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Fic #1

"Together in Time"

By Kelly O'Connor

Before you get in on it:

The quotes and instances InuYasha and Kagome think back on are:

InuYasha: That's right. When did it happen that... it seems natural that Kagome being beside me... is my home. (From Volume 12 of the manga episode 31 of the anime- After the Jinenji incident.)

Kagome: As long as there are happy times. I want us to smile often. I don't know if I'll be able to do anything, but... I'll always be by your side. (From Volume 18, Episode 48. The infamous hand holding scene. ^^ )

This is, obviously a post battle battle with Naraku story. As in, very soon after his defeat.

"Together in Time"

A Vignette at the Bone-Eater's Well


The boards of the old well creaked as Kagome sat her large yellow bag beside it. She glanced into the deep black pit littered with bones and sighed, quickly averting her gaze back to InuYasha, who stood there with a rather unreadable look on his face... Confusion, Anger, Worry? Kagome thought to herself, not sure what to make of his current position. InuYasha stood about three feet away from the well with his fists clenched against his sides and his head down, his thick silver-white bangs shadowing his eyes from the schoolgirl's view. What is he thinking? Kagome shook her head and approached him, "InuYasha, I'll come back soon... I just have a lot of things to catch up on. I haven't been home for a couple weeks now... I promise I'll--" She cut herself off when she noticed that InuYasha hadn't moved at all from his position. He hadn't looked up, hadn't opened his mouth to object... hadn't done a thing. "InuYasha, what's the matter?" Kagome asked concerned. There was a moment of silence before he opened his mouth a bit and quietly muttered a few words.

"Nothing, just go." He stated simply. Kagome fixed him a worried look.

"InuYasha..." She replied softly. What's the matter with him? Why isn't he getting angry with me for going back... is it because our quest is done? Why is he acting so strange?

"Kagome," He raised his voice a bit, but didn't look up, "If you have to go back... you have to go back. Now leave before I---" The Hanyou cut himself off mid sentence.

"...Before you what?"

"Before I--- Nothing, Go."

"But... InuYasha." Kagome sputtered. He fixed her a glare and raised his voice to an angry level.

"Go now Kagome!" InuYasha yelled. Kagome gasped and stepped back.

"Fine... I'll leave," She shook her head, and then switched her voice to a more gentle tone, "I'll be back within a week InuYasha... I promise." Kagome finished, still a bit befuddled regarding InuYasha's bizarre behavior. InuYasha finally raised his head and revealed his face to Kagome. He looks... sad.

"You promise?"

"I promise InuYasha... I promise." With that final assertion, InuYasha nodded and helped Kagome sling her huge backpack over her shoulders. There was a brief awkward silence as InuYasha scooted away from her, and Kagome sat on the lip of the well and prepared to slide in. "Ummm see you soon... Kay, InuYasha?" She heard a quiet "Keh!" and smiled, that was more like the InuYasha she knew. Sighing, she slid off the lip of the well and prepared for the strange yet familiar sensation of soaring through time.

But it never came. Instead of falling endlessly, Kagome felt herself stop mere moments after jumping in. Something held her arm, though she knew without looking up that it was his strong and familiar hands. Kagome gulped and lifted her head to look above her, InuYasha held her wrist tightly in his hands and a look of clear desperation was etched across his features. What the...? Kagome had little time to question his actions before she was quickly pulled out of the well, and found herself the recipient of a bone-crushing hug. "Inu...Yasha..."

"Kagome," He began, then paused for a moment, "What... what... if you can't come back?" Kagome stiffened in his arms.


"What if... since we're done with everything. What if the well---" He cut himself off and exhaled deeply. Kagome didn't know what to say to this, the thought that the well would stop working had never really crossed her mind. It's all become so routine. Have I taken it for granted? A look of worry appeared on her face. What if he's right? What if... No, the well will stay open. It has to.

"It has to!" Kagome said aloud, not realizing that she had begun to speak her thoughts. InuYasha dropped his arms to his sides, and Kagome frowned, sorry to be out of his embrace.

"Has to... stop working?" InuYasha questioned, brows creased in thought. Kagome shook her head rapidly.

"No, no! It has to keep working!" She blurted out quickly.

"But what if it doesn't?" The Hanyou asked tentatively. Kagome didn't exactly know what to say, she wasn't one hundred percent sure how the well worked. I could always get home when I wanted, but to come back to Sengoku Jidai, I usually needed a shard, or I needed InuYasha.

"InuYasha, have you ever had any trouble traveling through the well?" Kagome asked. He shook his head in the negative. "You've always been able to go back and forth freely... so why would that change now?"

"I don't even know why I could go through," He answered. Kagome glanced up to him and rested a hand on his shoulder picking at a loose string on his fire-rat cloth.

"I don't either, but why would it change now? I don't think the well is connected to Naraku and," She moved her hands down to his lower neck, where the necklace the Shikon no Tama had been placed on after he'd agreed to be the protector of it along with Kagome lay hidden under his haori. "And, you have this... I'm not sure why, but I was always able to come back here if I had a shard, if I didn't, you had to retrieve me." She shrugged. InuYasha looked unconvinced. Kagome smiled and slowly held out a hand to him, "Come with me?"

"What?" InuYasha asked with a tinge of surprise. The dark haired girl clasped his hand in hers and cleared her throat, gathering the courage to repeat her self.

"Come on, let's go see if the well still works," Kagome fixed him a determined look and gently squeezed his hand.

"Kagome..." He trailed off. InuYasha lowered his head, his hand resting heavily in hers, and suddenly found his feet a very fascinating thing to look at.

"I'm serious InuYasha," She replied. If the well stops working... at least InuYasha and I will still be... together. InuYasha continued to stare everywhere but Kagome and the well, and Kagome bit her lip. I hope he comes. Silence permeated among the two of them for a moment longer before InuYasha finally exhaled deeply.

"Keh- Fine," InuYasha quietly complied, knowing full well the implications of where the two of them would be stuck if the well ceased functioning. In Kagome's time... well I guess it's better than being stuck here without--- He cut his own thought off with a light blush.

"All right then," She took a deep breath and looked into the well. "It will all be okay, the well can't close up." Kagome said confidently, but the exceedingly tight grip she held InuYasha's hand with betrayed her confidence... she was as nervous as the Hanyou.

"Kagome...?" InuYasha looked from the tip of the well to her.


"Can we uhh get this over with?" He asked tentatively, feeling a small unsure grin creep across his face. I told myself before that Kagome being beside me... is my home. So now- I suppose my home is where ever Kagome goes.

"Okay InuYasha--- on three we jump." InuYasha nodded in agreement and Kagome closed her eyes and sighed. "One, Two," She paused. I promised myself along time ago that I would always be by InuYasha's side. I won't let that go- not now or ever. "Three." She exhaled deeply and her and InuYasha plunged into the well in unison, hands still grasping each other's firmly.


Yes, it ends there. Of course, promising that InuYasha and Kagome end up together, but it's up to you to decide if the well still works once they go through. (Okay, so in my mind it does still work.)

Anyway- the next one I'm posting is an Iy/Kag future drabble. Yay.