Doctor Who – The Lost World

By Jeff Walker

In the off white, multi-circled walled room stood the Doctor fiddling away with his craft's console. The column moving up and down in the middle of the console shone a bright light each time it came down to quickly join with the other half moving up. The TARDIS continued to make its typical whooshing noise as it continued to spiral through space and time. The Doctor, wearing a oddly printed smoking jacket and plaid flannel pants to match, flicked the various switches on and off, and kept himself busy steering the Timelord vessel. A rather curious look came over his face, as he made it seem like he wasn't sure if he entered in the destination code right. As he puzzled over his calculations, young ex-Canadian officer Andrea Blaine comes walking into the room, this time she's dressed more carefully. She has a full matching off pink jumpsuit, with a yellow t- shirt underneath. Her shoes are simple white runners and a pair of white socks to cover her feet. Breathing somewhat heavily, she leans down on the console to catch her breath, and then looks up to see the Doctor puttering away.

"Oh, boy...I am so out of shape. Thank goodness this thing is equipped with a gym, woo....", she says loudly in order to get the Timelords attention.

"Mmm...yes.....That was installed back in my fourth regeneration, for some reason I was a bit of a health nut. Seem to remember having a celery on my lapel....hmm....", he mutters too her, but still mainly focused on the controls, his confused look still over his face.

"Well all I know is that I needed it. All these chases with aliens, Cybermen and Daleks.....just reminded me how much I need to get back to the gym again. I haven't run so much since my training days in the police academy, heh! If only my instructor could see me now....she'd be screamin' at me to drop and give her thirty-five push-ups. ", Andrea says as she reflects on her old career. The days of being a Canadian officer seem most likely a thing of the past now, instead of staying behind in her town to report to her superiors (* See – Doctor Who: The Infection), she took off with this strange man in a police box.

The Doctor, not listening to a word she's telling him, scratches his head and points to the controls, "You know...I'm having the hardest time figuring out why the Trans-corridor regulator is acting up. We're skipping through space like a rock on the water right haven't been trying to fiddle with these controls have you? ", He asks her with intense concern.

"Me? Hell no...I don't even know what the hell your even babbling on about. Why does everyone just assume I know how to work this machine? First the Daleks and now you....I'm just a cop! Not a pilot! ", She says to the Doctor tapping on her chest irritated.

The Doctor just shakes his head and throws out his hand to silence her backlash, "Fine! Fine! I'm just thinking aloud again....sorry. But for some reason the TARDIS is mucking about space as if we're being guided by something...or", he says looking up at her again, in realization that perhaps that could be the case. For some time now, the Doctor has been plagued with a mysterious individual following him throughout time. Only recently has he discovered this fact from his last encounter with the Rani, a rival female Timelord. She told him that someone has been shadowing his movements, but wouldn't say who or whom it was. This disturbs the Doctor deeply; the identity of this person so far has eluded him, another Timelord perhaps? He hasn't the foggiest idea. But since the TARDIS controls are acting all haywire, perhaps this mystery person has been the one fiddling with their destinations.

"Don't say it! ", Andrea says back to him with wide eyes, "I'd rather not be very creeped out right now, thank you very much! "

"Nor I my girl. Still, I know I haven't entered these codes...oh well...lets see where this takes us then." he says with some relaxed tone.

"Doctor? ", Andrea soon asks, her eyes reeling with thought as she sheepishly broadcasts her moment of worry, "What if...what if this takes us to know...unpleasant. What if this is a big trap? And you, or others got hurt again, I don't think I could take anymore deaths." the poor girl says with fear.

"Now, now.... Don't give in to your gloomy thoughts, be positive! Hmm! Maybe this will be the one that brings us to an oceanic environment, large sandy beaches and beautiful open sea! Yes? ", The Doctor shouts out to her, and then turning to see if he's made her forget the worry.

"That's what you said last time.... and look where we ended up. ", she scolds to him.

"Oh pish! Can't blame me for that! If they keep moving these resort planets, how is anyone to know where they are, hmm? ", The quirky Timelord says back, then notices her tapping her foot in frustration at his typical answer. He quickly adjusts his coat and smiles at her, "I know! Next time...we'll see about bringing you back to Earth, maybe visit Jamaica! How's that?! "

She finally cracks a smile, "Ok! But this time.... I think you should really see about getting some new beachwear. I mean...if your going to swim in least let be a pair that don't look like you've raided your grandfather's closet! ", She giggles at him.

"Hmm...that's funny. I thought I was they were very stylish...course that was nearly 700 years ago...and to point out a fact I am a grandfather...or was one....", the Timelord says looking as if he's trying to remember, but then shakes it off, "...anyway I think I'm a very stylish dresser! Besides.... I didn't exactly tell you when in time I would bring you to Jamaica, so don't think your attire will be any better, yes? ", He says pointing at her.

She just shrugs her shoulders at the quirky man, and soon sees the TARDIS's column in the center of the control panel stop. The Doctor looks surprised at the fact they've landed already. He walks over to the controls and tries to get his bearings.

"That's odd. The coordinates don't make any sense. ", He says to her. She leans over to have a look beside him, "What do you mean? Haven't we landed? "

The Doctor punches in a few buttons and looks again, " yes. It says its landed, but there's nothing out there...unless..." he pauses, then gets a frightened look on his face, "oh my god no! HANG ON! ", He shouts out to her.

The TARDIS suddenly tilts and shakes them all about inside. The sound of the machine struggling to maintain flight becomes strained and causes pauses in-between its materialization. With one last big thrust down on the center column, the police box finally manages to re-materialize and land. It sets down hard, causing the two of them inside to hit the floor very hard as well. Then silence. Nothing but the low hum of the TARDIS's power core running. Andrea gets up and rubs her shoulder; the Doctor grabs hold of the control panel, stands up very fast and gazes around the room like a man who's just been bedazzled by it all.

"Ow...oooh...what the hell was that?! ", Andrea says, aching and moaning about her new bruises.

"Incredible! Do you realize what just happened?!" he says looking at her.

She just gives him one of her stern looks, "Hello? I just asked you. "

"We've just entered a Gravity well..." the wild-eyed Doctor says grinning, " ...and we survived!! Amazing! Well...maybe not amazing...but very interesting. "

The Doctor flips on the switches in front of him on the console, "Yes.... most interesting indeed. "

Andrea leans on the controls beside him, "Um...Doc? Care to fill me in? What's so interesting about that?"

Still fiddling with the controls, he soon snaps out of his usual mental awe and looks over to her, "Hm? Oh that! Well you see my dear, something very large just passed through our time stream, it caused a massive gravity well to form and very nearly destroyed us. "

Andrea was in shock, the idea that they were so close to death took her by surprise, "Wha...wha....oh...oh my god! Oh God! Are you kidding me?! You're joking right...tell me your joking? "

The Doctor pushes a button on the console and the viewer on the wall in front opens up. As he stares at the image of what's outside the TARDIS, he continues to talk to Andrea, "Oh no Andrea. No joke, we nearly became a cosmic squirrel on the road...SPLAT! Ah well, one out of a million I suppose.... damn lucky I say. "

She couldn't believe how calm he was about it, like he's done it a thousand times. The Doctor of course nearly has missed one of these a few times, so rather then worrying about what might have happened, he just blows it off till the next time. Gazing at the monitor, he squints to see the image being shown. Having landed on a planet, the outside is very rocky and full of vegetation. Seeing how it looks breathable, the Doctor then activates the doors. The inner off-white wall circle filled doors open up, and the quirky Timelord takes his red baseball hat out of his deep jacket pocket.

