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Summary: If you wanted to know what Hallie's been up to since Time Warp, here's a short fic on that. Hallie thinks about Logan while she's in a boring study.


White and blue tiles line the floor, and the room has atleast 20 or so desks lined up in rows. We have assigned seats, and of course I get placed in the front, with the teacher's desk staring right back at me. Hey, atleast I'm next to the windows. Yep, this is my study hall. Lots of fun stuff happens here...Tsh, yeh right.

After my stay in New York where I met Logan, I'd moved on to a small town in Rhode Island. There's a lot that's different from New York here, but I dunno, somethin' about this place reminds me of Westchester. I'm not sure if there are a lot o' mutants here, but I haven't exactly been broadcastin' my 'mutancy' either.

As I stare out the window I see bare trees shaking slightly from the light wind, and all I can think about is how I'd rather be anywhere else. I think of Logan and how he's been such a great friend to me, how he gained my respect, and how we learned to trust eachother. I've been takin' good care of his beloved motorcycle; he probably wouldn't forgive me otherwise. I smile a bit and can't held the laugh that bursts out of my mouth, but suddenly shut up when I realize the other kids in the study're lookin' at me. The teacher gives me a dirty look and I turn to the window again. Oh yeh, I forgot, this is a silent study. Wahoo.

I prop my elbow up on the desk and stare down at it. The desk is just empty, nothing on it. Hell, I didn't have any work ta do an' I was bored outta my mind. A small smirk appears on my face as I slip a hand into my pocket and pull out my pen. I make sure the teacher isn't look, then scribble, Hallie was here, with a cross-eyed smiley face, on the corner of the desk. Hiding the crime with my arm, I put my pen away and glance at the clock on the wall to the right. 11:22. Atleast I get outta this study at...Oh man, 12:15. Bummer.

I really hate this goin' ta school business, but when I called Logan for the first time since I'd left, he made me promise ta go to school atleast a few times a week, wherever I was. He told me it was ole' Baldy that made 'im say it, but I think Logan actually thought that it'd be good for me ta get an education too. Go figure. Logan would wire me money from Xavier every so often ta live on, even though I told 'im I didn't need it. He really cares.

I kinda miss Syndee, an' workin' at the bar, but I got myself a job at some pet store, an' I've been stayin' at a cheap hotel. The job pays enough for me ta buy gas for the hog atleast. And I gotta remind myself ta stay away from the electric eels at work. Heh. They might make my powers go outta wack an' get me fired.

I look away from the window again when I realize that I haven't called Logan in a while. It's only been like a few days, but it feels like a long time. I glance at my backpack on the floor beside my desk, the leather jacket Logan gave me slung over it. Grabbing my stuff as I slowly get up from the desk, I walk in front of the teacher's desk and wait 'til she looks up at me.

"Um...can I go ta the bathroom?" I ask as I sling my backpack over my shoulders and hold my jacket over one arm.

The teacher nods as she grabs a small piece of paper off her desk and begins writing me a hall pass. I stand there impatiently, shifting from foot to foot until she hands me the paper and I turn to leave the room, stuffing it in my pant's pocket.

The hallways are empty, since it's between classes, and all I can hear is muffled voices of teachers from inside closed classrooms, and the sound of my old sneakers against the icky tan-ish colored tiles. I shift the jacket in my arms, tucking one hand into a pocket where my phone is.

After turning down a few hallways I reach the bathroom and cautiously step inside, knocking the swinging door open with my elbow so I don't have to touch it. I crouch down and look under the stalls to make sure to one's around. Satisfied that it's safe, I walk past the sinks and stand in the corner where the only window is. As I take out my phone I notice the smaller bathroom tiles aren't much better than the ones outside in the halls, their murky greenish color reminding me of sewer waters. My face contorts in disgust, then I glance at the phone in my hand and go to the saved number of Xavier's Institute.

Twisting my feet around on the floor and spinning in half circles, I glance at the window as the phone rings, until someone finally picks up.

"Hello Hallie," the english accented voice of ole' Chucky answers, and I smile, not really getting freaked that he knew it was me.

"Hey Baldy, is Logan around?" I wait for an answer, already knowing that the Professor is frowning on the other end because of the nickname.

"One moment," he answers, then there's a long pause and I peer through the crack of the bathroom door to make sure no one's coming. Cell phones aren't allowed in this school. Stupid.

I wait another few seconds, then there's a muffled noise as someone clears their throat roughly in the background. A big grin splits my face and it's so obvious who it is.

"Hey kid." Logan speaks into the phone, and even though it's his normally gruff tone, I know he's glad to hear from me.

Rolling my eyes, I answer back, "Hey yourself, kid." I smirk, knowing at his brief pause that he caught what I was hinting at.

"Sorry Hal. So, how are ya?" he asks sincerely.

Logan's been like a big brother to me ever since we really got ta know eachother. A best friend; my only real friend. I sigh, leaning back against the wall and sinking to the floor in the corner. The school's bathroom floors are nasty, but right now I don't care. I'm pretty much sittin' on my feet anyways. "Okay I guess..." I sit there, wonderin' if he's realized that I'm callin' him during school hours.

"Hey, ain'tcha s'posed ta be in school?" Yep, he realized it.

"Logan, I'm in school. I have a study now so I asked ta go to the bathroom so I could call ya." I tell him, hoping he won't be mad. But if Logan remembers anything from when he had ta be in school, he'll understand. And I know he does.

"Uh-huh. So yer doin' alright then?"

"Yeh." I answer back quietly. Then I stand up and lean out the window just to look around before I pull my head back inside. "I missed talkin' to you I guess. Gettin' a little restless bein' in school an' all." I tell him truthfully, tilting my head forward as my red and black bangs fall into my face.

"Yeh, I guess I missed talkin' ta you too," he pauses for a second, and I bet he's smirking. "Jus' hang in there kid alright?"

Nodding slowly with a smile on my face, I say, "Yeh, okay." I pause, covering up the phone's speaker with my hand as I slowly sneak to the bathroom door, hearing footsteps coming close by. "I gotta get back ta study Logan, I think the teacher's comin' ta look for me!" I tell him quickly, turning off the phone, but just in time to hear him say;

"Talk to ya soon Hallie."

Slipping my cell phone back into the pocket of Logan's old leather jacket, I start to sneak out of the bathroom, only to find my study teacher standing out in the hall with her arms crossed, glaring at me.

"What kept you from coming back to class so long?" she asks me in a snoody tone, inhaling deeply through her nostrils like she's trying to detect if I'd been smoking.

"Shouldn't you be watchin' yer class?." I glared right back at her, then the bell rings and I smirk. "Sorry teach, can't be late for my next class now can I?" grinning, I wave back at her and take off down the hallway. Jeeze, what a witch.

*****The End*****

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