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Something Pink

Part 1: Out of the Dark        

Dark, that's what she felt. This deep gloomy air of darkness surrounded her heart, mind, and soul. She focused all her attention on this darkness and decided that she could not bare it anymore. She felt as dark as the inside of the room she occupied. She felt as soft as the bed she sat in.

            Sure, they had their good times, but he was almost never home. Sure, he made love to her, pouring liters and liters of his love into her, but she saw him with someone else. Three years of marriage to the coldest man alive, yet the sweetest heart that had ever touched hers was his. Three years of absolute devotion to him, left her with nothing, but a broken heart.

            Just a few nights ago they quarreled.

"Why must I always come home to a wife that does nothing but nag me!"  He shouted.

"You are never around because you're always at your office working. I don't know when I can just sit with you and have a normal conversation with you!"

"I work, so that we can survive. Why do you rebuke me when I'm doing something for us?!"

"But every time you're doing something for 'us,' you seemed to also be enjoying something at work."

He slammed his fist on the table and muttered, "I have a feeling this conversation is straying off to another topic."

"You don't have time for me anymore."

"You're twenty four, Sakura! You're not a kid anymore! You can't drag me around with you everywhere you go like you would with some old teddy bear!"

            She stared at his white knuckles against the oak table, avoiding his wild gaze.

"I know that," she whimpered.

"Oh, Sakura, enough with the waterworks." He said with an exasperated sigh.

"I am not crying!"

"Then what is wrong with you?!" By now his rage had reached his face.

"I saw you out with Rachel this afternoon when I was going out for lunch with Tomoyo!"

"Rachel? My secretary? She asked me out to lunch, that's all!"

"I told you to stay away from her because I know that woman is up to no good. I talked to her and—"

"Are you stalking me?"

"I am not!" Sakura defended herself.

"Then why do you have to talk to my secretary? Why do you have to question me when I eat lunch with my employees? You know, it only proves that you're jealous."

Sakura shook her head vigorously, her rising tears blurring her vision.

"No?" He was responding to her tears with no sympathy at all. "Then maybe you are accusing me of having an affair?"

She shook her head again, but this time with less energy.

"If you say 'no' to all those reasons, then maybe from now on, you shouldn't worry about who I eat lunch with."

Dead silence came between them.

"If you are done making your point, then I shall retire now to our room. When you feel like sleeping, you can come up."

"I want to know one thing. Tell me," she murmured, loud enough for him to hear. He stopped, and waited for her to continue.

Sakura stared at the back of his head pensively, as the words rolled out of her tongue fluently, "Do you love me anymore?"

He turned to her swiftly, staring at her big, bright, damp, emerald eyes with a look of annoyance. The question had become dull to his ears and it seemed that his answer would not matter.

With a hint of frustration in his tone, he ventured, "That is the dumbest—"

But Sakura would not let him finish, "Was I really the one you wanted to marry? Do you love me?"

"Just because we first met in one of the most awkward positions, doesn't mean that I never found you a good wife…"

"Was I really the one you wanted to marry? Do you love me?" She repeated.

"Look, maybe it was a mistake," he grunted beginning to tighten the air between his fists.

"I see…"

"I'm tired," he muttered, turning around again without hearing her, "I'm going to bed."

            She watched as he left the room. She would not sleep in the same bed with him that night.

            She reached blindly for the manila folder settled on the dresser beside her. Without needing the light, she took the big envelope beside her. She knew exactly what she was doing, when she gingerly transferred the papers from the manila folder into the envelope. She knew exactly where she would be the next day. Nobody else, with the exception of her best friend Tomoyo, would know where she would be. When she wakes up in the morning she would have left behind Sakura Li. By then she would only be referred to as Sakura Kinomoto, starting from the beginning. Her past would be behind her and she would only worry about moving forward.

            But you are all probably wondering why Sakura Kinomoto decided to embark on this journey from life to life, days after the quarrel, rather than right after the quarrel. Suppose, you were left here wondering why soft Sakura Kinomoto waited days before she left. The suspension would undoubtedly be stupid unless there was no actual reason for her journey. However, there was a reason why she left, though…

            "You look like you had a rough day," a soft, yet gentle voice spoke.

            The sound of her voice was like bells to men, a very attractive trait, and luring enough to give reason why they should trace it and discover the face that owned it. Women would think she was sweet and beautiful and worthy of their envy, but to uphold their dignity, she was not worshipped by them.

            In short, you knew she was beautiful without meeting her. And she was. She had her brown hair done, so that it would curl at the edges when they reached her shoulders gently. But the most magnificent feature about her was her eyes. Her eyes were clear, and seemed to always be filled with life and joy. She was perfect in everyway you could imagine to any man or woman's eyes.

            "I did," he said turning away from her. He stood, looking out his window with a calm demeanor floating about him, his hands settled beside him. He was looking out his window with a confused look on his face. In a move to comfort him, she draped her arms over his chest and brought his body close to her. Startled by the action, he fell back a bit, but immediately balanced himself. Retreating footsteps were heard right outside his door and he felt a foreboding air cloud his mind. In a burst of strength, he broke away from the arms that held him.

Twirling around to stare at the bluest eyes, Li Syaoran spoke with rage, "What are you doing, Rachel?"

"I was just trying to comfort you," his secretary said softly, while pressing a delicate hand to his chest.

He brushed her hand off with disgust, "Are you mad, Woman? I think someone might have seen us. They would think that…"

            But someone had seen them. When Rachel grabbed him so suddenly, his martial arts instinct had kicked it, allowing him to sense the things outside of what was just occurring, then. So it was not the startled sense that a woman just seized him in a tight embrace that woke him up. It was the scent of dim sum and the rush of hushed footsteps that concerned him.

            Opening the door of his office with a sense of premonition he looked out and met no one. Yet, when he looked down he saw that a tray of home made dim sum was left by his door. And who ever had made it also left pink Hershey kisses for dessert. He knew only one person would do this for him. Knowing this, a rush of urgency came to him. He ran through the halls with speed and determination, but, by heaven above, he would not make it there on time.

            Sakura remembered the way she was holding him when she watched them through the slightly open door. Rachel with a small smile plastered on her face, and Syaoran with a calm face, while the woman held him in her arms, would blare at her for the rest of her life, if she were to turn away from her journey now. She was becoming weary the longer she stayed. Even the lumps in the darkness, that were her suitcases holding her only belongings, threatened to jump out and swallow her in a second veil of darkness. Her heart beat faster. She groped for the teddy bear that had been given to her by someone she loved long ago, that rest on her cold pillow. Feeling its softness, it gave her hope. In the mist of her despondency she thought she even heard it say, "Be strong."

            She looked at it with care and gently brushed her fingers across its forehead. For a moment, she thought she saw the golden brown eyes of him replace the black ones of the teddy bear. But she let that thought slip away, telling herself, that it was only the trick of the light, the light that flickered on so suddenly in the room.

Tomoyo, had her hand on the light switch, staring at Sakura with knitted brows, "Are you okay?"

Sakura surprisingly smiled softly, hugging the teddy close to her.

"You scared me, sitting in the dark like this. Turn on the lights next time."

"Don't worry, Tomoyo. I won't sit in the dark again."