"Right! ", he says to her, "Shall we have a look and get our bearings? "

Still in some shock, she moves very slowly, all the time looking back at this insane man that's almost killed her in space. The Doctor just shakes his head smiling; she's so bewildered that he has to help push her out the door. As they both step out of the TARDIS, they see that the world is very dark, the trees and plants look like they're dying. Andrea starts to shiver abit, not sure if its from the very cold temperatures outside or from the shock starting to wear off.

"Ooo...It's chilly", she says quivering.

"Yes....very nippy. And the vegetation....looks like its coming to the end of its days.", the Doctor says looking around the area. Soon he stops and listens, his eyes flutter back and forth as he tries to hear, "Hmm.....that's odd. "

Andrea still shivering, hears his typical phrase he gives when he doesn't understand something, "W-w-what's odd? "

"No birds. No Chirping of any kind. Come to think of it.....not much of a wind either. Can you hear? ", He turns to ask her.

She also tries to listen, and hears nothing, nothing at all. Even she had a look of confusion, she looks back at the Doctor and agrees with him, " You're right. No sound at all. if the whole world just died or something. I'm starting to think this is getting a little creepy Doctor, shouldn't we go back into the TARDIS? I's obvious there's nothing here to see."

The Doctor, still looking around, snaps out of his deep thought and yells back at her, "Oh come on, Andrea!! Where's your sense of adventure? Don't you want to explore a new world, something so bizarre and ....and...."

"Dead.", she says back quickly at him, to finish his sentence.

"Yes....Dead. ", he says agreeing.

Walking over to her, he wraps his arm around the shivering woman in the pink tracksuit. He reaches in his pocket and takes out another baseball hat, a white one with little stars on them. He places it on her head and smiles again at her.

"One quick look. Come'll thank me for the experience. "

Andrea rolls her eyes, she walks along with him as they trudge out beyond the area, "No I won't...", she says bitterly at him, " know Doctor, I'm beginning to see why you don't have a love life. "

The Doctor just laughed as they walked on, the few trees in front of them soon widened open to reveal a whole open field. There a few miles ahead lay a dozen domed structures, civilization perhaps they wondered? Or just more mystery to explore, in any case it was the direction they were headed. But little did they realize a hovering camera that suddenly sprung out from the bushes near by was watching them. The oval flat object had a mini- telephoto lens sticking out of it, and focused its eye on the two of them as they went walking down the hill. It was watching them carefully as they headed towards the domed buildings. From somewhere else, inside the structures perhaps, a man in a dark vested robe-like suit watched the images being transmitted by the camera. The man was human looking, Caucasian, with dark fair hair and a dark mustache. He gazed at the intruders and saw they were heading his way. The multi-monitors in front of him all showed the images, leaning over in his chair, he pushed a button on a console sitting next to him.

"Markus! This is Gorthan....We have intruders. Send out the guards, I want this pair arrested the minute they step inside. Understood? "

A voice soon is heard coming out of the console beside him, "Understood, sir. "

"Oh and Markus....", he starts to add to his commands.

"Yes sir? "

"Have a look on your monitors. Sector 10 Alpha 5. ", He says to the man.

"Switching now sir...."

The man leans in again, closer to the console as if he doesn't want anyone else to hear around him, "I want that object brought in as well....", he pauses as he looks on the monitor. The screens soon fill up with an image of the TARDIS sitting by it's lonesome in the small forest. Markus responds back to Gorthan with astonishment.

"Strange looking thing, what is it? "

Gorthan turns around in his chair, not facing the monitors anymore, he folds his black-gloved hands together and squints his eyes, "It's a Timelord's vessel. And he's not going anywhere! "

The Doctor and Andrea finally reach the large, gray concrete domed structure. A small spiral metal staircase leads up to the mid-point of the dome and a small access door is seen. The two look up at the very long climb up and both let out a small sigh under their breaths.

"There must be an easier way to get in Doctor. Maybe we should walk around the site a bit more? ", She says to him rather tiredly.

"That could be miles my dear, you've seen how large it is in the distance. Well, come small step for humans, one giant heart attack for the Timelord. Or two, by the look of things. ", He says in his comedic tone.

They start up the staircase and feel the air getting lighter and lighter with each step. Soon their both panting heavily, but it seems Andrea is having a harder time then the Doctor. He grabs hold of her as she starts to faint abit near the top; he helps her climb then next few steps and soon reaches the access door. Once there, he helps her down to rest, while he leans against the side of the gray structure and examines the door. Still panting away, he notices there isn't a handle nor any hinges he can see. Feeling around the door, he gets a bearing of what kind of tool would be necessary to open it up. Suddenly he gives up; he shakes his head knowing there's no entry point.

"It's....not hydraulic. I don't know what is holding this door up. Are...are you ok...Andrea? ", The Timelord asks her in his odd breathing.

Andrea almost out of consciousness, looks at the Doctor with her half open eyes, "I....I...can't breathe...Doc...Doctor...I...", She says very weakly.

"Hang on my dear....I'll Figure something...out. "

Searching his pockets, he pulls out the sonic screwdriver from one of them. Holding himself against the door again, he holds the screwdriver up to each corner of the door. The high-pitched squeal from the tool almost sounds like its penetrating through the metal and unlocking the mechanism inside. With the last two corners on the bottom of the door, he stops the device and steps back. The door slowly levitates open and moves to the side of the wall. There is no hinges on it what so ever, the door looks as though as if its not even attached to anything. The Doctor wastes no time and grabs hold of Andrea, he lifts her up in to his arms and carries her inside. Once they're both in, the door closes back behind them and the pressure inside the small room they've walked into re-pressurizes. The air soon flows again and the two being to breath normal. The room is small, metal grated all around, and a red light shines down making it look eerie. As soon as the pressure returns to normal, a metal door in front of them opens up, the both of them stand up and walk towards the new entrance. Andrea looking more with it follows the Doctor closely, still catching her breath. As the door closes behind them as they step through, they see that they have come inside the domed structure. The Doctor leans against the grey concrete railing in front of him, as he gazes at the sight before him.

"Andrea....come and see. ", he says with amazement.

Andrea walks over and leans on the railing as well. There she has a clear view of what he sees, "Oh my..."

Inside the structure is a massive city, buildings stretch to the top of the dome, and the sound of vehicles and electronic noises buzz all around it. A veritable metropolis, a technological rich society, which seems to be living inside. Looking to his right, the Doctor sees a wide set of stairs leading to the lower levels. He looks over at Andrea and sees that she's managed to catch her breath back. He calmly rubs her back to see if she's well enough to move.

"How do you feel my dear? Think you can manage going down this set? ", He says with concern.

"It's not the down that's hard, it's the going up. ", She says with a snicker.

The Doctor smiles, "I see that your sense of humor has returned anyway. Lets have a look shall we? "

She nods at his suggestion and they both walk down the stairs. The journey wasn't far; as they come to a flat level with two large steel tubes build into the wall. It looks big enough to fit fifteen people in it, so the Doctor speculates on what it must be.

"Ah here we go....Elevators! God bless the universal mode of transport. Seems like every creature knows how to skip making stairs. Not that I'm complaining. "

Andrea looks at the smooth metal and feels the surface, "I don't get to we get in? There's no seams, no doors, not even an indicator its in use. "

"I suppose its....hidden....", the Doctor says looking at it rather confused as well, "'d think it would be more obvious where to activate it, hmm? "

The Doctor studies the door and puts his head to the smooth metal; he listens intently as he moves his eyes back and forth. Andrea watches the strange man do his little quirk, not knowing what the hell he's doing, she asks the obvious question.

