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". .My love is yours, my heart is yours, my soul is yours always and forever, I love you Morgan,"

I tried hard not to cry, but was unsuccessful, warm salty tears rolled down my cheeks, I was so happy, today Hunter and I are renewing our vows, we were apart so long we wanted to start afresh.

"Hunter, even though I was apart from you so long, there wasn't a moment that went by I didn't think about you and our daughter, both of you are my most precious gifts I have and ever will have, and I make it my solemn vow to give everything I am to you for eternity"

After the marriage renewal, the rest of Belwicket and our families crowded around us to congratulate us.

"I can't believe you're not taking me on your honeymoon" Moira pouted

Hunter cracked a smile, "Our second honeymoon will be spent in Rome, we want to stay at the same hotel we did on our first honeymoon," he told her

"And I can't go?" Moira asked

"You can't . . . they're going to conceive you again" Bree winked

"Eww, Bree please too much information there!" Moira cried, I shot Bree a disapproving look then smiled slightly.

"Look on the bright side," Bree smiled "You get to spend 3 fun filled weeks at our house"

Moira rolled her eyes and Bree playfully slapped her round the head,

We headed to the reception venue; it was beautifully set out, and lit up romantically with candles everywhere.

Later on in the night, Hunter and I sat on the head table alone talking and watching everyone dancing, including our daughter and her new boyfriend Ian.

"Don't they look cute together" I smiled

Hunter snorted, "I guess," he said,

I tried hard not to laugh, he still sees her as his little girl, I envy him, I will never know Moira as much as he does, she grew up with him.

"Relax," I said, "they're not going to run away and have babies!"

He gave me a quick look, "I remember us at that age"

"We were never together when we were that young" I said

"You know what I mean" he replied,

I smiled at him in the dim candlelight, "yeah, I do" I smiled

He gave me a stern look, "Exactly my point!" he said, and I laughed, he broke in a smile.

He leaned over and kissed me, our mouths meeting perfectly as they always did; when we broke away he stood up taking my hand leading me onto the dance floor.

I couldn't stop smiling the night was blissfully perfect, but then something inside me stirred as if it was time to be revealed to me, I was carrying another child.

I looked up and smiled at Hunter and smiled, "I know," he said softly, I gave him a questioning look.

"I can feel it and I can feel you," he said,

I smiled, our lives had been mended and we were expecting our second child, I rested my head on Hunter's chest and we danced slowly together, I saw that Moira was doing the same with Ian, the beauty of Mùirn Beatha Dàns.