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Heir of the Snake

By Laura's kitty

This child was the child of darkness. It was HIS child. The little harmless baby Albus Dumbledore was holding in his hands. He had complete power over this helpless creature's life. It was still pure. Not tainted with the blood of others, like his parents. Dumbledore couldn't destroy pureness like that. He couldn't kill a baby.

"We'll find a place for you, little one." He quietly told the child. And this child, if educated right, could be the greatest help the light side could have in this war against evil. A grin spread over Dumbledore's face.

He made a sign to the people around him to apparate away.

Not so far away at the same time


Everywhere around him.

A woman was sobbing hysterically over an empty baby bed. Injured people. Dead people. His servants were running around, yelling, searching, waiting for him to give them orders. He was standing in the middle of it all, the only one who was calm on the outside, but inside maybe even more in despair than them. Still, he would not show a sign of weakness. If he couldn't manage this situation, nobody could. And that was a knowledge every person in the room had.

"Shut up and wait outside! Don't do anything until I tell you to!" he hissed loudly and intimidating to his servants. Some muttering of "yes master", some bowing and they all left. All except for the crying woman.

Lord Voldemort walked over to Bellatrix Lestrange. "Alex . . . "she sobbed. "Master . . . Where is he? What . . . happened?"

She didn't want to acknowledge it, although she knew the answer she would not believe it until her master and lover had spoken it out.

"Stop crying." He said roughly. "This won't help. You know what happened. Dumbledore attacked, and while we were fighting the aurors he stole Alexander. Probably"-he had to say it, he had to be strong, it was just so difficult- "probably he is dead by now."

Bellatrix noticed that he had used the word "probably". Gaining all her courage she wiped her tears away and asked "My Lord . . . is there . . . is there a chance he's still alive?" If he said yes, then there was hope, and no matter how small it was, she would hold onto every single bit of hope that her son was alive.

Voldemort seemed to tense even more. "Maybe" he said. "We will find out."

Far away in a castle

"You called us to your office, Albus?" asked a red-haired woman standing beside a man with messy black hair.

"Yes, why don't we sit down?" the headmaster suggested politely and sat down behind a desk, his visitors opposite him.

"Lily, James. I'm extremely sorry about your miscarriage, Lily, but I have an offer for you which you might like to take at the moment." He paused and looked at them. They were both wondering about what Dumbledore was going to offer them. So he continued. "Have you two ever thought about adopting a child?"

"About . . . what?!" asked James.

Dumbledore smiled, and his eyes twinkled.

"Well, somebody left me a little boy , I'm looking for adoptive parents for him, otherwise he'll have to live at an orphanage." Dumbledore had of course NO intentions to let the son of Lord Voldemort grow up at an orphanage, but he knew that the Potters would have sympathy and take the child in. And, as always, he was right.

"No, I think we could take him in, couldn't we, James?" Lily said. The plan worked out.

"I think so, darling, now that this happened . . ." James answered, doing everything to make Lily happy again after she had just had a miscarriage.

Dumbledore ordered a house-elf to bring the baby, and then showed it to the Potters.

"Oh, he's so cute!" Lily cooed. "What's his name?"

"I don't know it, you can call him what you want." Said Dumbledore. "If you want him, of course.

Lily's cheeks glowed happily. James looked at the boy, he had some black hair on his head, just like him, and green eyes. "Of course we want him." He said. "Who could say no? What are we going to call him, Lily, dear?"

"What name would fit a sweetie like you?" she asked the baby. "Hmm, how about Harry, and then maybe James, like your new daddy? Yes, that's fine! Do you like it, James?"

"Yes, the name's perfect for my boy." James said proudly. They were going to have a child after all.

Back at the place where we have been before

"Is he alive? My Lord, is he still alive?" Bellatrix dreaded the answer.

"The spell said yes." She breathed a sigh of relief, this might have been the moment that could have destroyed all of her hopes, she had no idea how she would have reacted then, but it wasn't. It was the moment that had confirmed all of them, and she breathed the sigh of the relief of a mother, who had been extremely worried about her only child's life.

"But we have no idea where he is." The Dark Lord went on. "Hold out your arm."

She held out her arm and he touched the Dark Mark on it. Within minutes all the Death Eaters apparated by their side and formed a circle.

"My loyal followers," Voldemort began. "you may all know about the terrible thing that happened here today, so I will not go into details about it. From now on, the most important task all of you will have, is to find my son and heir, Alexander Thomas Riddle."

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