The Fellowship And Five Random Girls From Earth With Freak Like Tendencies

[AN: Helloooo, ok before I start this story I would just like to promise every one that it will not be a Mary Sue, I detest Mary Sues, OK so I will probably spend the whole story drooling over Legolas and attempting to kill anyone who insults him *coughGimlicough* but I promise on Legolas' grave *Ha he doesn't have a grave* that I will in no way start going out with him.

Elanor: You can trust her word on this, as if she does then she may start to push up the daises. **Prepares bow**]

Chapter one

This story began many, many eons ago in a far away land filled with magical mugwimples and bognogs. Which are. . . Um. Yeah. Maybe you don't want to know.

Ok so I lied this story begins in Larkfield in England one rainy (we're talking England here folks, did you expect anything less) April day.

I had just woken up and was starting the day as I always do. Kissing my life-size cut-out of Legolas and greeting him in elvish when my brother walked into the room.

Being my brother and an annoying git at that he decided to throw bits of Lego at said cardboard cut-out.

Of course I wasn't going to allow that to happen so I threw myself in front of my most prized possession and the pieces of Lego hit me instead. Sadly I didn't manage to stop myself and fell into my open cupboard. (the cut-out is my cupboard guardian; he makes sure no evil beings enter my wardrobe. IE, brothers. Or siblings. Ug. Brother in my wardrobe? Scary thought.)

The next thing I know I seemed to be travelling very fast through a long black tunnel with flashing lights flashing (Duh) on either side of me then I whacked my head against something hard and all went still and dark.

"My lady, are you alright?"

Slowly I opened my eyes and looked into a pair of gorgeous blue orbs and promptly fainted again, just kidding, instead I sat up in disbelief and drooled at the beautiful elf that was staring at me with concerned and confused eyes.

"Legolas?" I said in disbelief,

The gorgeous elf just gave me another perplexed look before replying

"That is indeed my name, but how is that a human, such as yourself, knows my name." He raised an eyebrow. Must be an elf thing. Or, for that matter, is lying half dressed on the borders of Rivendell and foaming at the mouth."

Funnily enough that snapped me out of it and, looking at my pink shorts and vest top I realised how strange I must have looked in a world in which women are still thought of as weak and generally only wear dresses.

"Well you see" I said, trying to think of an explanation that would not confuse my future fiancée [AN: this is not a Mary Sue, I will not be marrying Legolas in this fic I just happen to believe that when I die I am going to go to Valinor and marry Legolas, any reviews which scorn, insult or in any way attempt to tell me this wont ever happen will be sent replies that consist of La La La, I'm not listening, you have been warned.]

"I was somehow transported here from my own world and in my own world these clothes would not be considered as out of the ordinary for women. In my home there have also been books written about you and the fellowship that you are about to join and several films have been made therefore I know exactly who you are" ok so my non-confusing explanation was about as confusing as it could be, but Legolas was already extremely baffled so it doesn't matter.

To my surprise Legolas felt my forehead at that and muttered something in elvish.

[AN ala Elanor: I can't be bothered to translate this! I be lazy!]

~"She doesn't seem to have a fever but she must be ill to be speaking such nonsense. I must get her to Lord Elrond, he will know what is wrong"~

I was about to protest, and ask what on earth he meant but when the gorgeous elf proceeded to pick me up and carry me towards what I expected was Rivendell, I decided that I could put up with whatever he had said.

"So, Greenleaf, how long till we get to Imladris?" I asked about half an hour later, most people would probably find the journey boring but as I spent it gazing at Legolas I was completely content.

Legolas almost dropped me when I said that

"How is it that you know translations of both my name and of Rivendell? You are no elf."

"No" I replied wistfully "Sadly I am only a human but as I told you in my world there are books about you and this world and as I am completely obsessed with middle earth I sort of know a lot about it."

Again the elf shook his head at me and I decided that maybe I should stop trying to explain about normal earth for awhile. Instead I repeated my question and he replied:

"We should be there in about five minutes." I thought I heard him muttering under his breath something in which I recognised some words, and almost thought that he might have said something along the lines of: "Just as well, her staring at me is annoying." But I decided that Legolas wouldn't be that mean. Probably.

Sure enough, five minutes later the horse that we were riding on (I may have forgotten to mention that but we were riding on a pretty white horse) cantered into the courtyard at Rivendell and Legolas leapt of the horse while carrying yours truly.

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