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Most students regarded lunch and recess as the two times during the school day where they could behave however they wanted, and have a chance to talk to their friends. Though this was true for both Rudy and Penny, they also had the additional privilege of being able to leave the musty old school behind. As soon as Mr. Wilter had left for the teacher's lounge, and there was no one else around, the two slunk over to the chalkboard with their sack-lunches in hand, and the masculine of the pair dug through his pockets until he found what he was looking for.

Rudy sketched a circular portal on the blackboard with his magic chalk. Effortlessly, he leaped through the open gateway, helping his female companion do the same after he'd made it all the way in.

After about five minutes of searching (for, somehow, it never took long to find him), they managed to locate Snap, and the trio promptly set up their own little picnic somewhere in the grassy outskirts of ChalkZone City.

Little did they know, they were being watched…

More like stalked, actually.

"OH MY GOSH! It's the Great Creator!" Without warning, a crudely-drawn little chalk girl leapt out from behind the bushes, screaming with the passion of an aroused fan. She nearly plowed into an incredibly startled Rudy and co. as she came to a stop in front of them. "Hey, Rudy! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm finally meeting you in person!" She snatched his hand and shook it violently. "I'm like your number one fan! I've seen all your work, I've been to your museum, I've heard of all the wonderful things you've done to help people… you're my idol, by the way… And all this time I'd been wondering if I'd ever really get to meet you…"

She continued to prattle on, uttering ten words a second in her overexcited state. Trying to ignore the rabid fangirl, Penny leaned a little closer to Snap, so that her whispers wouldn't be heard by Rudy or his apparent fan. From the look on her face, she wasn't much enjoying the girl's presence. "Looks like somebody's become an living legend here in ChalkZone." She jabbed a finger in Rudy's direction.

Snap cast a disapproving glance in the chalk girl's direction. "Yeesh. You could say that again."

The chalk girl was just finishing up her long, dwindling speech. She was looking up at Rudy through wide blue eyes, clasping both hands together and hopping from one foot to another as she tried to phrase her next question. "Anyway, um… C-Can I have your autograph?!! Oh please oh please oh PLEASE?!"

After taking in all this new info, Rudy was more than a little alarmed, but he smiled all the same. One hand ventured into his pocket and emerged with the magic chalk. "Sure!"

He neatly signed his name on the air in front of him, and enclosed his written insignia in a box, which, upon completion, became a little sheet of paper. The chalk girl promptly snatched it from midair.

After a few zealous pants of amazement, she seemed to be at a loss for words, until finally, all her pent-up emotion erupted. "THANK YOU!!!" The scream sent Penny and Snap into spasms, but Rudy seemed flattered from all the attention. At least, he did, until the rabid chalk girl gave him a lung-crushing bear hug (Now fuming silently to herself, Penny gritted her teeth in agitation) to show her appreciation.

Rudy gasped desperately. "Um, you're welcome?" He choked out, breathlessly, his voice a dysphonic squawk.

With one last, crazed squeal, the chalk girl ran off across the field and towards the city, grasping the paper to her chest as if dear life depended on it. The trio watched her go with mixed emotions; most of them were forms of relief.

Rudy finally found his voice, after the pressure had been lifted from his diaphragm, and sufficient oxygen could once again passage as normal. He rubbed his head sheepishly in light of what'd just happened (he realized Penny was still fuming). "Wow," A nervous strain was evident in his words. "Guess I have a bigger fan following than I thought."

Penny, though still a little cheesed off, tried not to ruin his mood. "Well, you are the first creator in ChalkZone, after all… You're known everywhere, here."

Snap's eyes enlarged a little; he coughed aloud as the piece of biscuit in his throat took a wrong turn.  "First? Rudy? Haha! Hey, uh, historical inaccuracy there, Penny." He informed her in a boastful voice, as if proud that he had proven her wrong (this was no surprise, because the two were usually at each other's throats).

The girl glanced away from her sandwich for a moment, blinking in slight alarm. "What do you mean? Rudy isn't the first creator in ChalkZone?"

Rudy looked equally baffled. "Yeah, Snap, what's going on? I haven't heard about any others."

Snap sighed. "Remember what Biclops said the first time we ran into him? Magic chalk was once processed all over the real world. There were all kinds of creators. Most of them were just little kids, though. I mean, younger than you when you first arrived. None of them probably had any idea they were in another dimension."

"And how would you know all this? You didn't exist until the day I first entered ChalkZone."

Snap waved his hand dismissively. "Well, I've just heard stories. You know. I get around."

Penny rolled her eyes. "Uh-huh."

Ignoring her comment, the little blue superhero continued. "Anyway, all those little kids were banished from ChalkZone after they nearly wrecked the whole place with their creations. Most of them were easy to push back to the real world. Not much of a fuss was made about it- maybe that's why you haven't heard." With a dismissive shrug, he popped another piece of biscuit in his mouth; then sat in hesitation for a moment, as if unsure whether or not he should continue. "…Of course, there was that one girl…." He trailed off, though, not bothering to finish his sentence, as the biscuit regained his full attention.

