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Chapter 12a (13 really but I'm triskadeckaphobic)

Meg had gone below deck to try and calm Pippa down, leaving Serenity alone with the purple gemstone pendant. It was a beautiful, dark, rich purple. Looking closer Serenity could see it was shaped like a skull. It didn't look particularly special but she could feel that this pendant had power. It felt warm in her hands despite having been left in the shadows on the deck of 'The Rose'. She turned it over and the sun caught a slight scratch in the back of it. Serenity ran her finger over the scratch and found it was bigger than she first realized. She looked closer and could see that the scratch was in the shape of a key.

"Well, other than rabies I didn't get anything from her." Meg said reappearing on deck, clutching her hand.


"She bit me."


Meg walked to where Serenity was: "Any luck figuring out what it is?"

"No, but I found these markings." Serenity said, pointing out the key on the back of the gem.

"A key?"

"Maybe it opens something on 'The Rose'?"

"Who would make a key out of amethyst?" Meg asked, "It wouldn't be strong enough to open anything."

"Maybe it doesn't open it by being put in a lock? Maybe Pippa was right and it is some voodoo item?"

"Does your dad practice voodoo?" Meg asked, half-jokingly.

Serenity smiled.

Meg took the pendant and began looking it over: "I feel like I'm in Scooby Doo."

"Scooby what?"

"Never mind." Meg handed the pendant back, "Ugh, if only we knew someone who could help us with this!"

"There is someone who could help." Serenity explained.


"Lady Rosa, she lives on Tortuga. She practices the dark arts, talks to the spirit world and that kind of thing. She'd know what this was."

"Great, now all we need to do is get to Tortuga." Pippa said, appearing from below deck, "Oh wait, we can't sail! We don't know where we are!"

Meg turned to Serenity: "This time, I get to punch her!"

"We're totally lost! You do realize? We have no hope of..." Pippa trailed off.

"No hope of what?"

"I don't believe it." Pippa said, staring out to sea.

Meg and Serenity walked over to her and looked where she was staring. Staring straight back at them was an island. Staring back at them was Tortuga.

"How did you do this?" Pippa asked, "We were in the middle of the ocean at least 3 days from anywhere!"

Meg and Serenity looked at each other before looking down at the pendant. It was too ridiculous to be true but Pippa was right. They had been far away from anywhere. Maybe the pendant had given them a helping hand?

"You... the... that?" Pippa asked, pointing at it, "That got us here?"

"It's a possiblity." Serenity replied.

"I don't see why you're complaining Pippa, we're safe aren't we?" Meg pointed out.

"We're at Tortuga, that can hardly be counted as safe."

Serenity ignored her: "Let's find Lady Rosa."

Once on Tortuga, and after 30 minutes of attempting to tie the boat up before being helped by some kind pirates, Meg and Pippa turned to Serenity.

"I take it you know where Lady Rosa lives?" Meg asked.

"Of course." Serenity said, "I used to visit her all the time."

"Great, lead the way!"

The girls began following Serenity, deep into the town. Pirates watched them as they walked, assuming they were whores. Three girls wandering through Tortuga, unaccompanied. It was an easy assumption to make.

"Oh go jerk off!" Pippa snapped.

The girls laughed and continued walking through the town, following Serenity's lead. They kept walking, far past the inhabited area of the town, into a wooded area. It was dark and the girls could barely see.

"If you go down to the woods today..." Meg began singing.

"In the name of all that is good, Meg will you STOP SINGING?!" Pippa snapped.

"I'm bored!" Meg moaned.

"Just a little further." Serenity promised.

"You said that during 'Rainbow Tour'." Pippa said.

Meg had been singing constantly, she'd gone through the entirity of Evita, Damien Rice's 'O' album and Cats. It was the only way she could stop herself from worrying about Jack. She was terrified that Norrington was going to kill him before she could get to him and save him.

The girls rounded a corner and saw in front of them a small rundown old shack. It was made out of wood, the windows had blown in and were boarded up. The roof was of straw which was falling away and collecting at the floor of the shack. The door was covered by an old curtain.