"What are you doing Doctor? "

"Shhhhhh! ", He hisses abruptly at her, "I think there's one coming up...and it should beeee..." He says pausing then backing away. The metal soon opens up; a pair of doors slides open, ones that didn't seem to be there before. Once open, the inside showed the elevator lift waiting for them. The Doctor finishes his thought, "....Here. "

He gestures to her to go ahead in and she tilts her head in thanks. He follows behind her and the doors quickly slide back together once their inside. The door seams disappear again, as if they never were there at all. Soon the elevator beside the one they entered opens up, and out steps a throng of armed dark suited guards. The leader of the groups looks around and sees that they've just missed the two. He taps on to his wrist communicator and speaks into it.

"Alcor One, this is Alcor Two....subjects have taken a shaft pod down to the city, have some guards meet them at the ground level for pick up...we'll be back down in a second. ", the man says in his dark blue armor, the light grey helmet with dark visor shields his eyes from anyone else. All of the others behind him sport the same look, and all carry strange looking futuristic weaponry.

"Copy that Two, we're on route....see ya there. ", the voice says back on his communicator.

Looking at his guards again, he points to them to get back into the elevator. They all pile back in and head back down. Inside the other shaft pod, the Doctor and Andrea look about as they wait to get to the bottom. The inside interior is grey with blue symbols and alien looking logos. The light inside flickers as they pass by the many levels at a high speed. The Doctor looks around and comments on the décor.

"Kind of...minimalist isn't it. Not even a happy tune playing overhead while we wait. ", He says jokingly.

"Maybe they're not a music society. Judging from look....I'd say they're really into grey. What is it about futuristic societies and Grey? Do people just vote on a one-color scheme or something? Please! Go red....make it a green....I've seen enough grey to last a lifetime.", Andrea spouts off in a joking style of her own.

The Doctor chuckles at her musings, "I know....if only they could make buildings a nice shade of lavender. I bet it would perk these people right up. "

The two of them laugh at each others kidding style and soon find themselves at the bottom. The doors open up and show them the ground level. Both step out and walk outwards, the streets look almost trashy and overly used. The people walking around are covered in a metallic looking cloth, something you'd see the old earth astronauts wearing. The signs are all fiber optic and neon in design; the towering buildings make the area below dark and shadowy. Andrea and the Doctor walk around looking at the people and the small shops, the stores look abandoned and the people are clearly not very friendly. People walking by seem to bang into the two of them without even giving a second glance. One hits the shoulder of Andrea, whom she just thought was rather rude for doing so.

"HEY! Nice manners, man! God that hurt. This is worst then being on a major city on Earth, at least in Toronto they'd say sorry. Hell even in New York they'd finger you back. ", Andrea points out to him.

"Indeed they are a rather crude bunch. Still not everyone is happy living in a saturated technology driven society like this. Chances are it wasn't by choice. "

The Doctor then walks over to a lady sitting on the corner, she looks like a street beggar, only she's not asking for change. The Doctor looks down at her and asks her a question, "I say...hello there. Um, listen...can you direct me to a good place to eat? My friend and I have traveled a long way, and we thought you might know a good spot to 'nosh at."

The old woman doesn't say a word, but just stares coldly back at him, so the Doctor tries again, "Nothing? No coffee shops or tea spots? Hello? Great..... thanks for your help. You know speaking might increase your chances at getting some money from people. ", The woman still says nothing, and the Doctor just walks away.

"Fascinating conversationalist. ", He says to Andrea.

She laughs and pats him on the shoulder, "Maybe they just don't like talking to strangers."

"I dunno..." The Timelord says with apprehension, "...There's something wrong with all of this. Something quite familiar too. Look....I'm going to have a look around that corner over there, you stay here and see if someone can at least tell you the way to their tailors. Just look at their snazzy style, eh? ", He says to her in a giggling manner.

She just mocks his funny saying and watches him head on off around the corner for a peek. Andrea just looks at all the people rushing by, all wearing the same outfits and looking very unemotional. Suddenly as she stands off to the side where the people are walking, two pair of hands grabs and pull her away. One hand is seen covering her mouth as she tires to scream, and then is rushed away in the sea of people. The Doctor comes walking back and hasn't noticed she's gone. But soon his head lifts up to see she's nowhere to be found. The Timelord starts walking down the streets to locate her, in a crowd of slivery suited people; the Doctor walking down the ways sticks out like a sore thumb.

"Andrea? Andrea! Blast girl.... where have you run off to now? Andrea!! "

In the halls of one of the large buildings, Gorthan is calmly walking through them in his dark black uniform and black gloves. He stops outside a doorway to his left and pushes the code button that opens the door. Stepping inside, he clicks the button on the other side to close it. The room is full of monitors and one command chair poised in front of them all. It's the same room he was in earlier when he was monitoring the Doctor as he approached the city. Taking a few steps in, he heard a voice coming out from the shadows.

"You're late. ", the raspy male voice said.

"Who's there? How did you..." Gorthan started to demand. He was soon cut off from the individual hiding in the corner.

"You know who I am! Don't waste my time asking. ", The mysterious man bellows at him.

Gorthan's face twitches and soon looks rather nervous, "Yes...sorry. I didn't expect to see you here so soon. You've got what I've asked for then? "

The voice just laughed, "Everything you need is on this crystal disk..." and the shadow-hidden figure shows him the object sitting in the palm of his dark gloved hand.

Gorthan looks wonderstruck by it, and reaches out to grab it away. But the hidden figure snatches it back quickly, "...But first you must agree to my terms. "

Gorthan isn't surprised by the stranger's request, and soon lowers his eyes at the mere fact of the demand, "Oh yes....on top of everything else we've promised you? What more could you possibly want? We get clone said we could...", He says angrily to the mysterious person.

"You only get the woman! The Doctor is not for you....", the shadow figure once again harps at him, "My demand is that the Doctor not be harmed! Other then that...the female is yours to do with. You will do as I say.... or the information on here won't be given to you. "

The man slowly backs off from the shouting stranger, "Yes.... alright...alright. I promise you the Doctor will not be harmed. But I don't see why...he's a Timelord...they should all be destroyed! "

"In time my friend.... in due time. ", the shadow assures him, "But first, make the Doctor feel comfortable with his stay. Treat them as honored guests.... then when the time comes.... the woman is yours. Understood? "

"Yes. I understand. Now then...may I have the crystal? A show of faith on your part...if you intend to honor your bargain.", Gorthan says reaching out his hand.

The Shadowy man laughs and palms over the disk to Gorthan, "I always honor my bargains Gorthan, make sure you honor yours to my requests. Otherwise...I may come back to surprise you once again. "

On the screens behind Gorthan, the image of Andrea pops up on all of them; she is blindfolded and gagged in a dark room. A lone spotlight is shinning down on her, as the guards around her hold her down firmly in the chair. The mysterious figure sees her image and gives a sound of familiarity.

"Ahh...there she is. Such a beautiful companion isn't she Gorthan? "

The sneering man turns around to look as well, "Yes.... she's just what we need to complete our experiments. Pity...", he soon says stroking his black mustache, "such a waste of the time I'm through with her, she'll probably beg me for her death. "

The mysterious figure laughs away at Gorthan's cruel nature, as he looks at the monitor again, his raspy voice sounds shrills out a last statement, " Now Doctor.... once again...I have you right where I want you. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! "

In the dark room, Andrea sits bound and blind folded. Her breathing is fast and panicked, she can sense there are guards beside her; both are standing close to her chair as the spotlight shines down on it. The guards are dress in dark apparel, much like the security team that was sent out after them earlier. Andrea's head shifted from side to side, trying to shake the blindfold off, but not really getting anywhere with it. Soon she pleaded with the two standing next to her.

