I dream of You

By Melissa E. Byrd

Dedicated to my dear friend, WhisperingMoon, Authoress of Human Compensation, an Inuyasha fanfiction.

Disclaimer: I do not rightfully own any of the Inuyasha characters in this story. They are Copyright Rumiko Takahashi.

Chapter I

Katherine sat quietly on her bedside, watching the stars slowly light up the dark blue skies. She sighed inwardly. It had been another long and dull day of work... 'Aargh!' she mentally screamed. 'Nothing new ever happens!....Well, atleast nothing interesting.' She thought as she threw her arms in the air and landed with a 'flop' back on her satin sheets. "Well, it's late...I guess I'll just watch some tv and go to sleep." She grasped the remote and hit the power button. The tv flickered on.

"In the news today..."

"Nope." click

"You're watching All My Children..."

"Nah..." click

"Oops I did it again."

"Hell no!" click

"Welcome back to Celebrity's HOTTEST Hunks!"

"Now we're talking!" Katherine sat, eyes glued on the screen.

"Number five on our count down is Inuyasha Taiyou."

"He's pretty cute....but what's with the ears?"

""He's drummer of the newest sensation, the Half Demons."

~Ring~ ~Ring~

~Sigh~ "Always happens when I find something good to watch...." She said as she picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hey Kat!" came a familiar voice.

"Oh, hey Kagome."

"What's up?"

"Um..." she glanced towards the tv. "Just watching TV and getting ready for bed. You?"

"Just ..bored. Instead of going to bed so early, why not come over?"

"I can't. I have to work tomorrow."

"Well, okay..If you're sure..."

"I'm sure."

"Good night. Call me tomarrow."

"Okay, bye."


Katherine turned her attention back to the TV. "Now, for our number one HOTTEST Hunk- Sesshomaru Taiinu."

By this time, you would've guessed her mouth sprung a leak.. "Wow."

"He's the owner of Shikon Industries."


"And that's all for tonight... Good Night!"


She still sat there in awe. 'Fine...He's so....fine...' she thought. "Oh, snap out of it Kat! He's a multi-millionare..." She sighed disdainfully. "Well...better get some sleep." She said as she pulled back the pink satin sheets and drifted into a world of dreems.

More soon.