But now, Penny was interested. She looked at Snap through intrigued young eyes, waiting for him to continue. "A girl?"

Snap, still engrossed in his eating, gave a little nod. "Yeah."

"What happened with her?" Rudy asked, a little curious himself.

"Yes, do tell." His genius counterpart agreed.

Snap sighed - they were both interested in the story. With a full audience, there was no escaping the situation. Might as well give them the briefing.  "She was one of the few -if not the only- of the original creators who grew to become attached to this place, and refused to leave even after Biclops banished humans."

"Understandable," Immediately - and as both of her friends had predicted - Penny sided with the girl. "What was her name?"

The little blue one hesitated. "Uh… well… We Zoners don't like to speak it."

"How are you supposed to tell the rest of the story if the heroine doesn't have a name? Besides, I don't see any harm in telling us." Penny pointed out.

"Yeah, Snap. You're among friends."

So Snap, though still reluctant, conceded. "Her name is… was… Kyrene. But people around called her Lady Kyrene, or… Overlady… or Queen." The two kids who sat beside him realized his tone was gradually losing energy. "I wasn't around during her reign…"

"Woah, woah, woah! Reign? Queen?" Rudy looked lost. He wondered if Snap's story was Chalk Queen all over again. "Was Kyrene some kind of royalty around here?"

"Not officially- but she had her own fortress, up on that hill. According to Biclops, and a couple other Zoners who were around in her time, she was really a good kid before it was commanded that she leave. That's when she went… a little loopy. And in her crazed, blind, and angry state-of-mind, she built her own little castle - not a particularly cozy one, either, I've been there - it still stands on that old hill, near the National Park. Rapsheeba and I went there once. We got snowcones, but the sun was too bright that day and-"

So much for a lack of enthusiasm. Penny waved a hand in front of his eyes, which were steadily beginning to glaze over. "Snap! Kyrene, remember?"

"Huh? Oh yeah… So, Kyrene had her own fortress. She lived there for a while, giving out orders to the people of ChalkZone like she owned the place… And no one dared defy her, because she still had magic chalk at her disposal. Her creations were large and demonic… No one wanted to tangle with them." A few seconds afterwards, Snap's gloomy face did a full one-eighty, and he switched back into typical Snap-mode. The arrogant voice and confidence returned. "It's too bad I wasn't around then - I could've given that Kyrene witch a good scrappin'! Rudy, why couldn't you have drawn me earlier?!" He gave the kid a gentle shove on the shoulder.

"Gee, Snap - I woulda tried, had I known." Rudy replied sincerely. But he returned the gesture jestingly.

Penny put down her sandwich, giving Snap a skeptical look. "Did you make all that up? You'd think we'd have heard something about this before."

"Ahh… Most Zoners just don't like to talk about it. But it's 100% true, I assure you."

Rudy folded his arms across his chest, an amused smirk tugging at the corners of his lips. "Oh, yeah. Just like that other story about the time you and Rapsheeba-"

A stray piece of biscuit (from Snap's direction) forcefully bounced off of his head, cutting him off; a definite cue to shut up, Rudy figured.

Penny raised a brow. "So, uh, Snap, how does that story of yours end?"

"Oh, I dunno." The blue boy replied with a shrug. Suddenly he didn't seem to care. "That Kyrene girl left after a few days. Just… vanished without a trace. Everyone thinks she kicked the can."

"Wow, that was… anticlimactic."

Ignoring her, Snap reached for another biscuit. "Yeah, sure, buckette. Hey, uh, Rudy? Think you could draw some butter, or something? I think we just ran out."

Rudy perked up, as if happy that he were finally able to do something. "Coming up!" He withdrew some of his chalk and, without a thought put into it, doodled up several sticks of butter, and a couple jars of various other add-ons.

"Hold on, there, bucko! I didn't ask for an entire smorgasbord! …Although, hey, I'm not complaining…" With a giddy grin, Snap dug through the jars, carefully inspecting their colorful contents. "Lesse, butter… Jam… Hey, looks good so far, kiddo!" He was to regret that last comment as he picked up the final jar. An unreadable expression etched over his face. "What the- …oh, it's mayonnaise. Wait a sec, mayonnaise? For a biscuit?"

Both boys stared at each other for a moment, equally baffled looks on their faces, before bursting into hysterical laughter. Penny watched them both, a little awkwardly, feeling insanely out-of-place. Was she supposed to think mayonnaise was funny? Mayonnaise on a biscuit wasn't funny. A little uncustomary. But definitely not funny. Didn't anyone agree with her?

She forced an nervous giggle, feeling it fit to add her own little remark. "I'll never understand you two."


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