Holly woke up late, as usual. Cat had to knead his paws into her back for 5 minutes before she got up.
"Go away, Cat," Holly groaned, but he kept at it.
Suddenly Holly remembered something important. She was supposed to go shopping with Louise today!
She jumped out of bed and ran to her bathroom. She frantically started getting herself together. She brushed her teeth, picked out a dress, did her make-up and ran out the door.
The reason that shopping with Louise was so important, was the simple fact that Louise's brother, Henry White, was extremely rich. Holly hoped that if she got friendly with Louise, she might introduce her to her handsome, rich brother.
Henry White made his money through oil. He happened to own one of the most successful patches of land in America. Holly was frantic for money, because she needed to save up for her brother Fred's homecoming from the Army.
Holly hailed a cab, and three screeched to a halt and honked at her for her attention. See what a pain it is, being so beautiful?
Holly chose the cab closest to her (lucky guy) and climbed in.
"Barney's and step on it darling."
"Of coarse, Miss," the driver replied.

Louise White was waiting for Holly at the front doors when the cab pulled to a stop on Fifth Avenue. She paid the driver and rushed up to the door.
"Sorry I'm late, darling. I overslept again," Holly informed Louise.
"Again? Dear, you need to get yourself an alarm clock."
"Yes, I know. But I simply can't seem to set aside enough cash to buy one. There are too many other things I always need."
"I wish I could understand what you're going through, but Harold has never given me a reason to count my dollars."
"I just bet," Holly thought, annoyed.
The two ladies were at the elevator now. They got in and rode up to the women's section. The soft music in the background was relaxing, and soon Holly and Louise were both enjoying each other's company. Criticizing clothes and shoes, occasionally trying things on, it was heaven to Holly. It was exactly what she needed right then.
Holly ended up buying another dress by Christian Dior, (he's her favorite) and a pair of shoe to go with.
After she paid for her things, she and Louise headed for the main door. But before she made it there, a tall man with dark brown hair crossed her path. He wasn't watching, and ran right into her. Holly dropped her bag and her new shoes spilled out. The man stopped and turned around.
He stooped down to help her pick op her shoes, apologizing profusely. When everything was together, they looked up at each other.
Their eyes licked, an Holly forgot where she was. His eyes were the deepest moss green she had ever seen.
"It's no trouble, really," Holly stammered.
He seemed equally in awe, and they both stood up, their eyes still locked on each other.
The incredible handsome man held out his hand. "My name's Rick, Rick Hayes."
"Holly Golightly." Holly took his hand.
It seemed to Holly that his fingers stayed with hers a few moments too long, but it wasn't really bothering her.
"Can I get you two ladies a cab?" Rick asked.
"Two ladies?" Holly thought. "Oh, I forgot about Louise."

"That would be wonderful," Louise said, breaking off Holly's thoughts of regret that she wasn't here by herself.
"Yes, it would," Holly said.
Rick led them out to the street and whistled with his fingers. Holly smiled to herself.
A cab pulled up in front of them and Louise climbed in. When she was seated, she spoke up to Holly. "Come on Holly. Let's go back to Henry's house for tea. Then you can meet him."
Now this, Holly could not resist. "Of coarse, dear." She turned to Rick. "Thank you for your help. I really am grateful."
Holly had climbed into the cab when Rick touched her arm. "Please, can I see you again?"
Holly grinned up at him slyly. "If you can find me." She shut the door of the cab and it drove off, leaving Rick staring after it.