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What He Said, She Said

A long time ago during Japan's feudal era, two powerful clans with the names of Meiou and Sarayashiki, close allies, battled any other clan that sought to overthrow them; all of Japan trembled in fear and believed the two families were invincible deities from the heavens.

One fateful day, an argument broke out between the eldest sons of each clan over the daughter of the Sarayashiki clan. The Meiou son had wanted to marry the Sarayashiki daughter, but the Sarayashiki son and girl's older brother would not allow it due to the Meiou son's reputation and other issues.

And soon a terrible feud resulted from the argument, which carried throughout generations (even long after the death of the arguing sons and girl, and the clans forgot what the argument was about). And now the feud still exists and is carried on within the hearts of the many students of Meiou High and Sarayashiki High.

Hanasaki Botan awoke groggily as she slowly sat up in her slept-in bed. Her usual neat sky-blue locks were in wild tangles, and her periwinkle eyes looked absolutely exhausted. Daily volleyball practices, loads of homework, and student council work appeared to have taken a toll on the poor girl. Her alarm clock ringing gallingly in her ears, Botan realized that it was another early morning of her first year in high school: another day living with her cousin and away from her family. The teenage girl then looked sleepily to her clock as she turned off her annoying buzzer. The sight she was met with was not what she had expected to see. "OH, MY GOD! NO! IT--IT CAN'T BE! OH, GOD! AH! YUSUKE! HELP ME!"

"Botan! What's wrong, Botan?" Urameshi Yusuke demanded in panic as he suddenly burst into Botan's room, all of his greenish-black hair in disarray. The young man had just kicked open the girl's door, and by Yusuke's interesting boxer-and-undershirt attire, apparently he had just abruptly woken up as well.

"Look at what time it is, Yusuke!" Botan yelled in shock as she angrily shook her alarm clock in front of Yusuke's face. "It's almost eight o'clock! And school starts at exactly eight thirty!"

"You screamed for that? So what? Who cares about the time? It just means we have thirty minutes until school starts," Yusuke shrugged, yawning tiredly; the excitement in the air before had now been shot down. The young man began walking back to his room, the disgruntled boy realizing his overactive cousin was in no mortal danger. "Jeez, Botan, and here you nearly gave me a heart attack making me think that someone was peeping at you or something. I'm going back to bed."

"So what? Yusuke, I'm the class representative for my homeroom!" Botan spouted as she grabbed her cousin's arm, resulting her being dragged across her room along with the sleepy teen. "I'm supposed to be at school every day at seven thirty for the council meetings! Oh, now Koenma-senpai is really going to have my head, not to mention Saotome-sensei!"

At the mention of the second year student, Yusuke stopped in his tracks. "Wait, are you talking about Daioh Koenma of the football team, Botan?"

Botan sighed in exasperation; why was Yusuke so clueless about their school? "Duh, Yusuke, is there any other Daioh Koenma at our school? Not only is Koenma-senpai the captain of the football team, he is the officer in charge of the first year student council officers. And now he's probably going to suspend me from the student council for being late!"

"Oh, so the guy you have a crush on, who is also the captain of the football team, is actually your direct superior at school? Oh, I see now. You're trying to date your boss! Ha, that's a laugh, Botan!" Hugging his gut, Yusuke tried his best not to fall to the ground laughing.

"Oh! Be quiet, Yusuke! That wasn't even funny!" Puffing her cheeks, Botan decided to ignore her irritating cousin. "Besides, Koenma-senpai already has a girlfriend." Without another word, the sky haired girl quickly ran out of her room and miraculously returned completely ready five minutes later; her crested light blue jacket and darker-shaded skirt were washed, the white- collared, button-downed shirt was neatly pressed, Botan's black shoes were polished, the white, knee-length socks were clean, and her shiny ebony school bag was set. Yusuke stared at her in marvel, wondering how the hell Botan had changed and gotten ready so fast.

"All right, Yusuke!" Botan declared, now suddenly happy and hyper. "Let's get to school now before I'm even more late to the meeting!" Yusuke groaned tiredly as he shuffled to his own room to change into his school uniform.

