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Fear No More the Heat O' Th' Sun

VI. All Consign to Thee and Come to Dust

"It doesn't seem right."

Arwen merely stood patiently waiting for her husband to continue, her gaze lingering upon the freshly churned earth piled before them.

"To bury one who was so full of life, so close to the trees," Aragorn sighed, clearly unnerved by his own wandering thoughts. "I just hate to think of him entombed in the earth."

"It is only his body that resides there now, Aragorn. His soul passed long ago."

The king looked over at the soft voice of Faramir, his gray eyes kind and understanding. He lowered his voice to be equally as soft. "I know." He didn't care that he sounded like a cheated child for he felt the part. "Yet it is no easier for my heart to bear."

He felt Arwen's comforting hand on his shoulder then, and he reached up his to cover hers. Glancing to his wife he was surprised to see tears running down her cheeks, contrasting her silent strength. "Nor should it be," her voice was slightly hoarse form disuse.

He sighed deeply as he returned his gaze to the soft mound of earth and the fresh young flowers placed upon it.

"I never thought that I'd be standing at the grave of an Elf with naught but agony in my heart." Gimli the dwarf nearly bit his lip in an attempt to remain composed. "The fool creature could make any love him. How cruel is fate to take him from us?" The anger left his voice and was replaced with woe. "There was but a day's journey left between us. I came as fast as I could yet I was too late. I have failed him," the dwarf gave into his sobs then. Hearing a dwarf so stoic and gruff in such utter lament broke the hearts and reserves of nearly all present.

Aragorn felt the lump in his throat become unbearably painful as he watched Faramir break into tears across from him, the wet-cheeked Éowyn clinging to his arm. Arwen squeezed his shoulder more tightly before resting her face against it, a quiet sob escaping the regal lady.

The former Ranger attempted to speak around the pain in his throat. His voice was choked with anguish and sorrow yet he did not mind. When hearts were so utterly torn what use was regality? "You never failed him, Gimli. His heart reached out to you before he died. You were always with him, as he is always with you."

The dwarf let out a shuddering sob as he took in the king's words.

At that moment the wind picked up, tousling the hair of those present. Éowyn glanced about wildly before fresh tears streamed down her high cheeks. "The trees mourn for him..."

"No." The voice was firm and all turned slightly surprised eyes to the Evenstar. "For they are wiser than we- he is with them now. He is with us still. He is in their whispers..." There was no doubt in her voice and she had pulled away from her husband as if to assert her belief. Being now the only remaining Elf among them none thought to question her assertion.

"He told me as much," came Aragorn's deep rumble beside her.

Arwen turned to him and offered him a gentle smile. It was as if she were bearing up against the pain she felt for the benefit of those much younger and as much was true. "You knew his heart as well as I, Estel. You were his brother. Bonds of love are not so easily broken. You know in your heart that he will always be with you, as long as you hold him in your memory."

After gazing into her clear dark blue orbs for a moment longer the man leaned his head against hers in a silent show of gratitude. When next he spoke, the song-like quality his words held stilled all.

"Now my love

It's come to pass

The dying of the sun

Tomorrow's weight already felt.

When the earth is bare

Will we at last

See clearly our deeds

Come to pass?

Sweet grace

And gentle smile

Blown lightly past

Only stayed but a little while.

Leaves do weep

And Ferns do grieve

The passing of one

To them so close.

Trees do moan

And birds do cry


Will my brother and I

Seek their solitude."

For a long moment all was silent save the sniffling of those who yet breathed.

"A hero of the War of the Ring and a great warrior; a brother to all who knew you and a giver of hope. That is how you shall be remembered, Legolas, son of Thranduil," Faramir's voice rang clear in the glen where they had gathered.

Gimli stepped forward slightly and spoke next, his voice less pain-filled. "My brother-in-arms and spirit, my gentle trickster, I shall miss you dearly."

Éowyn shifted slightly beside her husband, taking a step forward towards the grave. "I did not know you long in this world, Fair One, but your presence ever did give me strength and courage. To know that one with so much to lose believed enough to fight alongside us.... You gave us all hope."

"You were our silent sentinel," the king could was not even conscious of his woe-full countenance as he spoke from the love he continued to feel. "Long did you protect the Fellowship. Without your guiding eyes we would be lost. I miss them now, gwador-nïn. I miss you. But I know you would want me to use the strength you have taught me. You have given us all so much," he paused as he bit back a sob. He then touched his hand to his forehead as he inclined his head, closing his eyes briefly. "Go in peace."

For a long while only the quiet rustling of the leaves overhead could be heard. Then Arwen stepped forward and knelt, her head bowed and eyes closed. She spoke in quiet Sindarin. What she had to say was between her and her Elven brother, although she knew that the two men present could understand her tongue. "I know that with your passing you do not fade. I shall join you shortly when my time here has ended. I will be blessed with such company as you, Legolas, although while I still draw breath I will not see joy in your absence. So much pain we have endured for love, you and I. I know you have always loved me, and now I can say that I have always loved you, Greenleaf. Your presence ever brought me warmth. To know you was a true blessing. I shall treasure that gift always."

The Evenstar rose, and together with Aragorn the two spoke a soft Elvish prayer, then placed their hands on their hearts before extending them outward in a traditional goodbye of their people. The others present followed suit. The small crowd departed. Only a mound of quiet earth, decorated by young flowers remained.

The wind blew and the trees whispered.

The End

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