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Chapter One

Standing on the bow of the infamous 'Black Pearl', Meg could feel the salty sea air blowing through her long dark hair. The cool breeze was refreshing on her warm skin. Staring out towards the horizon Meg could see a ship fast approaching the Pearl. Just as she was straining her eyes to get a better view, she felt a hand on her shoulder and heard a voice saying: "Time for school, Megan." Meg turned her head, rubbing her eyes in confusion and found that when she opened them...

She was in her bedroom. She'd been dreaming. Again. The voice had belonged to her mother, Karen. Meg groaned and rolled over.

"5 more minutes." She pleaded, pulling her duvet over her head.

Karen sighed and promptly pulled it back off: "No more minutes, you're already late!"

Karen's eyes flicked to her daughters TV where the menu screen of Meg's favourite film: 'Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl' was displayed. She turned back to Meg: "Megan..."

"I couldn't sleep!" Meg insisted, semi-truthfully.

"Well watching films until all hours isn't going to help." Karen said, leaving.

"It helps me." Meg muttered.

She sat up in her bed and glanced round her room, looking for clothes. Her eyes settled unintentionally on her large poster of Captain Jack Sparrow, her favourite character from 'Pirates...' She smiled as she stared into the pictures dark, kohl-lined eyes. Remembering she was already late, Meg tore her eye away from the picture and looked at her clock. 8:45am.

"Oh bugger!*" She threw her quilt back and grabbed her black trousers, pink spaghetti strap tee and her old crotchet top off the chair where most of her clothes were thrown.

She quickly changed. Realizing she didn't have time to straighten her unruly hair, she pulled her pink bandanna off the end of her antique bed's posts and wrapped it tightly around her head.

She pulled her bag off the floor and ran quickly down the stairs.

Meg ran into the kitchen: "Mum, can you take me into school?"

Karen sighed: "Alright but this is the last time!"

Meg smiled: "Thanks!"

Karen tossed Meg the car keys: "Go get in." She instructed, "I'll be with you in a minute."

Meg walked out of the house and climbed into her mothers Subaru Forester. After a few moments Karen joined her. Meg passed her the keys. Karen started the engine and pulled away.

Part way through the journey Karen struck up conversation: "Megan?"

Meg turned to her mum: "Yep?"

"Is, um, is everything okay with you? I mean in 6th form and with your friends."

Meg sighed.

No, She wanted to admit, No, my best friends gone and left me behind and is treating me like scum. I'm totally swamped with work. No-one will talk to me except to make snide remarks and I'm really lonely.

"Yeah, everything's fine." She lied.

"Only you seem to be spending a lot of time in your room with that film." Karen said.

"I enjoy it." Meg said, honestly.

Her mother didn't need to know that she used 'Pirates of the Caribbean' as an escape. That the only times she felt happy was when she was watching it. That she had secretly wished to be there in the Caribbean with Captain Jack and Will, even though it was only a movie.

As Karen pulled up at the school gates, she turned to Meg: "You know you can talk to me about anything." She said with a warm smile.

Meg nodded and returned the smile: "Yeah, I know."

She climbed out of the car and shut the door.

As Karen pulled away, Meg turned to face the school.

"Here we go again..."


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