"Now, none of that, Yusuke! Besides, you'll be late to school if we don't go now together," she wagged her finger at him. "And you know that Oba-san is going to be mad if she finds out you're late for school again!"

"Yeah, yeah," Yusuke sighed as he pulled a new, clean white undershirt over his head. Although he hated his school and everything about it to its rotten core, Urameshi would go to great lengths to keep his family and friends happy; and right now, his cousin Botan needed to get to school before school started. Yusuke then put on his trademark green pants and jacket.

"Yusuke, you know Keiko-chan hates it when you wear THAT uniform," Botan pouted as Urameshi stepped out of his room in the green-styled jacket and pants. "Why don't you wear the blue one Oba-san bought you two days ago?"

Yusuke smirked as he slicked his unruly hair back with some gel. "Nah, Keiko-chan is over the uniform issue now; and Botan, you know Okaa- san NEVER buys anything. She probably extorted it from the principal, like she usually does. Besides, you know I can't wear anything but green; the stupid Meiou kids would mistake one of our other kids as me, and then where would we all be? We would be left with a poor punk with a broken body and a couple satisfied Meiou jerks that deserve a good beat down. Add to that, blue just isn't me; you know that green looks much better one me."

Right then, someone was heard yelling obnoxiously in front of the Urameshi house. "Urameshi, I know you're still here at home! Get off your lazy ass and come out! Come out now so I can beat you up before school starts!"

Staring at each other, Botan and Yusuke frowned in dismay. The cousins had the same thoughts going through their minds. "Then again," Yusuke muttered in utter exasperation, "Kuwabara would probably never be able to find me."

The blue haired girl then checked the window, spotting a gang of four Sarayashiki High boys outside of the Urameshi residence. "Doesn't he ever give up? This is almost the two hundredth time within the past two months; and you're friends! You aren't going to beat him up again, are you, Yusuke?" Botan moaned, taking another glance out the window. "I'm beginning to feel sorry for him."

"Come on out, Urameshi! Hurry it up!" Kuwabara Kazuma shouted loudly, tapping his feet impatiently. "School is going to start soon!"

"Oh, come on, Kuwabara! Leave him alone!" one of his gang members pleaded. "You know Urameshi is REALLY cranky in the mornings!"

"Yeah, let's get going before he comes out and beats you up again. You know what your sister said, Kuwabara, if you came back home beaten up again by him. She was going to beat you up even more for challenging him," Okubo whispered fearfully. "Oh, come on, Kuwabara! I don't want to get in trouble with Shizuru-sama again!"

"No, this time, I'm going to win. I can feel it!"

"How many times have you said that before, Kuwabara? And besides, Okubo's right; Shizuru-sama will have our heads if she finds out about this."

"I'm not going to lose! And quit calling my sister your master, you dogs!"

Shrugging, Yusuke sighed tiredly to Botan, "Hey, it's not like I enjoy kicking his sorry ass into cement every single day; Kuwabara just doesn't know when to quit, that's all. Too bad his gang can't convince idiot otherwise." The two cousins took one last cringing look out the window before they made their way down the stairs.

"Good thing Oba-san went out last night; if she saw Kuwabara here again, you would be in so much trouble for beating up other kids from our school," Botan whispered with a little giggle. "Of course, she might not really have all her wits to tell who you were beating after a night out."

"What should we do?" Yusuke questioned as the two cousins quietly tiptoed down the stairs.

"Well, we have to get to your bike, so we just might as well go out and face him," Hanasaki muttered in reply as she grabbed Yusuke's bag and tossed it to him. "Maybe if we distract him long enough, we can get going before he notices."

Sighing in hopelessness and taking deep breaths, Botan and Yusuke stepped out of their home and met Kuwabara Kazuma at their yard gate. "It's about time you came out, Urameshi!" Kazuma hollered, a vein popping in his forehead. "It took you forever just to get ready! You thought about chickening out, didn't you, trying to get away from me!"

"Listen here carefully, Kuwabara," Yusuke growled angrily, his pride flaring. "The day I run away from a fight, especially from you, is the day that Botan gets a boyfriend, nevertheless a Meiou boyfriend!"

