She does not own Harry Potter She does not own Harry Potter

SpicySugar: AHHHH!!!!! *takes out baseball bat normally used for the purpose of bashing computer and starts bashing Disclaimer on the head with every word she says* YOU – EVIL - ANNOYING - PIECE – OF -. . .Uhhhhh. . .- STUFF! YOU – ARE – A – STUPID – MAL - FUNCTIONING – GOOD – FOR – NOTHING – DISCLAIMER!!!!!!

Disclaimer: @_@ . . . X_X

SpicySugar: *sweetly and innocently* My work here is done. ^______^


*meanwhile, while all of this pointless bashing is going on, the story unfolds. . .*

Harry: I'm bored.

Hermione: Me too.

Ron: Me three.

Ginny: *suddenly appears* Whatcha doin?!

All e/ Ginny; *jump three feet in the air out of fright because Ginny has stirred them from their mindless boredom*

Hermione: Nothing. Literally.

Ginny: Ohhhhhh. . .Well, why don't you do something?

Harry: Because there is NOTHING to do, genius!

Ginny: Sure there is!

Ron: *voice dripping with sarcasm* Like what, dearest sister?

Ginny: Liiiiike. . .Uhhhhh. . .Well, I guess you're right, there is nothing to do. I guess I'll just join you in your mindless boredom.

Harry: I've got an idea!

All e/ Harry: What?!?

Harry: We could go to the room of requirement, lock ourselves in with a impenetrable locking charm, and wait there to see who is the first person to rescue us!

Hermione: Harry, that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

Ron and Ginny: LET'S DO IT!

Hermione: -_-

Harry: Hermione, c'mon! It'll be fun!

Ron and Ginny: Pleeeeeeeease? *make puppy dog eyes*

Hermione: Oh, alright. But don't say I didn't warn you.

Ron: You didn't warn us.


Ron: But you didn't! You just said that it was the stupidest thing you had ever heard!

Hermione: Oh. Well, in that case, Harry, this is a very bad idea and something could go seriously wrong, and we could get caught! AND, we'll miss classes!

Harry: Missing classes is the point! PLUS, when we DO get found, we'll be taken to Dumbledore, of course, and we'll just tell him that we were practicing for the DA and when we tried to leave, the door wouldn't open!

Hermione: *is speechless because she is amazed that Harry could come up with such a foolproof plan*

Ron: That's BRILLIANT, mate! Now, let's head off, shall we?

*ten minutes later they are standing at the door to the Room of Requirement, only THEY didn't make the door appear, it was already there. . .*

Ginny: That's funny, the door was already here!

Ron: What's funny? Did somebody tell a joke?

Hermione: *rolls eyes* -_-

Harry: Oh Well! What are we waiting for? Let's go in!

*and before anybody can stop him, he has opened the door and gone inside, and everybody else stupidly follows. . .*

Harry: *Closes door behind everybody* Hey, it's awfully dark in here. . .

Voice from the Shadows: *frightened* WHO'S THERE!

Ron: Uhhh. . .Nobody! Nobody at all!

Hermione: *takes out wand* Lumos! *room is lighted and the voice from the shadows is now identified as. . .*

Ginny: MALFOY?!?

Draco: Yes, if you must know I was here practicing my yoga. *then everybody realizes that Draco is in a VERY odd position that looks humanly impossible. . .*

Harry: Well, I'm afraid you're in on the deal now Draco. *Harry thinks real hard and the room enlarges and becomes a comfortable living space with five twin beds, a living room area, a kitchen area, and a dining area, plus a small library corner for (guess who?)*

Draco: What DEAL?!?

Harry: Hermione, if you would do the honors, please?

Hermione: *sighs, then puts an impenetrable locking charm and a silencing charm on the door*

Draco: Potter? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?

Harry: Well, you see Malfoy, the ORIGINAL plan was to have Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and I all in here until somebody rescued us BUT, since we couldn't risk you telling on us, you're going to be added to the group.

Draco: WHAT?!?!

Ron: Sorry, Malfoy, but you're in on the plan now. No escaping until someone rescues us.

Draco: NOOOO!!!!! T_T

Hermione: Umm, perhaps we ought to put him out of his misery?

Ginny: Yes, perhaps we should. . .

Hermione: *Puts a sleeping spell on Draco so he will SHUT UP and sleep peacefully until he is awakened.*

Harry: *Puts "Wingardruim Leviosa" on Draco and flops him onto one of the twin beds.*

Ron: Well, now that we're all settled in to this cozy little apartment, who wants a snack?

All e/ Draco: ME!

*Hermione goes over to kitchen and takes a frozen pepperoni pizza out of the freezer, and another one appears in it's place.*

Hermione: COOL! Erm, I mean, how's pepperoni pizza sound?

All e/ Hermione and Draco: Good!

Ginny: What's so cool Hermione?

Hermione: All the food restocks itself! Look! *takes a bottle of soda out of the fridge, and another one promptly reappears.*

Ginny: Wicked!

*in the meantime, Harry and Ron have (amazingly) properly preheated and put the pizza in the oven, then, a minute later, it's done!*

Ginny: Wow, that was fast!

Harry: Wizard appliances! They are guaranteed to cook 20 times faster that muggle ones! *takes pizza out of oven*

*all are soon finishing up pizza and soda and decide to play video games on the living room TV, which, although it is a muggle thing, still works in the Room of Requirement!*

Harry: How about we play Crash Team Racing on PlayStation? There are four controllers!

All e/ Draco and Harry: OK!

*however, no sooner than they get the first race started, there comes a strange disturbence*

*AN: Just a little note here: Draco tends to. . .munble. . .in his sleep. . .loudly*

Draco: *still sleeping* *to the tune of "On Top Of Old Smokey* ON TOP OF SPAGEEEETIIIIIII. . .

Harry: *pauses game* WHAT WAS THAT?!?


Ron: MALFOY?!?!


Hermione: That is just disturbing. . .

Draco: THAT MAKE ME SNEEEEEEZE! *stops momentarily*

Ron: Hey! He stopped!


Ron: Me and my big mouth. . .


Ginny: Ok, it WAS amusing, now it's just SCARY!


Harry: *clamps his hands over his ears* I CAN'T STAND IT!

Draco: *to the tune of "Jingle Bells"* JINGLE BELLS BATMAN SMELLS ROBIN LAID AND EEG. . .

Hermione: Why don't you guys just –


Hermione: STUN HIM! *takes out her wand and stuns Draco, who immediately stops singing*

Ron: Gee, thanks Hermione that was REALLY getting annoying.

Hermione: no problem.


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