"Please!! I didn't do anything.... why are you treating me like this? I swear whatever I've done...I'll.... I'll make it up to you all! Just let me go! Oh please just let me go! "

The dark room soon had a bright light appear in it, as the door opened up from out of the darkness. It opened as if it wasn't even there a minute ago, but now, the light is beaming through and coming out of it was Gorthan. He slowly walked through and headed towards the frightened woman. The door quickly shut behind him and once again the darkness surrounded the room. The only light source was around Andrea, sitting in her chair all tied up and struggling. Gorthan finally stepped into the light around her that was beaming down from above someplace. He leaned down and took off her blindfold, her eyes adjusted as she soon came face to face with him.

"That's better, now tell me girl.... where is the other one? ", Gorthan says to her with authority.

Andrea continues to struggle as she answers him, "Other.... what other? You mean the Doctor? "

"Yes.... the man you were with. His name is the Doctor? What's he a Doctor of.... hmm? ", The dark haired man questions her.

"I...I don't know. A man of all things I suppose...a...a scientist."

Gorthan raises his eyebrow at her, "A scientist? How interesting. Where did he come from? More importantly.... where did you come from as well? "

Andrea looks straight at this interrogator as he walks back and forth in front of her, "We.... come from.... we're from out of town actually. Just having a tour of your lovely city is all. "

The lying from her makes the man snort with laughter, "A tour?! Well, you've certainly come a long way for a tour of this city. Seeing how it's the only one left in existence on this planet! How many more lies will you spread? Hm? Now then...How did you get here and no more LIES!!!" the man says to her getting even more cross.

Andrea recoils in fear from his loud voice, "A ship! ", she screams back, "We came in a ship. We landed here by accident and that's the stop hollering at me cause that's all I'm going to say! "

Her stubborn side was starting to show as he gazed at her intently. Clearly she was starting to regain her nerve against him, he could see her eyes focusing in on him and showing that she wouldn't be bullied any longer. Gorthan just stood up and took a few steps back, he had gotten the answers he wanted, and he had to make it look good for the sake of performance. He then took out a small object from his black coat pocket; it was a device with flat green buttons and slivery in design. Tapping one of the green lights on it caused another spotlight to shine down a few feet away from them. It was within Andrea's view; the light beamed down and revealed the TARDIS sitting there, all alone in the distance. It made her eyes widen and gave a simple gulp in her throat.

Gorthan stood there not facing the police box, but rather looking at Andrea and her reaction to it, "Tell me, is this the craft you speak of? "

Andrea looks back at him and nods. Gorthan looks back at it and scoffs, " A rather strange mode of transportation wouldn't you say? Certainly not a ship many would fly around in, I see no engines, no means of's a very strange object. "

"It doesn't belong to me.... I'm just a passenger ", Andrea says sarcastically.

"Indeed. ", Gorthan smirks, "Then I suppose you'd like to tell me where your gracious captain is? Oh sorry.... I mean.... The Doctor. "

The door opens again, the light shines through almost blinding Andrea, and soon her eyes adjust and see yet another guard comes walking in. Gorthan quickly turns around and shouts at the man coming in.

"I told you I didn't want to be interrupted!! "

The guard stops in his tracks and clicks his heals, "I'm sorry sir! But...we have the other. "

Gorthan's eyes light up as the man tells him the good news, "Excellent! Well-done commander.... Show him right in. I'm sure our other...uh...", he turns to look at Andrea gazing at him, "...guest...would love to be re-united with her friend. "

The guard salutes him and walks back out the door, he then returns with another guard, both roughly holding the Doctor. As they waltz in with him, Andrea soon spots the Timelord and shouts out in joy.

"Doctor! "

"Welcome dear Doctor, we've been expecting you. ", Gorthan smiles at the Timelord.

The Doctor standing there with the two guards smiles back and looks about the room, "Have you now? I say, that's so nice of you.... course you really shouldn't have bothered, I was just looking for my companion Andrea...", he then sees her sitting there and waves, "...oh there she is...hello Andrea! I told you not to move from the street."

"Doctor.." Gorthan gruffly says to the buffoon waving at the girl.

The Doctor interrupts the man and continues talking, "My word...this is a bit of a dark room isn't it? What's with all the grey and'd think this was funeral parlor or something. Have thought about adding some color? Greens...oranges...maybe some pastels.... Andrea and I were just mentioning on the way down in the elevator that...."

The dark haired man began to lose his patience with him, "BE SILENT!! "

The Doctor just shut right up and stared at the rude man. Gorthan rubbed his dark mustache with his black-gloved hands and walked over to him. His face soon came close to the Doctor's and stared the Timelord down, "If I were you.... Doctor. I'd learn to curb that rambling if I were you. "

The Timelord just gazed back at him, "Now, now...temper, temper. This really isn't becoming behavior of a gentleman. Tell me...", he hangs waiting for him to say his name.

"Gorthan, City Guardian of Dome twenty two 'B '", the man says to him.

"Gorthan, tell me why you've got my lovely companion over there bound to a chair and terribly frightened? And also.... Why do you have my police box sitting in your dark scary room? ", The Doctor says to him in quiet passive voice. It almost sounds patronizing, but very comical.

Gorthan smiles at him, "Because Doctor, you and she are trespassers in my city. And that...spacecraft of yours is also illegally here. No one just comes here to visit and...tour...nobody."

The Doctor still inches away from Gorthan's face, just quickly frowns and raises his eyebrows, "No wonder your tourism is down then...your no fun. "

Gorthan backs off from the insane Timelord, he looks at Andrea and the Doctor again. Then he smiles and nods to both pair of guards beside the two capture, the guards nod back in compliance and unbound the prisoners. Once they're done, the four men leave the room, with only the Doctor, Andrea and Gorthan left in it. Andrea rises out of her seat and runs over to the quirky Timelord to give him a hug. The dark haired man slowly walks away from them, just a few steps and then turns around to talk to them again.

"You're right of course Doctor. I am sorry. I apologize for my rude behavior.... as I said we don't get many visitors here. Infact...we never get them. This is the last surviving city on this planet...and I intend to keep them safe from harm at all costs. "

The Doctor lets go of Andrea and calmly walks over to the apologetic man, " Oh that's alright my dear fellow...I can understand your misgivings. Two strangers pop into last remaining city.... possibly contaminating the citizens..."

"Your very understanding Doctor, thank you. ", Gorthan says interrupting him.

"But contamination isn't the worry. Each human has been given the latest in technology, medical enhancements; even cybernetic implants to stimulate their brains from isolation or suicidal tendencies. "

The Doctor cuts in quickly, "I'm sorry...did you say cybernetic?? "

Gorthan nods, "yes.... it's the standard procedure here. It's hard for many to live confined in one place too long, we've had many mental imbalances and even population uprisings. Very messy.... much more reasonable to make them as calm as can be. "

"More like zombies. ", Andrea soon interjects.

The Doctor still struggling with what Gorthan was talking about, soon adds another question, "Yes...very reasonable of you...I say, you said something about your planet. Dying is it? Tell me what is this planet anyway? I must say, I don't recall seeing it on star chart anywhere."

Gorthan just calmly states to him, "That's because we're not stable Doctor. We're moving further and further into space.... your on the planet Mondas."

The Doctor soon muttered to himself off to the side, he walked over to Andrea as he tries to recall where he's heard that name before, "Mondas?? Mondas?.....Of course....Oh dear..."

