Author's Notes: Yep. Finally a new story. A much more serious one, but hey, an update is an update, right? Updates shall be few and far between simply because I don't have time to serve ya'lls every whim. Even though I'd like to. ^_^ The following prologue was taken from "Gollum's Song" from "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers." I did not write it. Don't give me credit! It sums up the feeling of the story rather well.

Warning: This story is terrible angsty and horrific and gory and other adjectives along those lines. It will soon be rated R. Not yet...but soon. Enjoy!

~The Sun Always Rises~


Where once was light, now darkness falls.

Where once was love... love is no more.

Don't say goodbye; don't say I didn't try.

These tears we cry are falling rain

For all the lies you told us, the hurt the blame.

And we will weep to be so alone.

We are lost, we can never go home.

So in the end, I'll be what I will be.

No loyal friend was ever there for me.

Now we say goodbye; we say you didn't try.

These tears you cry have come too late.

Take back the lies, the hurt the blame.

And you will weep when you face the end alone.

You are lost, you can never go home.

You are lost; you can never go home…

Told ya it was depressing. First chapter coming soon. ^_^