Plan A

By: Thought

Disclaimer: It doesn't belong to me, k? get it?

A/N: This is so pointless! But I wrote this while taking a break from studying for exams, so my brain's a little fried.


"Hey! Aeryn! Can you hand me the...pointy thingy with the blue handle?" John Chrichton poked his head from under his ship, the Farscape One, hand outstretched to keep his balance.

Aeryn SĂșn, dressed in her regular PK leather, stared at him like he was an idiot. "Can you be a little more specific, human?"

He shrugged helplessly. "The...long...pointy blue thing! You know? You use it to push stuff back into place..."

"The Electro-Driver?" she suggested, holding up the tool.

"Yes!" he grabbed it and disappeared back under his ship. "Thanks, Aeryn!"

"Yeah, whatever," she rolled her eyes and returned to working on her Prowler.

"Hey, Aeryn?" came John's voice a few minutes later.

"What is it?"

"Well, there's a very large bug under here. Kinda looks like some thing out of Star Wars...and it's looking at me funny..."

"What the frell is Star Wars?" she asked curiously.

"Um...aliens. Big guns. Yoda. Now, about this...thing? Do space-bugs eat people?"

"Depends what kind they are," she informed him casually. "Some are herbivores, while others don't eat at all."

"Ok, that's good."

"Of course, there's also the ones that enjoy tearing a person limb from limb, eating out their stomach and ripping out their eyes before finally extracting the brain for consumption."

She heard John's gulp from seven feet away. "Thanks for sharing that, Aeryn. Thanks ever so much."

She shrugged. "You asked."

"Remind me not to ask stupid questions to which I know I'll hate the answers," he muttered. She watched as he began wriggling out from under the small ship, moving very slowly as not to attract the attention of the bug. "Nice bug...good little guy...that's it, just let me get out of here...nice...little killer space don't want to eat me...I probably taste really moldy cheese..."

"Chrichton?" she called.

"Kinda busy here, Aeryn, can it wait?" came his extremely stressed sounding reply.

"Well, I just thought you might want to know that I can see the creature now, and I recognize its species. They're carnivorous, and they are attracted to objects with a high luster or reflecting surface."

"In other words, I've got Bugzilla here, and he likes shiny things," summarized the human.

"I have know idea what you're talking about," she sighed.

"I'll explain once my life is out of danger," he answered.

"I could just shoot it," she suggested.

"How good's your aim?" he asked. "I really don't want to be on the wrong end of a PK rifle blast."

"My aim is fine!" she retorted indignantly.

"Yeah, but..."

Aeryn pulled her pulse-rifle, and aimed at the alien insect above John.

"Um...Aeryn! I'm sure we can find another way to deal with this thing that doesn't involve you shooting at my head!"

"I'm not shooting at your head, I'm shooting at that thing," she was becoming annoyed.

"I know, I know, but what if you miss?"

"Then your brains will be splattered across the walls of this bay."

John swallowed visibly. "So, do you have a plan B?"

"Why would I need a Plan B? Unlike some people, my Plan As always work."