by DarkCuriosity

Yaoi. If you don't like it, then don't read this just so you can flame it. That's as stupid as the thought of Pegasus and Jonouchi. Yeeuuucch!!! -_-

Sitting in the middle of class, sad songs running through my head... I need to be held. My arms actually start to ache, as though they're trying to reach out to some invisible lover. Sigh. My life is misery...

Glancing around the classroom. Looks more like a morgue, with harsh, unforgiving fluorescent lights and desks in rows like the body bins... each desk holds an unresponsive corpse... I feel dead, overexposed, like a piece of flesh left to bake. Eugh. That was nasty...

My gaze meets that of Seto Kaiba; he sits right next to me, it's bound to happen. But instead of glaring and growling at me like he would normally do, he flushes and averts his eyes. I am confused until I see those same eyes rise to gaze at the back of Jonouchi Katsuya's head. Feeling an impish smirk rise to my lips, I chuckle mentally.

I know something you don't know...

Imagine Jou's surprise. That image alone nearly causes me to laugh aloud in class, never mind the things I can imagine Jou and Seto doing... augh, bad hentai, BAD! Heh. Though didn't I see those two standing in the hallway talking earlier? Not fighting, not arguing, just... talking?

My fears are confirmed when the bell rings. Kaiba jumps up and rushes forward to Jou, only to shyly—shyly! This is Seto Kaiba!—ask to walk Jou to his next class. Jou nods, a faint blush tingeing his cheeks, then he looks back down the row and sees me staring. I know what I must look like—mouth agape, eyes wide—and I flush.

Head down, heart racing, I rush past them and ignore Jou calling my name. I cannot believe they've found love before me. Seto, the coldest most heartless bastard ever and Jou, his worst rival have found love together. Oh, gods, why can't I find... love...

Down the stairs I rush, feeling tears about to fall, not wanting anyone to see. I head to the boy's locker room bathroom, knowing it's empty this time of day. I just want to be alone.

However in my circumstances that's just not possible.

The Millennium puzzle clinks with every move I make, banging against my heaving chest with enough force to bruise. Is he in there, I wonder, or upstairs at home sleeping? That brooding, moody spirit of mine. The thought of him brings a wavering, unconscious smile to my lips. Ah, Yami.

But he's the reason I'm running...

Banging into the bathroom door, bursting into wracking sobs. Why?! Why, oh, gods, why do I have to feel this way? Love... is so horrible... left in the dust...

I realize I'm speaking aloud and am reduced to sniveling. My back hits the wall and my head is bowed as I slide down the wall to the floor. I hide my face in my arms and draw my knees to my chest as the trembling starts. With each shuddering breath I draw in the chemical odor of the bathroom, my own cologne, and the metallic scent of the puzzle. Said item is inches from my nose, and for some reason its presence calms me.

Suddenly, he appears. His looming presence is eerily arousing, but I try not to focus on that. I hear him crouch in front of me, and I can almost feel those ruby eyes boring holes in my bowed head. I would look up, would hold those eyes in mine, watch them soften at my sadness... but my tears have made me hideous. I will not look up.

Apparently though to him that is not an option. He raises my head gently and with a callused thumb wipes my tears away. I sniff and stare at him, unable to tear my gaze from those ageless ruby orbs... He looks so beautiful in his concern, kneeling there with my face in his hands. I want to cup his face in my own hands, want to stroke his cheek with a trembling finger, want to lean forward and...

I realize I'm trembling again. His frown grows deeper.

His hands move from my face to my shoulders. "What is the matter, little one?" He asks. His rich voice toys with my ears, resonating in the acoustics of the room, rolling over my shoulders. I detect a gentleness there that may not have been before. The detection is gone, however, in the sensation that voice gives me. The goose bumps make me shiver more. The frown continues.

I clear my throat, but my offending voice still cracks. I struggle to control myself. He's so close... Curse adolescence! "There's nothing wrong, Yami," I lie.

