Note: "Mukashi mukashi" means "Once upon a time" or"long, long ago." Read the notes below before reading the piece for better understanding.

This piece is based around one of Japan's many tennyou legends. The heart of the tennyou legend consists of a beautiful woman who descends to Earth from the heavens. In most she meets a human boy who gains hold of her hagoromo (celestial robes), and due to that is tied to her in marriage. This legend exists in various forms worldwide, featuring the lady as fantastic things ranging from mermaids to selkies to angels. In Japan though, it's always a celestial being. There are myriads of different endings as well, from tragic to joyful. The version I'm using to parallel in this heralds from the island of Shikoku in Japan.In this version, at the end of the tale the boy and the tennyou ride a well bucket (yes, a well bucket) to heaven and live happily ever after. So yes, that's a very sweet version of the tale. Kagome and InuYasha are the tennyou and the boy of course.

Mukashi Mukashi

Once upon a time when the world was ripe with legend and fantastic occurrences had little to do with the creations of mankind, a young tennyou from the heavens descended from her home on a sapphire star-lit path.

Her presence was not intentional, and she set out to return to her dwellings as soon as possible.

However, that was not to be the case for the girl from the faraway land. This tennyou did not own a hallowed robe, although certainly her clothing was far from ordinary. Instead she possessed a sacred jewel, ripped from her body upon her arrival.

And what held her to the land far more fantastic than the stars, but also more treacherous, was a boy, a jewel, and their quest to collect the shards of a thousand shattered dreams.

Once she clasped the jewel in its entirety in her hands once more, the girl knew that a decision must be made. She loved him; he loved her; adoration in the truest sense.

I would sacrifice my life in the heavens to stay here with you…

He said no, but simply because he felt she had surrendered quite enough already.

I have nothing to lose here. I'll go with you, to your home in the stars.

Tears of relief fell from the tennyou's eyes as she embraced the not-so-common boy. Slipping the jewel from her grasp, he made a wish. A wish to be the kind of boy who could live freely among the stars.

With apprehension for the future etched on their faces, but joy in their hearts, the pair leapt into the well that served as that star-lit path.

The inhabitants of their celestial future welcomed them. And with hands held and spirits high, the couple began living their happily ever after.