I opened up the place at 11 AM, unlocking the doors and wiping the counters and making sure all the beer taps are working. I turned on the credit card reader. Now we were ready for business.

I arrived in this world in Ventura, California five days ago. I went to the public library to find out where Quinn Mallory is. There was a lot of information on Quinn Mallory, for he is on the men's soccer team. Of course, that meant he was not into quantum physics which meant that he would not be able to help me. Since I would be in this world for the long haul, I got a job at a tavern on El Camino Telegrafo.

I was in a place where Spanish was the primary language; it did not bother me since I could speak Spanish well. I asked for advances in my pay so I could spend the money on food and rent.

A customer came in and ordered a Corona on tap. I filled a tall glass with Corona and then gave it to him and then he paid seventy pesos. I had seen this customer before; he was a regular here.

For my reading material I had a newspaper and a magazine. I read an article of a visit by King Edward of Britain, and read another article about an upcoming municipal election in Ventura County.

Another man came in and ordered a drink, and I obliged and collected the bill as well as my tip. I read the magazine, which was about entertainment figures. The cover story was about a pop singer named Shakira, who hails from Colombia which is the southernmost state in the republic. The report stated that she had been singing publicly since she was thirteen (She is twenty-three now.) She recently had a concert in San Diego, a city about two hundred miles from Ventura. There were full-page photgraphs of her, and I had to admit she was pretty.

"He is coming for you," I heard.

I looked at the two people sitting at the bar and drinking beer.

"He will be arriving soon."

They certainly were not talking. I looked behind me, but I did not see anyone. Was I hearing a voice in my head? Usually, when most people hear voices in their head, it means they are going crazy. But then again I never met an unstuck person before. I wondered if hearing voices in the head is typical of unstuck people.

Then I saw the air shimmer in front of me. A space in the air was filled with tiny pinpoints of light.

Then a man just popped in, as if out of thin air!

I looked at him. He was tall and fat, with brown hair on his head and a brown beard on his lower jaw. He was wearing a sport coat; I coulkd not see what he was wearing below the waist due to the fascvt it was obscured by the bar.

"Would you like a drink?" I asked.

"Are you Colin Mallory?" asked the fat man, who obvioiusly had a British accent.

"Yes, I am," I said. "Who are you? How did you get here? Why are you looking for me?"

The fat man took a seat on a barstool. "Marc LeBeau told me about you," he said. "He is not of this world. I met him a couple of years ago and he even helped me out. he became aware of your situation nearly a year ago, and has been contacting you."

"So this Marc LeBeau was the one contacting me in my dreams."

"Correct, Mr. Mallory. I came to see Marc LeBeau a few hours ago after he summoned me. He told me it was time we met. In fact, you and I have a lot in common."

"Like what?" I asked.

"You obviously saw my arrival to this world. Like you, I am unstuck. I have been unstuck for almost fifteen years now."

"Fifteen years?" I asked. "you mean to say that you have been sliding from world to world for fifteen years? Has anyone tried to find you. What of your family?"

"At first, I was travelling randomly. But then I had the fortune of talking to Mr. LeBeau. He told me where to look. I learned to control it. to control where I go, and when I go."

"Well, that's nice. Has this Mr. LeBeau told you where my brother is?"

"He has not, but he has told me that the time for your destiny approaches quickly. He has instructed me to help you."

"How can you help me?"

"When I first became unstuck, I was like a boat without a sail or a rudder. But I learned ot control it. and I wish to teach you."

"You're going to teach me how to slide without a timer or anything?"

"Correct, lad."

"And you want something in return?"

The fat man rested his chin on his hand. "I will not lie to you, Mr. Mallory. Mr. LeBeau offered me assistance in one of my goals in exchange for helping you. that is what you want. To control where you go, and to find your brother."

"Yes," I said. "I'll accept your help."

"You will not regret this, Mr. Mallory."

"What is your name?"

"My name," said the fat man. "My name is Dr. Maximilian Arturo."