This story was actually supposed to be a small part of a bigger story I've been working on, but the more I thought about it I realized this idea would fly better on it's own. With this fic, I hope on trying something a little different and probe deep into Keitaro's relationships and feelings with each of the Hinata girls. That doesn't necessarily mean romantically either. While there will be plenty of romance laced throughout, the vocal point will be how he's feeling towards all the girls, and not just in one sense (romantically, friendly, brotherly, etc.) and how he comes to realize just how much he cares for everyone as he comes to a critical juncture in his life.

The following is a brief prologue, that actually takes place during the actual climax of the bulk of the story itself. As Keitaro approaches a pivotal, and possibly definitive, moment in his life he reminisces about how he got there, and the events that led up to it. Basically, all this prologue really is, is an extensive introduction to let the readers know exactly what this story is all about.

Disclaimer: Though you've probably already figured this out on your own, I don't own Love Hina or any of the characters represented in this fan fiction.


Just when I'm positive my life can't get any worse, fate flips me the finger, and proves to me just how wrong I can be. As of tonight, I'm confident I can finally stop my complaining. Yep, it's been made official. My life can't possibly suck any worse then it does right now. All my friends hate me, all my efforts to be accepted into Tokyo U have gone for not, all my dreams have gone up in one giant puff of smoke, along with my future, which was finally appearing to become just the slightest bit bright, only to be thrown back into the black void of nothingness where it's dwelled for most of my pathetic life. Oh, and wouldn't you know, that's not even the best part! Here's the real kicker! On top of all that other crap, sometime within the next hour or so… I'm going to die. No, I don't mean in an erroneous sense like I tend to spout off whenever one of the girls is about to catch me trapped behind the hot springs while they're bathing, or any other sort of repetitive shit like that. I am honestly, truly, and literally destined to die within the next several hours.

Yeah, you heard me right. Supposedly immortal Keitaro Urashima is going to discover just how mortal he actually is. How I wound up on death's door is a long story, but I'll try to keep it as short and simple as I can. It all started innocently enough with a fight between myself, and my favorite sparring partner Naru Narusegawa. I won't get into the details right now, but let's just say it was pretty nasty. Believe it or not, there was no hitting or accidental perversion involved this time. There wasn't any misunderstanding, let's make up an hour later kind of thing going on. I really hurt her this time damn it… And now I'm going to have to live out the rest of eternity knowing her last memories of me are going to be of this last week, the week that hell begat.

Making matters worse, our problems didn't end with Naru and myself. The disease spread throughout the rest of the dorm. Usually, we solved our problems quickly enough that the rest our house mates were never really affected by our occasional… Well, occasionally frequent quarrels, but since this battle lingered on for quite a while, trouble had more than ample time to leak out and infect the rest of the homestead. What made matters even worse was that, for once, the girls didn't all immediately jump to Naru's cause to form their usual lynch mob. Some of them actually sided with me… Though I appreciated that they actually saw fit to see my side of the story for a change, looking back on everything now, I wish they would've just performed their usual little covert gang assault thing, and just maybe thing's would've gone back to normal… But that's not what happened this time. The house was literally split down the middle, though deep down I believe most of our friends were more or less growing annoyed with the both of us.

Oh, and in case I gave you the wrong impression, no that's not the reason I'm facing death… Though it just might prove to be part of the effect in due time. You see, a couple days ago Granny Hinata decided to pay a surprise visit to Hinata-Sou. In confidence to me alone, she shared with me the true history of the piece of land I call home. She told me how Hinata-Sou was shrouded with supernatural energies unique to this particular stretch of land Hinata House was built upon. Having lived here for over a year already, that input didn't surprise me all that much, in fact it actually explained quite a few things. It's the origin of those unworldly energies that really threw me for a loop.

The Urashima clan, as it turns out, has acted as caretakers over this land for generations, a family steeped deeply with the bonds of tradition and honor. At least those brave enough to undertake the rigorous form of martial arts that's been passed down through my family since the days when our family tree was still a sprout. Caring for Hinata-Sou itself is considered one the highest most sacred honors in our blood line. An honor I unwittingly shared partially with my Aunt Haruka. As it turns out, Hinata House itself is only the most recent structure to grace this land. I was shocked to discover the outside frame of the building is nearly 150 years old! A combination of continuous renovation, and the magical properties of the land Hinata House is built upon, have kept the old pile of wood standing and pristine, despite some rusted pipes and other minor dents and scratches here and there. In fact, I've probably done more damage to the old place since I moved in, via putting my body through walls and ceilings, than father time ever has or ever will.