Andrea leans in, "What? What is it Doctor? Where are we? "

"My dear girl...we're in great peril...", he looks over to her with a gaunt look on his face, ".... We're on the tenth planet. It must be ages before their transformation...oh how could I be so stupid..."

Andrea couldn't understand his grim panic, "Tenth planet? What does that mean? Tell me Doctor?? ", She says to him in a whisper.

The Doctor looks straight at her, "Andrea.... Andrea...we're on the Cybermen home world! "

Andrea's face soon floods with realization on what that means, her eyes widen once again in fear as she glances over at the man in the black uniform staring back at her very coldly.

"The Cybermen? No.... no Doctor we can't be!! ", She starts to say with a whispered panic.

"Damn those controls! ", the Doctor curses, "I'll bet whom ever it is that's following us is behind all this. Why here? Why now? No Timelord in their right mind would steer here."

Andrea just kind of nervously laughs, "Other then you? It seems like where ever we go trouble always seems to find us. "

The Doctor just quickly realizes her gloomy quote, "Eh?! Nonsense girl!! I've taken you to many a spot without so much as a lick of trouble. "

Glancing over with his eyes, he can see her shaking her head in disagreement. The cold dead look in her stare is enough for him to change his statement.

"Oh alright...there were a FEW times it happened. I can't help what people do my dear; I'm just as much an innocent victim as you are. But it seems we really have found our way into the lion's den this time, hmmm? "

The concerned look washed all over the Timelord's face doesn't fill Andrea with much confidence. It seems that once again the Doctor has found them in yet another deadly riddle of how to get off the planet alive.

Gorthan wondered what the two were whispering about, "Are you alright Doctor? "

Quickly spinning around he flashed a big smile on his face, "Oh absolutely fabulous my good man! You know I was just saying to my dear friend Andrea here that your world is a very unique place. "

The Doctor steps lively over to the mustached man and pats him on the back, "I must say your world has done very well for itself...considering what it's been through of course. "

"Why... I don't know what you mean is it possible that you know what this world has been through? ", Gorthan says to him in a rather sarcastic tone.

"Well it doesn't take genius really..." he says clearing his throat and trying to sound inconspicuous, "...Domed animals about...not even plant life for that matter. It seems your world is rather on the brink of..."

"Yes..." Gorthan interrupts him, "you do understand, I see now that you do. This world is dying Doctor. This planet is actually dying from lack of sunlight, cosmic radiation, and many asteroid bombardments.'s moving out of the solar system. Mondas is a doomed world. "

The Doctor tries to look surprised at his answers, he knows the history of this world all too well, but he mustn't let Gorthan know he does. As he nods with acknowledgement, he places a finger on his lips and walks back towards Andrea standing there as she listens to the two of them. As he stops infront of her, he gazes deeply into her eyes and continues talking to Gorthan, all the while giving Andrea a mindless gaze.

"Yes...Mondas. I've heard of this place...quite heartbreaking if you ask me. Tell me Gorthan, have your people ever thought of leaving this planet? Saving themselves from this rather gloomy for new worlds to colonize? I mean, what's the point staying..." the Doctor turns back to look at the man staring back at him intensely, "...Surely you want your people to live don't you? "

Gorthan's hard stare soon gives way to a cheerful eye; a smile breaks on his pale face, a toothy grin underneath that thick black mustache of his. He knows the Doctor is trying to coax something out of him, perhaps he already knows that the man has something rather sinister planned for him. The TARDIS sitting there with a light shinning over it in the dark room, almost gives a grim message to the Doctor that he's trapped for now, if only he could quickly dash in with Andrea and vanish back the way they came. But he couldn't let on to Gorthan that he knew this place was dangerous, nor could he let on that he knows anything about their future. For one day, these people will become the Cybermen, ruthless cybernetic creatures bent on galactic conquest.

"Of course we want to miss understand the people here Doctor. We searched the stars for new worlds to inhabit...but really only one was to be our destined new home. We had already established a small base on it, one that could transport us back and forth between the two worlds. "

Andrea soon becomes curious as to what this world was, "Sounds like you had everything. What went wrong with this base? Where was it? "

Gorthan's eyes slant down, his slow steps towards her caused Andrea to back up as he approached, "We had utopia my dead lady. It was destiny that we where to inherit the planet, but the cosmos ripped us away from that Eden of ours. Atlantis was our pride and joy, the ultimate city for our colonization! "

Andrea's eyes fill with awe, the city of Atlantis made her realize where in fact they had been trying to colonize, "Atlantis? My people were from Earth! "

"Yes the were...but not quite. ", the Doctor interjects, "They were born on this planet, but when the worlds came into close orbit with one another every so many cycles...they soon realized that Earth was more stable then their planet. Isn't that right Gorthan ol' boy? "

"Indeed Doctor, strange that you should know our history so well....", Gorthan says to him now turning the Doctor's way.

"Not many now of our world's plight, but you do seem to understand it all. I can see it in your eyes that you do...they have a very deep wisdom about a man that's seen or lived for a very long time. "

The Doctor looks back at him and winks, "Thanks...although most people say my smile is my best feature. "

Gorthan just rolls his eyes at the Timelord's obvious smug answer and walks back over to the TARDIS, his hands stroke the blue police box like a man that knows this is the one weakness of any Timelord.

"I grow tired of these games.... he said I should let you go...and so I shall. You are a Timelord Doctor..." he says to him quickly turning around to see his reaction, "A Timelord of Galifrey!! "

The Doctor stands there unsurprised by the man's accusations, "Ahhh... I was wondering how long you were going to dance around the issue. Now is it that you seem to know who I am? Hmmm? Getting some help are we? From some shadowy figure no I right? "

Andrea runs up behind the Doctor, "You mean he knows? could he? We've only just arrived here..."

"Yes he knows...infact, I'd say our mysterious follower has talked to this sinister little man. What was the price my dear chap? Eh? What sort of devilish deal have you made with that secretive benefactor? ", The quirky Timelord says to Gorthan as he casually walks over to him. Andrea stays closely behind her slightly taller companion as she shuffles her feet behind his, every step he takes she seems to match perfectly.

"Immortality! ", the dark haired villain shouts, "A chance for ultimate survival! Our only option left to us, technology will be our greatest achievement and legacy Doctor. And where were the merciful Timelords when our people suffered? Guardians of the Galaxy they called themselves...HA! What guardians stand by and watch the billions suffer from famine, radiation bombardment, children dying.... the children...", the man turns his head away to hold back the tears.

"Our children no longer exist...we are all that are left. Technology is all we have now, our superior intelligence, cloning abilities...but there are no children...Mondas is a barren womb."

Gorhtan quickly runs over and grabs Andrea; his tight hold on her makes her move with him as he heads towards the door. As the door slides open, the guards come rushing back in and aim their weapons at the Doctor. Andrea screams in pain as she struggles to free herself, but for some reason, the man is overly strong for her to let loose. Gorthan composes himself and turns to face the Doctor. The Timelord is very upset that Andrea isn't within his reach, if only to snatch her away and run into the TARDIS, it would be so easy. But with the guards pointing their weapons, its not at all possible.

"Damn you Gorthan! There are other alternatives! Think man...THINK! ", The Doctor pleads with him.

"You can't go on like this forever, sooner or later...the technology will overwhelm you all! Trust me...this will only get worst. Let the girl go...she isn't part of your plans, do what you will with the people and the planet. But for pity sake...for whatever ounce of humanity that's still there inside of you...let us go. "

Gorthan smirks at the Doctor's words, "No Doctor.... she is very much a part of our plans. The promise was for her and to let you live, if I had my way I'd take you and that contraption of yours apart. Andrea was the deal, She will give us exactly what we need...she will be the mother of a new race...a race of superior beings. Ones that will be the new gods of the galaxy...a new glorious army to dominate the universe!!"

