"Did you two find something nice to talk about?" Louise asked.

Holly sat silently on the couch, slightly embarrassed.

"Naturally, Louise. We talked about the apartment. Holly loves it."

"Well that's nice. Holly, we should come here more often."

"We should. I like it here."

"Fantastic. We'll have to invite you to a party sometime." Louise decided.

Holly stayed silent, waiting for Henry to say something. When he didn't, Holly started to wonder how he really felt about her. Maybe he was embarrassed to be seen with her. But then, why would he invite her to his party if that was the case? Finally, Louise spoke up.

"I take it that you don't want Holly coming to your parties. That's okay. It's not like she needs to come."

Holly felt a wave of rage sweep through her body. She was treating her like a child, talking about her as if she wasn't there. But she held her tongue, knowing that that was the smart thing to do.

"Louise, ummm, well...I've already invited her. To the one we're having on Friday. Remember?"

"Of course I remember. I'm not silly in the head you know." Louise retorted.

"Of course, dear. That's just why the moment was odd. I wanted to tell you without embarrassing you."

"How thoughtful of you," Louise said sarcastically. "Holly, would you like me to give you a tour of the house?"

All of this time, Henry and Louise had been talking about Holly like she wasn't there. It had started to annoy her. But she wasn't going to pass up the opportunity of seeing Henry's house. There was all that money to think about too.

"Of course, that'd be wonderful," Holly said excitedly. "Are you coming too Henry?"

"I don't want Louise to miss out on anything. Of course I'll come."

The three of them walked around the apartment. Every six inches it seemed Louise stopped and talked incessantly about all of Henry's things. Whenever she forgot something, Henry jumped in and added it. After the first room, Holly was dying of boredom. She stuck it out though, thinking about her brother Fred and the money she needed to get him back. Then she'd agree with Louise and gaze up at Henry with adoring eyes. She could tell he was loving every minute of it.

Finally, they had scraped over every inch of the apartment.. Holly had found out things she knew she never needed to know. She heard a bell ringing from somewhere inside the depths of the apartment.

"Oh. There's lunch." Louise announced.

"Well, you don't have to show me where the dining room is, now that I know my way around the place."

"Fantastic." Henry said. "Let's go."

Henry took Holly's arm and led her into the dining room. It was set with enough food to feed ten people, instead of three.

"What are you going to do with all the extra food?" Holly asked.

"I don't know. Helga does something with it." Henry pondered. "She might just throw it away I guess."

"You shouldn't cook it. Instead of wasting your money on food that you are just going to throw away, maybe you should donate it to a charity or something."

"We could do that I suppose. Perhaps I'll have my assistant do something about it."

"Yes, do that Henry." Louise added.

Suddenly Holly had the urge to get up and go, well...anywhere. Anywhere but where she was.

I should stay.

But at that point in time, wild horses couldn't have kept her there. She couldn't stand the sight of Henry and Louise for one more minute.

"Oh! I almost forgot! I'm supposed to go meet a friend this afternoon. I'm sorry, but I must leave right away."

"Are you sure?" Henry asked.

"Yes, quite positive."

"Well, I'll see you on Friday then."

"Yes Holly, we'll see you on Friday."

"Of course." Holly hurried out the door, down the elevator and into the lobby. She breathed a sigh of relief.