Part Ten


Penny struggled to shut her eyes as Kiki and Blasphemy led her along. But she couldn't; she was too intrigued by their surroundings.

They were plodding straight through the middle of DayZone, past Zoners she knew, past friendly, familiar faces… Most of them were ignoring her and her guides.

She tried to speak, but her lips wouldn't move. Literally- she was no longer in control of herself. But she had so many questions…

Hey… if Blasphemy's psychic, he should be able to read minds! She realized with a jolt, gazing up at the one in question. It's worth a shot -

It's the way she created me, child.

Penny felt her eyes widen - it seemed they were the only part of her body she could still control. …You heard that?!

I hear thoughts how you hear words. I can't hear like you can - but beings will say what they're thinking. It's just as efficient.

If you and Kiki are such villains, why isn't anyone noticing you?! It's like you're not even around!

Do you think those fools would bother pursuing after evildoers with power? It's not a trick question, is it, Penita?

The girl stared down at the ground in confusion. I know some of these Zoners so well… Surely they'd be at least a little worried for my sake? …Or am I less popular here than I thought?

You're trailing behind us in such a casual order - they won't suspect anything. They look up to you and your soulmate's decisions.

A sick feeling washed over the Hispanic as she realized he was right. With Blasphemy's manipulative powers controlling her actions, no one would have reason to feel threatened.

You get it now.

I really wish I didn't. She hoped he wouldn't reply - just because she was thinking it doesn't mean he had to listen in. It felt like a total invasion of privacy.

The minutes passed. The girl's body still trodded along against her will - but deep within the recesses of her mind, the real Penny was scrunched up in a ball with her knees to her elbows, burying her head in her arms as she thought about the desperation of the situation.

My only hope now is Rudy - but how is he going to know what he's up against?

I'm not concerned - he'll definitely come.

He's going to come with the aims of teaching you and your creator a lesson. She thought grimly. Is that supposed to be a comforting thought, you monster?

I took all of it into consideration as I plotted your kidnapping. It's all part of the ploy.


Perhaps you would understand better in human terms - we're fishing for a Great Creator and you're the worm.

Those words were what cut the final string. Maybe it was the terms he used, or the way he said it. But suddenly the real Penny, locked away in her own mind, began to break down into strangled sobs.

Her actual body remained indifferent.

Kiki. Kiki, my friend… We don't speak for a month… and she does this?

She couldn't accept it, simply couldn't. Never before had she felt betrayal… With friends like Rudy and Snap, who would?

Penny managed to turn her head just the slightest. Kiki trodded along on Blasphemy's other side. Her face was hidden from view; her long blonde locks drooped carelessly to the sides of her head. She hadn't spoken or moved at all since they entered ChalkZone… Just as well, Penny figured, she would never be able to trust that girl again.

Well, at least I won't make the same mistake next time… Because from the looks of things… There certainly wouldn't be a next time.

People weren't meant to be trusted and, well, you made that fatal error.

But she didn't want Blasphemy to agree with her. If anything, she wanted him to shut up. She wanted nothing to do with him or his all-mighty creator. Unfortunately, it looked like she'd be traveling with them for a while, there was just no avoiding them.

The desperate thoughts just kept flooding. It distressed her that he couldn't help eavesdropping, but what she really feared was for him to comment; somehow she had a harder time believing it was really happening if he just kept quiet.

I would give anything to be back home right now… Back home with the dogs in their cages… The books, right where I left them on the shelf… Mom's probably home… maybe she heard the noise, I wonder if she's worried?

But more crushing than the homesickness was the absence of her best friend. Nevertheless, she prayed he wouldn't come, although her heart yearned for the company, because his arrival meant his demise.


"Penita? …"

The door gently creaked open.

"Penny… Penny? I heard noises coming from up here - you better not have smuggled anything alive into your room again! The rejuvenation clinic is run downstairs and downstairs only."

But there was no reply - no "Yes, sorry mama" or "No animals this time" or "I'll try working on quieter experiments" - those were basically the guideline set of Penny's excuses.

A brow raised. Mrs. Sanchez flicked on the light, expecting to see a mess of liquid goo from overflowing beakers, or an extra lump in the bedcovers (a pathetic attempt at hiding for whenever Penny managed to sneak in one of her favorite dogs from the clinic). But there was nothing. In fact, there wasn't even a single lump in the bedcovers. Penny was nowhere in sight.

"…What in de world?! Oh, where is that hija traviesa of mine!?"

Annoyance quickly turning to worry, Mrs. Sanchez began to examine the rest of upstairs, and then, coming up empty-handed, a second time, this time more thoroughly. Still, no one.

It took about three seconds for worry to blossom into panic.

She could've been kidnapped! She could've run away!

And then the answer came to her.

"It's got to be Rudy." The situation had his name written all over it. It seemed that whenever something unusual happened to her otherwise respectable genius-of-a-daughter, it always, somehow, indirectly or not, had something to do with him. "That girl had better not set one foot near his house at this hour or I'll have her chemistry set…"

But at the same time, she prayed that it was indeed where Penny had gone… because where else would she be?