While it is humbling to now know that I've become part of a cherished family tradition simply off the fact that I'm keeping the dorm up and running, Hinata-Sou still held one last tiny secret. Locked away in a cavern deep in the mines near Hinata House, Hinata also served as a prison for one of the most powerful demons ever to wreak terror upon the Earth. The demon was just too powerful to be killed by my ancestors during that time period, so the only way they could stop the fiend was to imprison him virtue of a magical spell that sealed him away within those rocky crevasses. While that was all fine and good, there's always a catch, and the catch in this case is that this particular magic spell wasn't a permit one. The spell was only strong enough to last give or take three hundred years… Take a wild guess how long it's been since the spell was cast! That's right you guessed it! The spell is set to be broken later this evening, and that monstrosity will be unleashed back into the world. It just so happens, that I involuntarily helped speed up Mr. Mayhem's escape from purgatory. One of the requirements for the spell to remain strong was apparently harmony around Hinata-Sou, so in other words, all the hostility floating about the apartments recently hasn't been helping matters much. The fact of the matter is, if this demon is set to be freed from his magical confinement later this evening, and then he will undoubtedly try to destroy the world as we know it. Oh, but before he can accomplish all this, there's two other minor little details he has to take care of first. The first, seeing my luck hold true to form, is to seek out and kill anyone and anything named Urashima that might stand in his way.

If it were only me that was under threat by this menace, I might not have resorted to the drastic matters I've committed myself too. You see the second condition for the demon's conquest of Earth is to find a place to set up shop so to speak… And there's no better choice then that of the mystical grounds of Hinata-Sou, meaning he'll undoubtedly slaughter everyone residing there to get his demonic hands on it. Oh and, just in case we're misunderstanding each other again, this has nothing to do with the reasons I'm certain I'm going to die tonight. I am by no means simply conceding myself for dead, accepting that my life will end at the hands of this creature hunting down my family and me. If I have it may way, he'll never get the chance too. You see, from what I've heard from Grandma Hina, there was one surefire way to stop this demon. With an ancient talisman that's been in the Urashima clan for centuries, possessing the power to destroy anything in its energy is focused in on… Including the user, which is exactly why the talisman has been utilized rarely when at all. That's where my immortality comes into play… Well not immortality per say… Mind-bogglingly advanced durability is a better way to describe it. If a normal person tried to use that talisman on the demon, then their bodies would be ripped to shreds long before the power of the artifact would have the desired effect on the demon. With a little luck, I'm hopping my indestructibility will help me survive long enough to destroy that monstrosity. From what I've been told, even if the struggle with the demon itself doesn't kill me, the talisman will more than likely combust from the enormous energy exertion, taking me along with it.

While technically there is a less than .0001 percent chance I could survive the encounter, that still leaves my chances of ever again seeing the light of day rather bleak. I've assigned myself to my fate, however, and I'm not turning back now. I can't turn my back now… You see I'm not doing this for myself… I'm not doing it to save the world… And I'm not doing this to honor the spirits of the ancestors that came before me. I'm doing it for them. The people I love living in this house whose lives will be threatened if this beast isn't stopped. That's why I'm picking up this withered old jewel embedded carving of wood, planning to take it and stare death dead in the eyes… A part of me fancies myself spitting right in its face, while the other hopes I don't wet my pants in the process. Per granny's request, I haven't told a one of the girls that today would most likely be the last time they ever saw me alive… I love them all, and I worry if I told them, they'd either try to stop me or try to help me and wind up having myself lead them to their doom. Then again, judging by what I had to go through last night, I wouldn't be surprised that if I told them, that they'd tie me up to a pole, and feed me to the demon to save their own skins. I hate to speak that way of them, but… I wanted to make my last night on Earth with them special, telling them each good-bye in my own way without letting them know I was going anywhere… Let's just say the day didn't exactly go like I envisioned…

End Prologue