Gorthan laughs like a madman, he yanks Andrea out the door and down the hall, while the guards continue to keep their guns poised on the Timelord. Andrea screams and screams as she is being dragged against her will, perhaps the last sounds of her the Doctor will ever hear as she is taken to her uncertain fate.

The Doctor tries to run for the door as he shouts for her, "Andrea! Andreaaaa!!!"

The guards shoot their weapons at him and the Doctor gives a surprised look in his face as the impact soon launches him backwards and onto the floor. His breath spouts off one last word as he collapses to the ground and finally goes limp.


Grinning away like a madman, Gorthan drags poor Andrea down the dark grey hall. Seemingly narrow and devoid of any sort of décor, it almost feels cold and forbidding. She continues to struggle away as he holds onto her arms with great strength, every time she even tries to break free his grip seems tighter. His dark black mustache almost hides that devilish grin he's showing, his hair and clothes all match the same color, perhaps like the grim reaper himself...she is being taken to her death.

"Let Go! Let go of me!! ", She hollers at him, "You can't do this to me!! You're're completely mad! "

"Yes my lovely lady...I'm mad. Mad that your world has been spared our fate; mad that our kind will never again see the warmth of the sun, mad that those wretched slaves we left behind will inherit the Earth!! ", Gorthan screams back at her.

As they reach the end of the corridor, another sliver door opens up infront of them. Inside lay various equipment and strange looking metallic tubes. Each cylinder is lined up along the walls of the interior; in the middle is a restraining table that the guards stand by as Andrea is brought straight to it. Behind them are more tables; the entire room seems larger as she enters. The room seems to stretch down a long ways; all the tables are filled with people harnessed on them. The guards grab hold of her as Gorthan hands her over; they strap her down tight and attach the metal clamp restraints on her legs and wrists. She continues to scream away as she sees the various people lying beside her on opposite tables. Many have wires, fiber optics and various chunks of cybernetic parts sticking out of them all. It is a gruesome sight to behold, some have no limbs or faces, and others appear to be in mid-cybernization. The whole room stinks of rotting flesh and blood. Andrea is in a nightmare and all she can do is scream.

"This!! This is our new legacy my dear...", Gorthan says to her in his wild screams of delight, "...we will no longer be weak, organic fragile creatures.... no! We will be the supreme race of perfection!! Strong enough to work in the vacuum of space! Able to with stand any climate imaginable! Yes...we will be immortal gods of the universe!!"

His crazed ranting did manage to subdue Andrea's screams of panic, she begins to regain herself and looks at the madman with defiance, "Gods.... you're nothing like'll be the soulless, ruthless villains the galaxy will ever know! Emotions will be dead to you all...and what of children?! You seemed so keen on having children again...all this won't give you children. Kids need love, compassion.... Damnit they need people that can feel!! "

"Feel? FEEL!?! ", He shouts closely at her, "You miss understand what sort of...children...I'm talking about. The children we want to bring back are ones that can never FEEL!! It's a weakness that must be eliminated inorder to survive. "

He walks over to the table on her right side; on it lays one of the persons being "cybernized", the face half off and full of robotic parts. He gently strokes the person's wires sticking out of their skull, lost in his deranged state, he tells her of what exactly he means to do.

"Flesh is weak.... but it can be improved. We must contain our very bodies within these new shells in order to survive the many dangers of space. If that means giving up on useless emotions then so be it, mathematics, science, technology.... that will be what drives us once more. Evolution to perfection we will go. You will give us the very thing to make it all happen. Your cells...your new genome...but first..."

He walks over to her and stares deeply into her eyes, "You my dear...Earth woman...shall be the one to bare all of our new sons. The mother of the Cybermen!! "

Andrea's tears began welling up; the thought of being the breeder for those god-awful murders drives her insane. To be nothing more then a baby factory for these people and then watch in horror as they mutilate those innocent lives for their own all makes her scream out loud with terror.

"!! NOOOO!!!!! "

In the room where the Doctor lies on the floor, shot by the guards as he tired to go after Andrea, the two-armed men hover over him. One slightly kicks at the Timelord lying there and snickers.

"Huh...out like a light. Too bad he's only stunned. I would have loved to see him totally vaporized. "

The other guard laughs at the man's comments, "Right...but he's the lucky one. He gets to live. I'm going to tell Gorthan what happened, if this guy wakes up, be sure to put him back in his craft and make him understand that if he knows what's best.... he'll leave here and never come back. You got it? "

"Yeah...Yeah I got it. ", the man responds

The two walk over to the door and the one guard goes walking through as it opens. Making sure that he's gone, the one remaining behind closes it again. Suddenly he hears the Doctor moaning in pain, as he looks around he sees the oddly dressed man start to sit up and grabbing hold of his head.

" stunned again.... damn...", the Doctor says to himself, but suddenly he rises to his feet and tries to get his bearings again, "What! Where am I?! Who are you? Why is it so dark in here? "

The guard seems startled by his jerky reactions and movement, he slowly brings his gun up again to defend himself, who knows what this guy might do to him. The Doctor takes another quick glance around again and it suddenly all comes back to him again.

"Mondas! Yes...Damn! Andrea!! I must save Andrea!! "

He tries to run for the door again, but the guard quickly blocks his path and prods the weapon right into his chest.

"I don't think so...not unless you want another helping of this my friend. "

The Doctor gets very angry with the man, "Get out of my way! There's still time to save her...I'm not a violent man but if you don't move I'll be forced to give you a good thrashing!! "

"Is that right? ", the guard says to him sarcastically, " little friend pointing into your chest says other wise. I am a violent man.... so if you don't want to be put down again like a rabid animal...I suggest you back off...mate! "

The Doctor backs away slowly, it seems he has little options, being shot again can do no good for his sake and Andrea's. The Timelord folds his arms carefully behind him and calmly talks to the guard again.

"Alright...alright.... look you seem like a rational chap. Look, why don't you just help me save this woman and I'll take you with me...anywhere you want to go...please.... I beg of you, help me! "

The words don't even affect the guard as he starts to tell the Doctor what is options are now, "That's not going to happen. You've got only one choice here sir...get back into your vessel, leave right now.... and never come back again. You've been given permission to leave, but if you try to step outside again.... I have orders to kill you on sight. And ah..."

The guard leans in as he still points the gun and the Doctor, "Trust don't want that to happen. Ok? "

The Doctor agreeingly nods, together they walk over to the police box sitting there under a spotlight, and the Timelord puts in his key to open the door. The guard continues to aim his blaster at the Timelord as he watches him step in. The armed guard winks at him.

"Have a nice day "

The Doctor sighs, enters all the way and closes the door behind him. Coming inside the main console room of the TARDIS, the Doctor rushes in and bangs his fist on the control panels. Andrea is helpless; he can't just leave her to suffer a fate worst then death. For the first time, he breaks down with tears and gives a look of anguish, the slight moan of sadness wells out of him. Not knowing whether to keep crying or think of a way to save her makes him dart about the room in distress. But much like his personality tends to do from time to time, he snaps out of it rather instantly, as a new look of a brilliant idea comes to him like a lightning bolt. A big smile creeps on his face and a shout of joy gives him a ray of hope.

Outside the TARDIS, the guard watches the blue box carefully at a bit of a distance. He can hear the machine warming up for take off and soon lowers his weapon. As he lets down his guard, the blue light on top of the police box suddenly shoots a massive beam out towards him. The instant impact of it sends him hurling to the very back wall and knocks him out cold. The TARDIS shuts off and the Doctor quickly pops out of the door to look at the result.

