Self-centered as it is, I've decided to write a story, or someone very much like me, at least. I don't usually use first person, so I'll have a harder time with this one. The first chapter isn't, but after that, each chapter will be in first person, with a bit of dramatic irony in between each. That is my first name, but not my last, or middle, should I provide any. My blood type is in here, but I'm not 17.

Anyway, this takes place about two years after The Fist of Mars. I haven't played The Second Runner, so I dunno how it all factors in.

I do not own Zone of the Enders. I bought a couple of the games, but I don't own it in itself. My character and most everyone you haven't heard of before are mine. Ask a die-hard fan to confirm them for you if you're not sure. The characters of Cage Midwell, Myona Alderan, Amante Furlair, Razma Cascade Jr., and everyone else from the game are property of Konami. And I'm not willing to mess with them. Semyl would eat me.

In this one, Phil and Nadia survive. Phil pilots the Caliber and Nadia has Vjaya.

I've kind of set this up like the game for GBA (go buy it, short as it is) in my storytelling. Sorta. Just see for yourself.


Chapter 1: A Conversation...Somewhere...

The date was May 30, 2175, the time 11:35 pm. The parties cooperating kept the room completely dark, as usual. They weren't from the UNSF, or BAHRAM, or representing the UCM. The two figures had loose associations with the three, and little else. They weren't for NUT, or ZOE, or BIS. The man and woman were for themselves, and perhaps each other. But they were always for Mars, and humanity.

"Well, I'm here. What do you have to lay on the table tonight?" a female voice asked.

"His name is Samuel Gales. Male, seventeen years old, blood type A- positive. Shorter, scruffy, dark brown hair, hazel brown eyes. More or less one-hundred-and-eighty pounds, six feet tall," her male counterpart explained. "Hellespont County, United States district, Neo Memphis sphere, Germantown."

"That's where BAHRAM and Acemos were planning their new joint-effort weapon. What does the kid have to do with it?"

"He's found the frame the two groups were building in cooperation."

"I heard they abandoned the operation when Ani Aegis was killed by the BIS group. Wasn't 'Proteus' left uncompleted?"

"No," the man corrected. "It's finished, and anyone can use it, so long as they're let in and know how. Then the thing is theirs and theirs alone. Proteus is a special frame. It develops itself based on the character of its runner. If we're going to get anything done with this opportunity, the two of us must combine the two pieces of the unlocking device."

"How do you know I've got the other half?" the woman queried slyly.

"My half picks up the signal of the other."

"Oh. But why should I trust you to let Master Gales use the Proteus?"

"His personality can keep Proteus guessing. The generation computer on board the frame doesn't cancel out conflicting orders. It combines them. Samuel Gales now knows the most about it. More than either of us, in fact, and he can bring out its full potential."

"Can you really be sure?"

"Yes. I've been watching him, and I think you have as well. He's got the reflexes necessary to run the Proteus."

"Not too sharp, but not too dull, eh?" the female guessed.

"Exactly," the male confirmed. "Now, let's let our young friend into his new tool. There's a triangulation device on the table."

"I still don't think this is the best idea one could come up with. But I did see the device before the lights went out and you entered. Why do we have to do it now?"

"I've got some intel you don't."

"Do you take me for a fool?"

"I may very well. You'd be too calm to know that 'Serqet' has been completed."

"Serqet?! How'd they make it safe?"

"Very, VERY old Metatron. Otherwise the flow of energy would kill the runner. But the recent surveys of the asteroid belt found some Metatron far older and weaker than one could find elsewhere. And BAHRAM has a monopoly on it."

"Lucky them. I never found out who the intended runner was," the woman confessed. "I heard that it would have been Nadia Candido, but she defected to BIS and has since been reported to pilot the Orbital Frame Vjaya."

"You don't want to know who it is now," the man cautioned. "She'll be one with it, and the frame will follow her every whim. I think you know who I'm referring to."

"My god...not her!"

"Yes. Sadly, BAHRAM chose Amante Furlair."

"That maniacal bloodthirsty slut... Okay, let's get Proteus going! Samuel Gales should be allowed to meet up with BIS as soon as possible. Their our best shot currently, am I correct?"

"Heh, that's right. Awfully eager now that you know Miss Furlair is piloting Serqet, aren't you? We will proceed."

The darkened masculine figure pressed a button somewhere, and the third part of the uplink came online, giving off a weak greenish-blue light in the dark room. He pointed the strange, glowing remote control from his pocket towards it and activitated it with the flip of a switch. The woman followed suit with her own transmitter, and a signal was sent to a satellite in orbit over Hellespont County, Mars. It, in turn, fired a signal towards a secret hangar beneath the city of Neo Memphis. The transmission was far too weak to be picked up by anything but the super- sensitive receptor on board the Orbital Frame Proteus. It whirred to life as Samuel Gales came into the frame's great docking bay.


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