He senses the lie and it coupled with my current condition worry him, I know. But he doesn't say anything. Instead he crawls over to assume the same position I'm in, leaning against the wall and brushing our shoulders together. The contact sends a spark rushing through my body... I'm hoping he doesn't notice...

He sighs, his warm breath skating across the sensitive nerves in my neck as he turns to speak. Again I shiver.

"Are you cold, koi?"


I hear his voice as well as his mental curse and look up sharply. I shake my head. "No, I'm—what did you call me?"

Now I know why the curse. He wasn't planning on telling me... he...

He looks cornered, trapped there between the counter and my gaze. He averts his eyes, coughs. Tells me nothing.

A grumble sounds in my throat, but instead of demanding further I collapse on to my back, suddenly finding the ceiling tiles fascinating. My hands behind my head, I close my eyes, my lips slightly parted.

I sigh.


He takes the bait, not surprisingly, leaning over me. He's nearly hovering over my smaller frame and I can feel the distance. My body aches to arch up and close that distance. I try hard not to move a muscle, as though I really am asleep. Cracking open one eye barely so as to avoid detection, I can see him studying me with a look in his eyes... like... hunger... It was lust, I've seen it in others' eyes enough times to know. My heart leaps. Can it be... he wants me... too?

I contemplate that perhaps I've gone too far. Then his voice startles me.

"I called you... koi. Love. I apologize, I... did mean to tell you, but I couldn't... I..."

My eyes snap open and in force of habit I sit up a bit. Our lips accidentally collide, and I stiffen, pull away. His eyes widen and I swear his breath came faster. Trying to keep my voice steady, I look him straight in the eye. "Tell me what?" I demand, feeling a little woozy, slightly intoxicated. The room seems to get warmer, I felt a slight drop of sweat roll down my temple.

His hand traces to my cheek, and he leans forward to lick the sweat away. A flash of thought races through my mind... he's tasting me... before his lips envelope my own in a sudden, fiery kiss.

My eyes snap open wider, then flutter closed. His lips are warm, smooth, and inviting, and his hand is stroking a nerve on the side of my neck that sends sparks through my body. I have been hard for quite some time, ever since he appeared, but now the stiffening erection called to his attention as well.

I swear I hear him chuckle in the kiss, and then he breaks the tender connection, gazing at me from half-lidded crimson eyes. "Does all this tell enough?" he asks huskily, and grasps my hand to place it in his lap. My mouth forms a small 'o'.

His other hand is still tracing patterns on my sensitive neck. I nod, swallow, and breathe only to be caught up in another, hotter kiss. His tongue flicks slightly at my lips and they open involuntarily. He then invades my mouth, tasting every inch of the velvet cavern, mapping it out like a frenzied explorer. His hands slide to grip my shoulders tight enough to bruise and pull me closer, deepening the kiss completely. My stomach tightens, the kiss sending me into a thoughtless state. I am no longer thinking clearly. As our tongues dance, my hands that grasped his shoulders move to press his back forward. It is as though our bodies are trying to meld into one, so close are we to each other.

Again it is Yami who breaks the kiss, his breathing ragged and uneven. He then lays down on the cold tile floor, pulling me to sit atop him. I can feel his need through his navy cotton pants, and am suddenly afraid. I am a virgin, both ways, after all. But this is Yami, my mind shushes. He won't hurt you... His hands on my hips slide me directly over the protruding bulge and his hips buck into mine, sending a current of energy through my spine. I'm more aroused than I thought. I respond with a small gasp and a little thrust of my own, sliding my clothed and raging hard-on over his with more force than I'd originally intended. His breath catches, and he exhales in a moan. I lean down to capture his lips almost violently and I notice he's trembling. From what? Need? Fear?


We are too worked up to care where we are, but I am glad to hear his shadow powers slide the lock in place. Then he takes over, his determination to be the dominant almost funny to me. I, however, am helpless.

My shirt finds its way into a crumpled heap on the floor with my school jacket, and Yami lays me down with his hand behind my head as though I am an infant. Gently. He presses kisses to my collarbone as he holds me, fluttering ghosts of kisses that make me squirm. Oh, I want him so badly...