"YES!! ", he shouts as he pulls his arm in, a motion that many do when things go their way.

"Never mess with a Timelord my dear chum...nor a TARDIS for that matter." He pats the blue box with loving approval, "Good girl...I knew redirecting your force fields into one concentrated beam would give me an edge. I must remember that one..."

Suddenly he runs over to the gun lying on the floor, picks it up and heads out the room and down the dark gray hall. As he runs down, a group of armed men spot him and begin shooting at him. With little room or things to protect him, the Doctor shoots his way past them all. As if luck was on his side, all the men took a direct hit from his weapon. Looking surprised at the results, the Doctor shrugs his shoulders and eyes his handy work.

"Good grief...I wonder if I was a marksman in a previous regeneration. A repressed memory that comes in handy...huh...oh well...time to reflect on it later! "

He continues on down the hall, soon he can hear the moans of pain from his companion. At the end of the hall a pair of guards spot the Doctor heading straight for them. This time they managed to get a few shots at the rushing Timelord, causing the Doctor to hit the ground and shoot back from that position. The quick reaction was a success again, as both guards fall unconscious. Almost like a movie action hero, the Doctor blasts the door down and charges right on through. The smoke shields him from the guards inside, as he quickly ducks and covers behind the equipment. Gorthan sees him running behind the machines and orders his men to fire at him.

"Get him fools!! Don't let him escape alive!! "

Shots stream across the large room; all of them shoot and cover as they try to get each other. The Doctor sees Andrea laying on the table unconscious and strapped down hard to its surface. Above her sits a massive laser instrument; glowing coils are wrapped all around it, each pulse getting faster and faster. The Doctor knows that he must get to her before it activates and does anything to her. Gorthan watches the Doctor's movements carefully and soon sees him hide behind one of the metal tables behind them all.

"Doctor!! You're too late! Give up now and I'll make sure you'll be allowed to leave safely! "

"I've heard that talk before Gorthan...empty promises are the sign of an evil mind. ", the Doctor shouts back. He quickly stands up and fires a few shots to keep the approaching guards at bay.

Gorthan walks over to a computer terminal and begins punching some buttons, as he finishes up, he keeps one finger poised over a large flashing red icon on the flat screen panel.

"Doctor! This is your last can't stop our destiny, this is who we where meant to be...this is what we must become to survive. A Timelord should accept it...just as all your kind did so long ago. They didn't help us because they knew of our fate...isn't that so? "

The Doctor, hiding behind the tables, gives him an answer, "YES.... but don't think that I'm like any of them. I care what happens to the galaxy.... and what they did was long before my time...I'm not leaving without my companion, so do your worst!! "

"My worst eh? ", Gorthan snickers, "Very well Doctor.... welcome to our birth!! "

Pushing the flashing red icon, the screen lights up and soon all the tables rise and straighten forward. The one in front of the Doctor folds right towards him, and on it lays a prototype Cyberman full of protruding wires and cybernetics. The one human eye left on its person opens up and stares at the Timelord, the blood shot gaze of the being causes the Timelord to freeze. The being instantly grabs him by the throat and squeezes with all of its might. Slowly the prototype cyborg raises him off of the floor as he chokes the very breath out of the Doctor, with his strength leaving him, the gun drops to the floor. Gorthan laughs out loud as he sees the quirky Timelord being strangled to death.

"So long Doctor!! In your death...the Cybermen will rise!! "

Continuing to be choked by the menace, the Doctor's eyes begin to close, his gasps for air become few and far between. Struggling to get air, he manages to reach into his side coat pocket, a frantic search for what is soon revealed to be his Sonic Screwdriver. As the cyborg continues to crush is throat, the Doctor brings the Sonic Screwdriver to the machine man's exposed wire filled face and turns it on. A few high-pitched squeals from it caused the Cyberman's exposed area to smolder and explode. The billowing smoke and fire rush out of the head, it is a pain the Cyberman cannot stand and lets the Doctor slip out of his grip. Now the machine man moans like a wounded child as the pain drives him to the floor. The Doctor had managed to drop to his feet and began gasping for air; the Cyberman's grip was nearly killing him to death. But as he was let go, he quickly picked up the gun he had dropped to the floor and fired it at the guards rushing in at him. Other metal tables that contained "Cybernized "men began to rise up almost like watching the dead come alive.

He shot a few of them to clear a path towards Andrea's area, but as he came to the table she was restrained upon, he looked up and saw the massive laser about to fire. Using his gun he took a few shots to stop it, the sparks and explosions rocked the whole room. Gorthan came running over and personally began fighting with the Doctor. Together they struggled over Andrea's unconscious body, the Doctor could feel the cybernetic strength within Gorthan, no doubt part of his own experiment to make himself the superior human he longed to be. As they fought for control, more of the Cybermen prototypes came to life and began heading over to the two men fighting. All around the sparks were flying; the feedback from the weapon blasting the overhead laser above Andrea had caused an energy surge throughout the computerized room. The Doctor finally managed to get his feet up onto Gorthan's chest and forcibly kicked him away. He was flung so far; he ended up into the arms of one of the Cybermen that was heading their way. The Timelord quickly turned about and freed Andrea from the many wires and restrains holding her down, he could see that she would be in no condition to bring around. Picking her up, he held her tightly and looked back to see Gorthan trying to convince the Cyberman to let him go and kill the Doctor. But the Cyberman did not let him go, instead it took him over to the table and placed him on it, the straps were locked down on to his ankles and wrists, as the Cyberman prepared him for assimilation. The Doctor had no time to watch the entire event taking place; he had to make a mad dash back to the Tardis in the room down the corridor. As he ran he could hear Gorthan screaming at his creations.

"NO! Not me you fools!! Get the Doctor! THE DOCTOOORRR!!! "

Gorthan's cry soon became muffled as one last blood-curling scream was let out of him, "AAAHHHHHGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!"

What the prototype creatures were doing to him must have been horrifying, anyone transformed by Cybermen either in the Doctor's past or his future, had no hope of every being human ever again. Still running like mad down the hall, the Timelord could hear the man scream, it would seem the Cybermen have risen to their destiny and begun their terrible fate. Gorthan would not survive the process, whatever was human about him, wouldn't be there any longer. Cybermen were all about logic, duty, and conquest. There was no room for emotion, no place for weakness and certainly no need for flesh. He came into the room where the Tardis sat and quickly fumbled for the key, Andrea was moaning as she began to awake from her drug-induced state. Finally opening the doors, he jumped right in, the doors closed behind him as quick as he had entered. Inside the control room of the Tardis, he laid his companion on the floor of the all off white room and quickly started up the Timelord craft. The whirl and whoosh of the machine starting up began to build, the moving columns in the center of the console moved up and down. The Doctor fumbled and fiddled with the many knobs, switches and keyboards as the Tardis began to take flight. Outside of the box, the Cybermen burst into the room where it stood, the light on the police box was flashing rapidly and the whole thing began to de-materialize as they moved in to capture it. The Cybermen could not take hold of the blue box as it vaporized into the vortex of time and space; they looked all about and realized the thing had vanished into thin air. Suddenly a voice boomed out of the entrance of the doorway they all came through, a commanding drone like voice that seemed to catch their attention.

"Return to the lab! What needed to be done is now over. We do not need them any longer. " Coming into the room is a prototype Cyberman with large handle bar like rods that bend to the top of it's head, they join to a round sphere like silver ball with a light in the center of it. The faceplate on it have round eye cut outs and a slit for the mouth, the primitive yet familiar trait of all Cybermen to come. As the cybernetic man enters into the room, the rest huddle all around him as he clutches his fist and makes a rather cold speech.