"We're here." Serenity announced.

"This is where Lady Rosa lives?" Pippa asked, "What a dump!"

The girls walked up to the door.

"Lady Rosa?" Serenity called.

"Who goes there!" A tired old womans voice called back.

"It's Serenity Turner." Serenity explained, "Bootstrap's daughter."

"Who are those girls with you?"

Meg and Pippa looked around, frantically. There was no way Lady Rosa could see out of the windows. How did she know they were there?

"They're my friends." Serenity explained, "Rosa, we need your help."

"Come in, my children."

Serenity pushed the curtain aside and walked in. Meg and Pippa followed her cautiously. The shack was lit dimly with the light of one single black candle. The walls were lined with beautifully designed oriental style drapes. A cabinet stood in one corner, upon which many bottles, glasses, stones and bags were laid. Upon a table in the corner a crystal ball laid and behind the crystal ball sat Lady Rosa. An old woman, older than anyone Meg had seen. Her skin seemed to be hanging off her face. Her black eyes were sunk deep into her face. Her hair was bright white and hung messily around her shoulders. She was dressed in the kind of clothes carnival fortune tellers would wear.

"What can I do for you?" Lady Rosa asked.

Serenity approached her first, confidently and without fear. Pippa and Meg hung back. Disturbed by the supernatural, voodoo artifacts surrounding them. Serenity took the pendant from her pocket and handed it to Lady Rosa.

"My father and his crew have been kidnapped, as have thier friends." Serenity explained, "This was all we found on my fathers ship. We were wondering if you could tell us what it is?"

Lady Rosa began studying the pendant. She held it up to the light of the candle. Her eyes lit up in recognition and she put the pendant back down on the table.

"I am sorry, I cannot help you."

"Why not?" Serenity asked.

"Voodoo Mistress/Client confidentiality." Lady Rosa said, firmly "Please leave."

"Rosa, what is it? What have you done?" Serenity asked.

"I do not have to answer that question now leave before I am forced to curse you."

Pippa and Meg turned to leave the shack. Serenity stood her ground.

"What. Have. You. Done?" She asked, firmly.

Lady Rosa could see Serenity wasn't going to back down.

"3 moons ago a young man came to see me. He offered me much money if I would curse his ships hold so that nobody would be able to escape alive." Lady Rosa explained, "This," She held up the pendant, "is the only way a captive is able to get out."

"What did this man look like?" Serenity asked.

"His face was shrouded, I could not see." Lady Rosa insisted.

"Norrington." Meg said.

"What?" Serenity turned to Meg.

"Norrington." She repeated, "That must be Norrington's. He must have lost it during the battle on the ship. Now Jack's trapped in his brig."

Serenity turned back to Lady Rosa: "Take that curse off now."

"I cannot remove the curse unless I am at the ship." She insisted.

"Fuck!" Pippa screamed, "Brilliant! Will, Jack, Bootstrap and everyone are stuck in a cell which will kill them if they leave! We're stuck here and they're going to die!"

"Pippa, calm down. All we have to do is get to Port Royal, we can save them!" Serenity said.

"Pippa's right though, Serenity. There's no way we have enough time to get to Port Royal." Meg said.

"We have to try." Serenity said. She snatched the pendant off Lady Rosa and stormed out of the shack. Pippa followed her.

"Megan." Lady Rosa said as Meg turned away. She turned back to face her.

"How did you know my name?" Meg asked.

"Unimportant." Lady Rosa said, "You will make it to the Port in time, but in the final showdown, one of your numbers will not make it. You must leave them or you will all die. You must not let your emotions get the better of you. Now go."

Meg stared in shock for a few more moments before leaving the shack. Serenity and Pippa were stood outside, arguing.

"We're never going to get there in time!" Pippa snapped.

"Of course we're not going to make it in time if you insist on arguing!" Serenity snapped back.

"We're going to get there in time." Meg said, "Lady Rosa just told me so."

"Well then, let's go." Serenity said, walking off in the direction from where they came. Meg and Pippa followed her.

"And so it is, just like you said it would be..."

-----END OF CHAPTER-----

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