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Buffy was surprised at how nervous she was as she waited outside of Tara's office, waiting for her appointment. Spike as usual was sitting next to her, holding her hand. Except now he would lean over every so often and place a soft kiss to the top of her head. Unfortunately it did little to relieve her apprehension. Just because she had miraculously regained the ability to speak, didn't mean she had gone out of her way to do so over the last twenty-four hours. It had been so long since conversation had been an everyday occurrence that it still felt so alien to her. When she had awoken that morning, at first she had believed it had all been a dream. It had only been when she walked into the kitchen where Spike sat at the island; turning to offer her a private little smile that she had begun to believe it had been real.

Joyce had gone with Spike to the school that morning, and from the stream of invective coming from her mouth Buffy couldn't help but giggle at Snyder for being on the receiving end. It didn't occur to her that he might use his secret weapon if pushed into a confrontation. When Joyce had returned however, after refusing to let Spike have the day off as well, she had still seemed angry but made no mention of having any more knowledge of Buffy's past. For some reason known only to himself, Snyder had apparently decided to keep quiet.

When compared to the previous day's activities, this day spent at home, simply waiting for Spike to return had been pleasantly dull, but as Tara opened the office door with her ever present smile, Buffy felt all the panic of yesterday return. Would she be forced to speak now, to tell them about Liam and Dru? Would Spike still be allowed to come with her to hold her hand? She glanced back at him as she wondered this and drawing on weeks of practice interpreting her look Spike smiled reassuringly, letting her know that he was willing to go along with whatever she needed. She nodded slightly and Spike took it as his cue to stand and follow her as she led the way…

"Just a second!" Joyce called from the kitchen quickly drying her hands on a towel as she raced towards the seemingly insistent ringing of the bell. Opening the door, she found herself face to face (or would have if he hadn't been so tall) with a very handsome man who was probably much older than he looked. The strange gleam in his eye gave her pause for almost a second, but as soon as he began to speak she lost all her misgivings.

"Good afternoon." He began with a bright smile. "Is this the Summers residence?" Even those two simple sentences sounded like bedroom talk from this extremely charming gentleman.

"It is." Joyce replied without hesitation. "How can I help you?" With this, the stranger's grin grew.

"May I come in please?" He asked oh so politely "You see my partner and I had a very interesting phone call earlier today…."

Spike stared at Buffy as she told Tara the details of her dream, vision, epiphany, whatever the hell you wanted to call it. It seemed so fantastical and disjointed, as dreams have a tendency to do, and it had obviously terrified her but who the hell were Liam and Dru? She'd never made any mention of them before. Yet even from the brief description Buffy had just given he had a feeling he never wanted to run into either of them.

Spike knew he should really be concentrating on what Buffy was talking about now, but when she had first mentioned what she had seen while she was catatonic his mind had instantly snapped back to Snyder and the question of what he had said to set her off…could it have something to do with these two mystery figures? And if so, what the hell did Snyder know and what would he do with such potentially dangerous knowledge?

"Buffy?" Tara spoke gently as Buffy finished, drawing Spike's attention back to the present "Do you feel comfortable talking about what happened the night Spike found you yet?"

For the longest moment there was not a sound in the office as Buffy chewed on her lower lip, pondering the thought. Starting at that point meant telling them what had pushed her over the edge, what had given her the will to jump over the cliff towards freedom. Was she really ready to reveal so much right now? Turning to Spike she noticed his apprehensive look – God knew what he thought she might say. Were his suspicions worse than the reality? Or was it something he couldn't possibly imagine? She had tried to hard not to think about that night, except for how it had ended. What would Spike think of her if her knew the circumstances surrounding her escape? Would he still claim to love her? It felt like an eternity before she slowly nodded, she couldn't run forever…

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