A/n: Well I got this idea for a fic the other day so I wrote it down as quick as possible. Anyway, this story is a bit like "Night's Child" but it's in reverse (if ya get my drift?) I'll be taking some dialogue from "Night's Child" just to let everybody that I'm not copyrighting. This story will be in Hunter's POV and Moira's POV except this chapter, why should it always be Morgan? Lol.



A now twenty-four year old Hunter gazed down at the tiny child in his arms, a proud father he was of a little girl born from his hearts love, his soul mate, this girl was half of her and half of himself.

"It's just you and me now" he told his sleeping daughter, "Don't worry, it'll be okay, I'll look after you, I'll make a good single father," His voice cracked when he said the two words he thought he'd never have to say, "single father" he struggled to comprehend what happened, he couldn't hold back the looming tears that threatened to flood his eyes.

He laid his child in her cradle and watched her sleep and then he turned look out of the tiny bedroom window that overlooked their tiny garden.

~*~*~ "Hunter, I just can't go on like this – we can't go on like this, we need to – just end it. Us" Hunter blinked, "I don't understand" he said, "We can't end us, us is a fact of life" "But not for the lives we're living now," Morgan couldn't even look at him.
"Morgan, breaking up isn't the answer, we love each other too much. You're my mùirn beatha dàn – We're soul mates."
"I know," she said in frustration. "But trying to be together isn't working either. We need to see each other, our lives are going in two different directions – how can we have a future? Trying to pretend there is one is bogging us both down. If we really, really say that this is it, then we'll both be free to do what we want, without even pretending we have to take the other one into consideration." Hunter was silent, "is that what you want?" he asked slowly, "for us to go our separate ways without even pretending to think of each other?"
"It's what we're already doing"~*~*~

Hunter blinked and shuddered at the memory that happened just over a year ago, Morgan had thought that their lives were too different to co-exist, with her living in Ireland with her mothers coven, Belwicket, and Hunter travelling all over the world setting up the New Charter, Luckily Hunter thought up a way to resolve it.

~*~*~ "I've been doing a lot of thinking too. I love what I'm doing with the New Charter, but I've realised it just doesn't mean much without you there to share it with me. I know we're two very different people. We have different dreams, different goals. Our backgrounds are very different, our families. . . but you know we belong together. I know we belong together – I always have. You're my soul mate – my mùirn beatha dàn" . . .

. . ."This definitely needs to change. But I can change. I can change whatever I need to if it means you'll be with me" "With you in what way?" Morgan asked "In every way. As my partner, the mother of my children. Everyway there is. I need you. You're my life, wherever you are, whatever you're doing. Look the one constant in our lives is our love" he said, "It seems like we're squandering our most precious gift – having a soul mate. If we let that slip away nothing else will make sense." Oh please goddess, please, please Morgan silently begged. He went on, "I can phase out the field work I'm doing for the New Charter. There's any number of things I can do based out of Cobh. We could live together, make a life together, wake up with each other more often than not with each other. I want to see you grow old; I want us to grow old together. I want a family with you. There can be cats involved if you like" . . .

. . . "Do you want to be with me, Morgan?" he asked softly. "You're my hearts love, my heart's ease. Will you join me in handfasting – will you be my wife?" "Oh yes. Yes," Morgan whispered. ~*~*~

Hunter smiled, a month later he and Morgan married in Cobh, and went on a two week honeymoon to Rome, which was amazing, when they went home they decided to go to see their families in America, Widow's Vale, upstate New York, for a month.

While they were they, Morgan discovered she was pregnant, and so they couldn't fly back home because she was too nervous to fly while she was three months gone and it's dangerous for pregnant women anyway, so they rented a small 2-bedroom house.

Six months later, Morgan had gone into labour and had a little girl who they named Moira Fiona, weighing 5lb 14oz.

They bought plane tickets to return home to Ireland two weeks later, but 3 days before they were to return, Morgan got a call from a friend back in Cobh saying that another friend was seriously ill, so Morgan packed and had to go the next day to heal her, Hunter had decided to stay in Widow's Vale for the last two days and use the ticket already bought and he'd bring Moira over with him.

Unfortunately and tragically Morgan's plane went down and sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic, no survivors were found nor were any bodies found.

Hunter was devastated, he couldn't go back over to Ireland, and so he stayed in Widow's Vale with his daughter and bought the small house for them to live in permanently, he wanted to stay close to his family, as well as Morgan's family and his friends, his old coven Kithic, which was now being run by Sky again, he needed familiarity and wasn't going to get it in Ireland.

That had happened two months ago, Hunter desperately tried to push the horrific and upsetting memories out of his head, as if loosing his soul mate wasn't enough, he had to hold it together not only for his daughter, but also for his own sanity.

Hunter looked over his shoulder and watched Moira sleeping peacefully in her cradle. Oh goddess, how she looks like Morgan, he thought sadly to himself, Moira had Hunter's piercing green eyes, but everything else in her belonged to Morgan – a head of dark hair, a strong nose, her ears, her mouth, everything about her. She bore the woodbane birthmark, the athame, which was situated on her hip, the same place Hunter's was.

This was truly the child of his mùirn beatha dàn, as well as his own.

He sat down on the large wooden rocking chair that was placed in front of the window, next to Moira's cradle; he rested his face in his hands and sobbed.

"Oh Goddess, Morgan!" he cried as a whisper, "My love, please come back, I need you Morgan, Moira need's you, we need you here, come back to me!"

Why has the goddess forsaken me like this? Hunter thought, why?