Botan huffed at Yusuke's simile. At Sarayashiki High, it was well known that Hanasaki Botan was off limits to any and every guy unless he was approved by Yusuke. Additionally, Botan had always seemed as if she was holding out for another man; some guys had begun calling the cheery girl an ice queen. "Well, thanks a lot, Yusuke! It's nice to know what you think about me!"

"Hey," Yusuke argued with his cousin, "I'm not letting ANY guy get near you unless he's comes to me first for approval. And with all the jerks at our school, you're not getting a boyfriend anytime soon, Botan. So there."

"And what about you, Yusuke?" Botan retorted as she shot her family member a glare. "I think Keiko-chan then should reconsider who she's going out with because right now her boyfriend is being a total jerk."

Sticking out his tongue at her, Yusuke replied, "Hey, Keiko-chan can take care of herself. If she wants to hang around me, then let Keiko-chan be around me; that's her business to decide. Besides, Keiko-chan has the meanest slap in all of our district, so not even I mess with her."

Kazuma, feeling slightly ignored by the cousins, shouted above them, "Would the two of you stop arguing! Urameshi, you and I have to--"

"Ah!" Botan suddenly screeched, speedily checking her watch right then. "Yusuke, we have to hurry! It's now eight fifteen! Oh, I am so dead!"

Looking at his own watch, Yusuke nodded in agreement. "Sorry, Kuwabara," Yusuke briskly apologized, heading towards the garage. "Botan and I have to get going or else we'll be late for school. Maybe I'll beat you up afterwards during lunch or something. Just make sure to look for me if you still want to fight. Bye!"

Jumping onto his red motorbike, Yusuke and Botan, putting on black helmets, sped down the street. When Kazuma realized what had just happened and how Yusuke had insulted him, the roaring of Yusuke's bike was already fading into the distance.

"Hn, have you heard the latest news, Kurama?"

"No," a young redhead lad calmly replied, looking up to his close friend, Jaganshi Hiei. The second year student smiled curiously as he put his student council work down on the grass beside him. The wind had begun to blow, causing some of Kurama's crimson locks to come into his face; as he pulled back his red strands, Kurama placed a gentle hand on his work so it would not fly away. "I have not heard the recent rumors running about our humble hallways. What is going on now, Hiei?"

Shinomori Kuronue, not far from the two, gaped at his best friend Kurama in shock. Being one of the high school heartthrobs along side his best friend, Kuronue was disgusted by his comrade's poor use of his awesome power and obvious connections. The raven-haired second year hastily joined his two friends beneath the tree. "You haven't heard what's been going on? Kurama, damn you and your stupid sense of morality! Jeez, normal people always listen to rumors, even if they're bad to listen to. You're such a goody two-shoes! It makes me so sick!"

"Sorry," Kurama, leaning against the tree's base and closing his eyes, chuckled in apology, "but I am our class representative, not to mention a Head Officer, and I cannot just be like all the other irresponsible students at our school. I have to set a good example, Kuronue, keep my image up."

"Feh, 'set a good example' my ass," Kuronue sniffed in an annoyed voice, sitting by Kurama's left. He elbowed his friend playfully. "You're just as much as a trouble maker. Just wait until you start tripping from your perfection as Minamino Syuuichi, Kurama, then I'll have your head. Anyway, continue with your news, Hiei."

"I think I will, Kuronue," Hiei smirked as he looked at and took a seat in the grass beside Kurama's right. "It's been said that Sarayashiki students are going to be present at one of our parties this weekend, Kitajima's party to be exact."

Grinning with amusement, Kurama leaned back and relaxed against the tree behind him. "You're joking. You have to be lying, Hiei."

"No, he isn't," Kuronue quickly answered.

"Kuronue is right, I'm not joking. Kitajima even said so herself. Some of her invitations have gone missing, and the girl has made everyone search for them; she doesn't know exactly how many, but Kitajima knows that more than two are gone. Hn, I'm even surprised she can count."

"Ha, so far into our district? Please, Hiei, Sarayashiki may not be as rich as our district, but that does not mean they are less intelligent. Do not insult them when they are not present, Hiei. No one from that district would be so foolhardy as to come to this upcoming party," Kurama murmured as he closed his verdant eyes. "It's suicide."

