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Summary: AU, all human. William 'Spike' Summers, Sunnydale's most notorious 'bad boy' is surprised to find himself in the role of hero when he saves a girl from drowning. He is pressured into being the one to care for her when he seems to be the only one she trusts. What he doesn't expect is his growing attachment to the girl who can't, or wont speak. As she draws further into herself Spike becomes determined to help her. What has happened to her? What are her secrets? And can Spike bring life back to this hollow shell?

A/N: OK, I'll admit now that I'm not entirely certain where I'm going with this. I don't have a plan it's just an idea that refused to leave me alone. If it turns out to be crap I'll let it go and move on. I'll still be writing my other story at the same time.


Spike felt like he was running for his life. In reality he was only trying to out run the overweight security guards chasing him. His lungs were burning and the blood was pounding in his head. It was times like this he wished he listened when his mum told him he should quit smoking. *Come on Spike* he thought *Just a few more blocks and you'll loose them*. Spike felt over whelming relief when he saw the docks coming into view. Chancing a quick glance behind him to make sure they were too far behind him to notice where he went, he quickly ran down the steps that led below the old wooden dock.

Hiding himself in the shadows, Spike held his breath, listening intently to the sounds above, not paying attention to the water lapping at his ankles. When he was certain he had managed to get away he let out a sigh and slumped back against one of the dock's support posts, attempting to get his racing heart back under control. He reached into the pocket of his ever- present leather duster and pulled out that night's prize – Principal Snyder's prized pocket watch! He grinned evilly, eager to see the look on the little trolls face when he found out it was missing on Monday morning.

He hadn't had any trouble getting into the high school; he'd known how to pick those locks for months! He'd been surprised to find the door to Snyder's office unlocked, but he found out why it was so later. As he had been leaving form the window in the office he had set off the alarms. Snyder apparently didn't give a damn about the rest of the school – but he had had alarms fitted to the bloody windows! Fortunately for Spike, the pathetic figures that passed for high school security were almost as big of a joke as the police!

Of course, once Snyder found the watch missing he would accuse Spike. He got the blame for everything – granted he usually HAD done it but as far as Spike was concerned that was beside the point. The runt usually had no proof! If Spike was caught fair and square he had no qualms about accepting his punishment. His motto was 'If you prove it's me, you deserve to catch me!' That's why he and his family had been forced to move to America. He had been expelled from the London boarding school where his stepfather taught when he had been caught running his own distillery from the basement and selling its produce to the other students. His father had been 'politely' asked to resign (read: resign so we don't have to fire your ass!) and the only job he'd been able to get was at the Sunnydale high school.

Spike's not so stellar reputation had preceded him, and as soon as Snyder had set eyes on him he'd tried his level best to make Spike's life hell. Spike had gleefully responded in kind. This latest escapade had been down to Snyder's ordering Spike to scrub down every locker in the history corridor after someone had spray-painted 'Razor Backs Rule!' all over them. Spike found it ludicrous that he got the blame – he hated the entire sport of American football, let alone the school team. Snyder should have guessed he would retaliate – not that he'd prove it this time. Spike was still wearing the gloves he had used to get into the school, making sure as to avoid leaving finger prints, the security guards hadn't gotten a good look at him (and he'd worn a hat to cover up his tell-tale bleached hair) and with a sharp flick of his wrist the last of the evidence went flying into the air to sink to the bottom of the ocean.

As Spike watched the watches decent into the sprawling mass of water something caught his eye several meters to his left. Turning to look, he at first thought it was simply a plastic bag or something, but as it floated closer it was caught in the bright moonlight, revealing a mass of wet hair. Spike didn't think as he dived towards the deeper water and headed towards what he was sure would by now be nothing more than a dead body. Even though he swam as quickly as he could it seemed to take an eternity to reach the figure. When he did get there he quickly pulled the head out of the water to find a frighteningly pale girl in his arms. Wrapping one arm around her waist, Spike pulled her with him back to the dock. He carried her petite frame up to dry land and lay her down.

When asked later he would have no idea how he remembered to do CPR from a long forgotten first aid class he had been forced to sit through, but he would always remember his relief when she began to cough, spitting out about a gallon of seawater. He would remember the startling hazel eyes, which had locked with his and had burned into his with such intensity he felt he would combust, holding his gaze for a full silent minute before she once again fell into unconsciousness...

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