C-can you at LEAST tell me why we're parading through DayZone like this?! Just because most Zoners probably won't be worried doesn't mean that we should take this path! It's still risky…

I thought you'd prefer the more scenic route. These Zoners are you friends, correct? But I guess your logic isn't unfounded - walking right through here, so close to where you want to be, and yet unable to control your own free will, is that it?

My own free will is STILL my own free will, you know. It's just my body that you've taken.

Either way, he began, not seeming to have heard her, We're almost out of the sunshine - so take a good look around while it lasts.

Penny, suddenly thankful that she could still control her eyes, did as he suggested, and absorbed the last few memories of DayZone she knew she'd probably have. The warmth, the sun, the happy faces - literally, Happy Face Village was having a palooza in the street - and those were all the glances it took before she determined that she really, really didn't want to continue on.

The entire scene was so happy, so normal - only she was being led amongst it, against her free will by a dangerous backstabbing delinquent, and her deadlier Psychic counterpart.

And it was as if none of the Zoners even cared - they weren't reacting. She didn't blame it on them though, most of them hadn't the slightest clue of what was going on…

Penny's breath suddenly hitched in her throat. Before she closed her eyes, her gaze had fallen upon two distinct silhouettes in the background. One of them had an oversized circular head, a misshapen bandana, and a simplistic body composed of different basic shapes, like some curious teenage artist had gone wild with the vector tool.

It's… It's Snap! Oh, thank god… I never thought I'd be so happy to see him!

The momentary burst of hope was soon trampled upon by Blasphemy's hollow psychic voice.

Oh… the blue one. He sounded… almost amused. Snap - Tabootie's blundering sidekick. I would enjoy his reaction to this scene, however. I believe he may know who we are.

Penny squinted a little harder - who was Snap talking to? …Somebody rectangular - Blocky! And if she really strained her eyes she could make out a tiny dot - Fly - zipping about around their heads.

Oh please let them look this way…

For the first time all day, Lady Luck must've taken pity on the poor girl. Simultaneously Snap's head and Blocky's head/body turned to face Penny and her hosts. She could practically hear Snap's accented voice in her head: "Hoi kalloi… Hangin' out with those two! Dat girl's weird, I knew it from the start…"

You do know there's no hope for you, right?

But Penny ignored him. Finally, someone had noticed that she wasn't quite herself… And if Snap found out, soon all of ChalkZone would know. Let's see Blasphemy worm his way out of this one-

"Penny?!" And here he came, rounding the corners, quickly but still of some hesitance; she could see the mental conflict taking place in his head. On one hand, there was a perfectly calm Penny, which made the situation safe. But on the other, there were two of ChalkZone's most renowned villains standing right beside her. Blasphemy, as usual, displayed no emotion (he had no mouth or pupils), but Kiki's expression was nothing short of bitter.

Snap stopped at about ten feet away.

"What happened? And… why are you…" He stopped in mid-sentence, gulping. "W-who are those two?" He was testing her to see if she knew.

Penny knew Snap would become gradually more and more suspicious if she withheld a response. Why, with no control over her lips, she wouldn't be able to speak her mind; but silence got the message across too.

Only before she knew it - she heard someone speaking. Speaking with her voice!

"Oh, hey, Snap." The sound was coming from her lips, but she wasn't the one saying them. Her gaze traveled to Blasphemy… his own eyes, normally a blank white like the rest of his body, were shimmering blue.

Wha - STOP IT! Her thoughts raged, though she knew it would do no good. She had the power to do nothing. Blasphemy, on the other hand, could not only control her body but her voice as well!

"This is Kiki," She drawled; it was very much in Penny's voice but not at all in her tone. It was missing her usual lisp - instead, her words had inherited Blasphemy's dark, monotonous huff.

"And… what about…" Snap gestured towards the six-foot white reptile, finding words to fail him. "Haven't we seen him somewhere before?! I was always under the impression that he was… well, and don't take this the wrong way, Whitey…" He added, eyeing Blasphemy nervously, "…Evil."

And at that, "Penny" snorted in obvious annoyance.

"His name is Blasphemy, and his powers aren't to be conversed in nonchalance." Her teeth were gritted. "It was his abilities that have nearly brought ChalkZone's demise before, and since then he has only grown stronger."

Snap obviously wasn't expecting her to respond so touchily - then again, to see Penny strolling along with Lady Kyrene and The Darkest Creation right through the middle of grassy DayZone was a bit of a shock all in itself…

"You," Snap gasped breathlessly, finally realizing it all. Accusingly, he ground a gloved finger in Blasphemy's direction, his big white eyes quivering in sudden fear. "You are The Darkest Creation! Do you know how much of a legend you've become? Dark, horrible legend, too! Common scary story that you hear on camping trips…"

Kiki, who had been lurking in Blasphemy's shadow for the entire journey thus far, poked her head out and gave the blue one a remorseful glare. "Do you think, that when Blasphemy first existed on that chalkboard six years ago, that I had ANY idea he would live to haunt innocent people?!"

The clueless civilians of ChalkZone… Innocent people. Blasphemy's eyes began to sparkle in that menacing way again. He was speaking with his own voice once more; but Penny still found herself unable to talk. The great white lizard turned to stare down at his creator, seething without emotion. You… Not-so-innocent. And do you know why?!

Penny glowered to herself. Because she's a backstabbing scoundrel?

"Because you, Kyrene, created me dead."


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