"Oh, but that's not all the great news, Kurama," Kuronue laughed. "Go on, Hiei, tell him the other news we heard."

"Did I happen to mention, Kurama, that Urameshi is more than likely to be one of the uninvited guests at Kitajima's party?" Hiei smirked, crossing his arms across his chest smugly. That new bit of information caught Kurama's attention, causing the young man to reopen his emerald orbs.

"Urameshi? You mean the Urameshi Yusuke of Sarayashiki High?"

"The one and the same," Kuronue snickered at Kurama's surprised face. "Getting excited now, Kurama?"

Hiei lightly chuckled. "Hn. People are saying Urameshi is getting bored of waiting around for some stray Meiou student to wander into his district, so he's coming into ours to get a whole bunch of us. Personally, I wouldn't blame Urameshi for being bored and stealing that invitation; if he's going to make it interesting here, I'll be more than happy to give him as many party invitations as he needs. I am more than sure that he has one of Kitajima's missing invitations."

"Huh, so I am guessing, Hiei, you reluctantly accepted Maya-san's invitation to her party for this weekend?" Kurama inquired.

"Didn't you?" Kuronue wondered, his ebony eyes slightly growing wide.

Kurama shrugged indifferently, once again relaxing against the meeting tree. "You know I am not much for those kinds of things, Kuronue. I would much rather prefer to get a good night's sleep and have all of my homework done and ready than to go to some wild party. Besides, Okaa-san would not approve."

"Stupid fox!" Kuronue and Hiei yelled out in unison. Kurama jerked upwards in surprise.

"Damn it, Kurama! Now you're just being pathetic, using kind, loving Shiori-san as an excuse to miss out on fun and to avoid Kitajima! You know that Kitajima's party is the biggest one there's going to be all year!" Kuronue barked, pinning his friend against the tree by the scruff of his neck. "This is the party you have to be at unless you want to be marked as a loser for the rest of your high school life! Why risk everything just to avoid some stupid girl?"

"Kurama, you idiot! Do you think I want to be at that party? I wouldn't be caught dead there! The only reason I agreed to go to the stupid party because I thought you were going and because Urameshi will be there to fight! Anyway, it's my job to be the school outcast!" Hiei snapped rather irritably.

Kurama laughed nervously as he held up his hands and surrendered to his two friends. "All right, I will let go of the past, and I will go and find Ayame-san next period and see if she will give me an invitation for this weekend. Are you happy now?" Hiei and Kuronue gave the redhead a quick nod, releasing the young man from their holds. After dusting off his uniform, he asked, "Tell me, what is the silly dress code for this party?"

"Heh, you're going to love this, Kurama," Kuronue laughed, his anger against his best friend now gone. "It's a masquerade, and it's free style too. This means we, as in everyone, have to wear anything we want, except guys have to wear a cape for a while at the beginning of the party."

"A masquerade with a cape, huh?" Kurama chuckled. "Maya-san is getting quite creative. Well, I guess then it will help me from being bothered by those annoying girls; the less who recognize me, the better as I say."

"If you could hide your red hair long enough," Hiei chortled. "And if Kitajima's sixth sense of finding you has suddenly disappeared."

"I'll never understand you," Kuronue sighed. "You're such a lucky bastard, Kurama, being so popular. You're Minamino Syuuichi, the class representative, the top student in second year, the football captain, a nice looking guy, one of the heart throbs of the school, and not to mention one of the best fighters on the streets. Despite all of that, you refuse to fall into all of the glory. What is your problem?"

"Kuronue, you of all people should understand why. Syuuichi is just my mask I hide my true self behind," Kurama grinned, a dark shadow blinking over his noble face. "Who ever falls for his pathetic facade is an idiot and should not even bother making an acquaintance with me."

Hiei laughed. "Well, that explains a lot about Kitajima. Hn, I guess Kuronue isn't as stupid as he appears to be then, ne?"

Kuronue glared at his black haired friend. While doing so, Kuronue held out his hand to about his waist, smirking. "Hey, Little One, you can make fun of me only when you finally beat me in an exam or at least reach to my waist."

And with that, Hiei shot Kuronue a spine-tingling death glare.