*Chapter One: Prologue*

"Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever." – Keri Russell

From the diary of Buffy Anne Summers...

I have recently made the biggest life changing decision of my life so far by choosing to move from Sunnydale California to Oxfordshire, England, to attend a History of Art Course at one of the world's leading Universities in the world, Oxford University. Despite having initial doubts about moving half way round the world, my mom made me realise that this was an opportunity of a life time that I couldn't pass up, so I packed my bags and left behind the life I knew. My decision was made somewhat easier by the fact that my two best friends, Willow and Xander, decided to take the lengthy journey with me. Willow, who of course excelled in everything at high school, to my surprise decided to take Art History with me while Xander achieved a scholarship on the photography course after discovering a deeply hidden talent for photography in senior year.

I'm currently dating a guy called Angel, who I met after just a couple of months In England. He is a History major and a complete sweetheart, who unfortunately spends most of his time brooding. In the beginning of our relationship being treated as a princess was rather flattering, as I had never had anyone treat me with such care and consideration before. Regrettably this quickly got very infuriating and frustrating, and along with the steadily increasing jealously and fixation he has with anything relating to our relationship, things are turning a bit sour, well for me at least.

I totally have a crush on a guy in my class who goes by the name of Spike, who is currently fooling around with a girl called Harmony, who is a complete idiot. I don't think anyone believes that she got into Oxford on her own merit, it's just seems very convenient that her daddy is on the school board. Nevertheless, when I first got here I thought Spike was dating a girl named Faith, as they always seemed to be together and I never saw them apart. However as it turned out, to my elation, they are just best friends who have known each other since they were in nappies. I of course ended up feeling rather stupid, as all the glaring and cursing aimed at them had been for nothing. Faith and I actually laughed about it when I told her and now we are also best friends, even though she can be a little crazy at times, Spike tells me this is part of her charm.

Faith actually used to date Xander up to a few months ago, until he cheated on her with his current girlfriend Drusilla. Faith has understandably never forgiven him, and understandably so, but we all know that she still carries a torch for him and the same is said for Xander. None of us actually believe that he cheated on Faith on his own volition, as there is something very weird and creepy about Drusilla, which oddly seems to enthral most men.

Spike and I have a very complicated relationship, I completely fancy the pants off him and he of course doesn't know; besides I don't think he feels the same way about me anyhow. We were getting very close just before I met Angel; however, by the time it came around for me to decide whether to get together with Angel or to see where this thing with Spike was going, I found him getting all hot and heavy with Harmony. We have snogged a few times since then, which has always left me feeling guilty as I'm with Angel. But sometimes it's as if we end up being drawn together, especially when we are feeling down about our relationships; however we always pass it off as a moment of weakness and have decided to stay friends nonetheless. To make this all the more complicated, Spike, Faith, Drusilla, Xander, Willow, Oz, Harmony and I are headed off for the trip of a lifetime to Paris, for our collective Art courses, leaving Angel and the comfort of the Oxford Campus behind.

Authors Note: It seems ridiculous to me that I have been writing this story for almost 9 years. I've always had a nagging voice in the back of my head to get it finished. So finally after all this time I am posting the complete story in its entirety, rewritten and hopefully improving on my 17 year old self's writing skills. I hope you enjoy the finished story and can forgive any dodgy spelling and grammar skills that may still remain – I never did find a Beta.