He chuckles, then captures first one of my nipples then the other in his teeth. Licking, teasing, sucking them until they are rosy and hard... like something else he's been neglecting. Having lost the ability to form coherent thoughts, much less coherent sentences, I buck insistently to try and remind him of what he's here to do.

He leans down and suckles my earlobe. "Little light, impatience is not a virtue."

Then his lips and tongue attack the nerve centers in my neck. Moans escape me no matter how hard I try to hold them in. I can't help the sounds; they seem to only further add to my pleasure.

My attention snaps back to my dark half as he kisses a line to my navel, dipping his tongue sensuously into the little pit as a demonstration of what he plans to do to me. Slow, suggestive strokes. I twitch. Impassioned as I am, I cannot protest when he leaves my bellybutton to undo my now-tight school pants with his teeth. As he draws the zipper down, his nose brushes me, sending shivers. I don't really regret not wearing underwear, now...

I hear his breath catch and he tenses above me as he gazes, unabashed, at his prize. So intent upon studying me is he that he fails to notice me working at his pants until they are bunched around his ankles. He sits back, pulls them off, and proceeds to divest himself of his shirt. Slowly, teasingly.

The action alone was hilarious. He's stripping for me, I think to myself, and have a good mental chuckle. Then an evil idea forms.

Quickly as any small creature I am up and on top of him. He is the submissive one, now. Grinning down at him I slide along his body, rubbing my chest into the warm flesh. Yami doesn't wear underwear, either. He's flat on his back, and I allow myself a feral, but cute, grin as I take him into my mouth completely. Swallowing a few times, I begin to hum, figuring the vibration will set him off. His moans are more apparent now, and he threads his fingers into my hair.

The thoughts flying through our bond are jumbled at best, but as I begin to move up and down the erect shaft I hear one last, coherent thread:

By Ra... where did he learn to do that?

Smiling as best I can around his swollen arousal, I remove my mouth completely. From the way he's tensed up I can tell he was about to come. His moan ends in a pitiful whine.

Suddenly he sits up, tackles me, and flips me over urgently. My face is pushed against the tile and as I raise myself upon my arms I hear him nursing the soap dispenser. Then one slick, soap-slicked finger works its way into my virgin entrance.

The position is not too uncomfortable, but grows increasingly painful with each finger that he adds. Suddenly, though, he crooks a finger and brushes against something that feels wonderful... a sob escapes my lips. Oh, Yami, do it again!...

As though he could hear my private thoughts he complies, but only once more before removing the fingers and replacing them with a swift thrust by his stiff member. I am caught off guard and flop down, my arms failing me at the sudden rush of pleasure and pain, but his left arm holds me steady. His pistoning began hard, but now he is slamming into me. Fast... hard... so hot... the friction is almost unbearable and yet... it's a feeling I doubt I'll ever be able to get enough of... A single thrust of his fills me. The stretch, the pounding, the heat... no words can describe this feeling...

The air is stifling hot and my lungs no longer work properly as he changes the angle of his thrusts to strike against my prostate. The white lightning clouds my vision, sends daggers up my spine and through my very being... it's suffocating... my screams fill what air is not consumed by our fire... I cannot hold them back.

He cries my name aloud in a voice husky with lust as he comes, releasing deep within me and filling me even further. I match his cry with one of my own as my own release sends my mind reeling into brightness. No thoughts dare trespass. Floating... riding on waves of immense ecstasy... rising to meet the sun, so hot is the world around me...

Yami slips out and sighs, collapsing beside me with a protective arm snaked around my waist.

"Koi," he breathes, and I turn to face him so he can see my smile.

"I love you, Yugi," Yami whispers as his ruby eyes flutter closed. His body and clothes disintegrate as he falls asleep in his soul room and I am left to clean and leave.

I love you, too, I think to him as he lays within, sleeping.

As I step from the school into the bright spring sun, I swear I feel him smile.


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