Kurt woke with a start to a sound of shouting just over his head. Opening his eyes, he groaned and looked over at his clock and he growled deep in his throat.

It was one in the morning.

Snarling, Kurt picked up his pillow and placed it over his head, trying and failing to drown out the noise.

"Why must Remy always piss Rogue off so early?" he said into his pillow. ***
"What's the matter? I came home didn't I?" Remy asked, stepping out of punching room. Rogue crossed her arms across her chest, looking at Remy angrily.

"How many women were you with, Remy?" she asked.

"What?! I wasn't with..."

"Explain that bit of lipstick then on the collar of your jacket." Raising his eyebrows, Remy looked and saw that he did indeed have lipstick on the collar of his jacket.

"Damn..." he muttered. Without warning, he was thrown back when Rogue suddenly landed a punch in his face.

"Jeez!" he muttered, rubbing his face lightly. "What was that all about? It's yours!"

"I don't wear lipstick, Remy Lebeau!" Rogue raged, getting ready to punch him again. "Tell the truth now! Or are you too drunk to remember?"

"I'm not drunk!" Remy cried. "Rogue, calm down please!"

"Calm down!!" Rogue screamed. "You want me to calm down when you're the one getting drunk and screwing other women at night! Get out of here!"

"Rogue..." Rogue punched a hole through the wall in her anger.

"I'll be leaving then." Remy said, swiftly running out of the room and closing the door behind him. ***
Kurt was in the kitchen brewing a pot of coffee, unable to sleep due to Rogue's shouting. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he looked up as Remy passed and he flicked his tail to one side, getting off the counter and following after him.

"Remy, why does my sister need to scream at you?" he asked, leaning against the wall a bit.

"She's just being a control freak." Remy said, shrugging and laying down on the couch. "She needs to lighten up."

"She cannot, Herr Lebeau." Kurt said, calmly walking over. "Especially when the one who claims to be her boyfriend is going out at all hours of the night and then returns drunk with lipstick on him!"

"For the last time! I'm not drunk!" Remy protested.

"Is that the only thing you wish to argue with me?" Kurt asked cocking an eyebrow.

"Don't be a smart ass."

"I must be, Herr Lebeau." Kurt said, narrowing his eyes a bit. "You are hurting my sister with your reckless behavior! Why not take her out to have some fun for a change instead of walking off by yourself! Maybe then she would not be so upset with you!"

"She never wants to go out!" Remy said. Kurt snorted, shaking his head.

"Have you ever asked her politely?" he asked. "For someone who can make people like him, you are doing a shitty job with your girlfriend!" Groaning, Remy sat up and scratched the back of his head a bit.

"What do you want me to do, Kurt?" he asked. "I can't hold her hand without her wearing gloves. I can't kiss her unless I want to go into a coma. Sex? Don't even get me started..."

"Is that all relationships are to you?" Kurt asked gently, perching on the couch. "Sex and kissing? I agree, some contact is needed, but is simply holding hands so bad?"

"She wears gloves!"

"Only to protect you." Kurt pointed out. Remy looked away, trying to find some way to argue back.

"We still have that one power stopping collar." He said.

"Do you want her to always wear a collar like an animal then? Just so you can touch her skin you would degrade her?" Kurt asked, standing up. When Remy didn't answer, Kurt sighed and shook his head, heading for the kitchen.

"I do not know what you want, Remy." He said. "But for you and my sister's sake, I hope you think of something!"

Sighing, Remy laid down on the couch and he closed his eyes, trying to think with his drunken mind.