The Story of Severus: Chapter One

Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling owns everything.

By: Susan

Summary:  Snape's past has been left a mystery.  Why did he join Lord Voldemort? Why did Dumbledore clear him?  Did he have a relationship with Lily Potter?  How was he connected to Lily and James?  And what about the prophecy?


Darkness had rolled over the wizarding world as fast as the blink of an eye.  It had brought many a wizard together against The Dark Lord, and it had torn many a wizard apart.

Of the two brought together, Lily Evans and James Potter, many hundreds of friends, lovers, and families had been ripped at the seams by the Dark Lord's evil will.  It seemed that wizarding life as so many knew it would never remain the same.

It was a dark night when Lily met her old Hogwarts friend after so many years apart.  They met in a dark passageway between Knocturn Alley and Diagon Alley.  Secret friends they had been throughout their years at Hogwarts together, and secret friends they had remained.  Lily had called upon him for what she hoped would be the last time.  Owling each other would be too risky soon.

"Lily," said the cloaked man, with a touch of tenderness in his voice that almost seemed impossible.

"Severus," she replied slowly, and he removed the hood from his slick hair.

"You called upon me?" He asked her, as she too removed her own hood, her bright hair shining in the dark passageway.

"I did, Severus," she said softly.  "I know this will be hard, but it will be the best for the both of us."

The young man was gaunt and dark, but with a certain air about him, as if he was proud to be in a dark alleyway with this young woman.  His expression changed, and his face became almost sour, for he knew before the words climbed out of her throat what point she wanted to make.

"Severus…I'm to be married," she whispered softly, trying to hide the happiness in her eyes and the smile that formed on her lips when she spoke of her marriage.

"And who might the lucky man be?" The man responded snidely.

"The name is not important," Lily said, trying to wave it off.  There was an uncomfortable silence, and the young man knew that he would not like the answer.

"Potter, is it?" He replied unpleasantly, and she tried not to meet his eyes.

"Yes…Yes, Severus, it is."

"The same Potter who tormented the two of us all through our schooling?  The Potter who insulted me and laughed about it?  The Potter who befriended a werewolf?  The Potter who tried to kill me?  The pompous, bigheaded Seeker?"  The man spit the words out as if they were pieces of a toad's liver contaminating his mouth.

"Severus…He's changed…" Lily said meekly, knowing those words wouldn't be enough.

"Changed?  How so?" He replied conversationally, but with a nasty touch in his voice that revealed he did not want the answer to the question.

"Severus, he's brave, and smart, and…he's loved me all through our schooling.  He genuinely cares about me."

"And everything he's done to hurt us in our past?"

"To hurt you!  He's never tried to hurt me!"

"Ah, yes, but once you said that he hurting me was in fact paining you!" He yelled, his dark eyes flashing, and her eyes grew wide at his anger.

"Severus, please, don't take everything so literally.  We were children!"

The two were silent in the alleyway for a couple of moments, the darkness covering them like a thick woolen blanket.  Neither bothered to light their wands, for neither wanted to see the other's face.

"And…I suppose you came here to tell me that we could no longer have any correspondence." He said curtly.  Lily couldn't see the hurt on his pallid face, and she was glad.  "Well, we must respect Potter's wishes, mustn't we?"  The sarcasm was evident in his voice.

"Severus, I'm not trying to hurt you!  Don't you understand what will happen if anyone finds out of our relationship?"

"And what relationship is that?" He replied briskly.

"Friends, Severus.  Friends."

"I find it hard to believe a friend would cut off correspondence because of the wishes of their arrogant husband," He said rudely, and Lily knew nothing she could say would make him understand.

"Severus-" she pleaded

"It wouldn't have worked anyway.  Gryffindor and Slytherin.  They always have been rivals, and that will never change," he said despondently, the rejection overpowering his words.

"Severus…We've never…I…"

"Lily," he said, and took her face in his hands, and slowly kissed her.

"Severus!" she yelped, pulling away at his touch.  "Severus, we were friends.  We never have been anything more, and if I do say so myself, that was highly inappropriate."


"Don't come any closer Severus.  We will always be the most unlikely of friends, and for that I will always hold you dear in my heart.  Gryffindor half-witch and Slytherin pure-blood.  Unlikely, yes.  It happened, Severus, and don't make me forget it as you try to destroy it all like this."

He stepped back from her slowly, glad she couldn't see the tears welling up.

"May I ask you one thing?  Did it have to be Potter?"

"You don't get to choose who you fall in love with," Lily tried to say it without hurting him any more than she already had, but the words came out cold.

"True," said the man, suddenly more angry than he had ever been.  He cared about her more than anyone in the world, and here she was, marrying his rival.  "Which is why I couldn't choose to stay away from the good-for-nothing Gryffindor mudblood!"

Lily stepped back as if she'd been slapped.  "You're going to forget about our friendship and act like a git?"

"You've already done it," he said slowly.  "I have a great example to follow!"

Lily narrowed her eyes menacingly.  "Two can play at this game Severus.  Keep your slimy, pure-blood, arrogant self away from me and James."

The man turned on his heel and began to stride out of the passageway, his anger clouding the air around him, like fog on a humid day.  Lily was shocked at Severus's boldness to her.  She had always known that, despite his hatred of muggle-borns, he had feelings for her that he couldn't deny, though their relationship had never risen above the level of a friendship.  True, Potter had tormented him as a child, because he took an interest in the dark arts, but they were adults now.  Couldn't he put his feelings behind him?


The man's boots clicked on the cobblestones, his cloak sweeping out of the alleyway after him, and Lily couldn't stop the tears from flooding down her cheeks.  Maybe she should go after him and tell him that they could continue owling each other.  The word mudblood stung her.  Severus had only called her that when she tried to help him in front of James and Sirius, and that was only an act they had put on to keep their friendship a secret.

Lily knew she couldn't go after him.  There were suspicions that he was in league with The Dark Lord, although she hadn't the heart to tell him that, the real reason why she could no longer correspond with him.  Lily knew Severus would never team up with The Dark Lord, but she couldn't explain to the others how she knew that.

She couldn't explain to them without telling them the secrets of her life at Hogwarts.  How she would steal James' Invisibility Cloak and meet Severus late at night in the Astronomy Tower or the Dungeons.  How they would sit and do homework together, or talk about school and look at the stars.

Severus had never been what James and Sirius had thought of him, and it seemed she was the only one who knew it.  She couldn't explain to them and the others that she knew Severus far better than anyone and he would never turn to The Dark Lord, without risking her relationship with James and her position against the Dark Lord.

She couldn't risk James.  Her words echoed in her head, "You don't get to choose who you fall in love with."  She knew the truth of the words better than anyone.  Except perhaps her old friend Severus.