"We have risen to a new beginning.... we who will be the masters of the universe, and no one will stand in our way. It will be part of our core programming that all and any aliens are not to be allowed to corrupt us...there is no trust...there is no mercy.... there will only be the will of the Cybermen! "

Inside the Tardis, the Doctor walks towards Andrea still laying on the cold off-white floor, he's brought a medical kit and examines her wounds as he tries to rouse her from the deep unconsciousness she's been in for sometime. He dips a facecloth in water and places it on her head, looking into her eyes as he pulls back her eyelids; he starts to speak loudly, gently brushing her cheek.

"Come on girl.... Come on Andrea! Snap out of it! Please.... please wake up. Please..."

Andrea moans and starts to move her eyes, the brightness of the room caused her to squint, she slowly focuses in on the Doctor's face and groggily speaks to him.

"D...Doc...Doctor? "

"Yes...yes that's it Andrea...come back to me now.... there we go.", he says like a caring father figure.

"W-w-where am I? Where are we? "

The Doctor smiles at her as she starts to come to her senses again, "In the Tardis my dear, safe and sound. We've left Mondas...let us hope we never see it again. "

"Mondas? ", she says with a surprised look, "No.... NO! Th-the Cybermen...they...they..."

The quirky Timelord could see her getting upset, no doubt very traumatized by the whole experience, "Shhhhhh...easy now. You're alright now.... they're gone. Are you all right my dear? What happened in that room? "

She soon sobbed into his chest; the memory came pouring out of her as she remembered being in the lab with all those horrible sliver monsters.

"Oh God Doctor! They.... they took samples of my blood, they wanted to extract my uterus whole, they...oh god they...", her sobs told him enough, he knew what they did.

She wiped the tears from her face, even though he was aware of what happened, she continued to explain, "They took lots of my DNA, every form you can imagine.... you know? And I couldn't stop them.... they strapped me down and drugged me like some animal. I tried soo hard to fight it...but I couldn't stop them.... I couldn't.... stop them..."

Quivering like any victim would after such a brutal attack, she again cried into her hands, the sobbing cut through the Timelord like a knife. He was so ashamed, so angry with himself for endangering her like that; he stood up and pounded his fist on the console. Bowing his head, he closed his eyes and started almost cry himself.

"I sooo very sorry my innocent girl. This is my entire fault; I should have never explored this place without knowing where I was fully. BLAST! I'm such a foolish old man!! "

Andrea looked up at him and saw how deeply troubled he was about it all, she never wanted to blame him for what happened, "It's alright you couldn't have known. "

"No! ", he screams, "I should have.... I SHOULD HAVE!! "

He walks back over to her and sits gingerly on the floor with her again, his head still hung and tears welling up in his eyes, "This whole event should have been foreseen, but why...why was I so damn blind to it all? How could they know who we are? Gorthan seemed to know everything about us..."

Andrea reached over and held his hand; the Doctor looked up at her and began to break down at her weary face, "GOD! I'm so sorry Andrea!! I'm so damned sorry! I'm a fool...I'm such a damn idiotic old fool!! Forgive me my girl.... please...forgive me! "

They hugged each other on the floor, both cradling one another as they sobbed. Andrea whispered in his ear, words that would make them both feel better.

"It's ok Doctor.... I forgive you.... I forgive you..."

Over and over she spoke them, the Doctor holding her as she held him, on the floor they sat as the sound of the Tardis washed over the entire room. The damage had been done, for the first time the Doctor felt absolutely terrible that he let his companion down, it's happened before, but not like this. The violence of it all sickened him, he realized why the Timelords never interfered, but sometimes he wishes they had. If only they had helped the galaxy like they once promised, then the evils that have sprung like the Cybermen would have never taken shape. Right now, all he could do was think about how Andrea had to suffer at the cost of his stupid mistake. They just sat there together as the Tardis spun in time and space.

Much later, in the console room again, the Doctor sits in an old Victorian chair next to the console a few meters away. From out of the side door on the far side of the room, Andrea comes walking in looking more refreshed and cleaned up. Now sporting a red tracksuit, that have red stripes down the sides of her pants and a yellow tank top underneath. The tracksuit jacket it partially zipped down, exposing only the yellow shirt. Her new sneakers are the standard black and white, comfortable yet fashionable. Walking over to the Doctor she sees him slumped in the chair looking rather preoccupied.

"I've seem to have everything in order, I don't think I'll keep the clothing though.... maybe someone else can use them...", she says with a nervous laugh.

The Doctor continued to sit there, a blank look in his face; she could see that he wasn't too happy and continued to talk to him.

"I think it's for the best Doctor. I can't stay with you anymore...this is all...well beyond me. I mean...its been great and everything, but...that last one.... well....", she paused for a moment and shook it off, something they both didn't want to reflect on too much again, " don't need to have a woman here asking all these silly questions, who are they? What does that do? What do you mean? God.... makes me sound like a child or something.... right? "

"Andrea...", the Doctor suddenly speaks, "'re babbling again. "

He rises out of his chair and looks at her, "I wish you wouldn't leave, but I realize that this has been rather too much for you to bear. I shall miss you very much my dear, if it wasn't for this one mistake...I would have liked to taken you to every time and place imaginable. "

"I know Doctor.... it's been fun. ", she says with a smirk.

The Doctor sighs and takes a few steps over to the controls, punching in a few buttons he begins to steer the Tardis for Earth. But as he maneuvers the controls, a look of frustration comes over him.

"Damn...not again. "

Andrea wanders over, "Now what..."

"I don't have control.... it seems we're on our mysterious stranger's flight plan again. "

The Doctor was fed up of being on this person's pre-determined courses, and ducks down to the base of the console, using his sonic screwdriver he opens a panel on the side of it. As he removes it his face goes stone cold and quickly stands up again in disbelief. Andrea seems hesitant about asking a stupid question, but has to ask.

"What? What's the matter? "

"There's a time coder on my Tardis! ", he says in a bewildered state.

"And that's bad?", Andrea asks again.

"A time coder my dear is a Timelord device that locks the computer to whatever pre-set co-ordinates is programmed on it. How the hell did it get in there?! "

"Can't you just remove it? Or use your sonic screwdriver to overload it? "

The Doctor shakes his head at her suggestions, "No it would detect any sort of removal...especially a sonic device. There's no telling what this thing is rigged for, if we tamper with it the thing could send us off to the end of time, overload the power, trap us in a time loop.... it might even be set to blow us up. "

"Oh god..." she gasped.

"I think we'll want god to be with us my dear. For now we're going to where it wants, it seems our mysterious person has a certain place for us to go. I'm sorry my dear...I know how much you wanted to leave, but I think you'll have to stick with me to whatever end we face. "

Andrea sighs and flops in his chair, "Great.... more bad news. I just want to go home! Who is this person? Why is he or she doing this to us? Where are we going for pete's sake?! "

The Doctor calms her by rubbing her head, "I don't know my dear...but I promise you, this is it...I've had it with this cloak and dagger nonsense. One way or the other, I'll end this terrible nightmare...for me...the games are over. "

Andrea holds on to his hand and smiles, the comforting thought that he'll take care of this mystery makes her feel happy. Unknown to them both, on the far side of the room, sitting on top of an antique looking wooden waist high cabinet, is a black glove. It is exactly like the one the mysterious stranger wears where ever they go, as we focus in on this piece of clothing, an unheard evil laugh from the person gives us all a feeling that the worst is yet to come, the laughing goes on and on as it fades away with the Tardis spinning in the vortex of Time and Space.