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Warning: For those of you who don't know me I am very psycho.

Oh yeah! If you happen to like this story I recommend reading Hawksong by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. Actually, just read all of her books. They're supernatural books w/ a little lovin involved. Now that you know about her books, READ THEM!!!!

Summary: Miko's and Demon's have been at war for centuries. The only solution to stopping the war is to join the two heirs in marriage. Can they learn to trust each other, maybe even... love each other?

Disclaimer: If I don't have the money to own sailor moon, or my own car for that matter, how the hell am I going to be able to own inuyasha? Dumb Asses.

Now on with the story! _____________________________________________________________________

Kagome was turning eighteen soon. It was a time she dreaded knowing she was to be queen during this awful war that has plagued her people for years.

She walked the forest ground. Everywhere she stepped was tainted by blood. The spirits of dead men were all around her. They're souls were unwilling to leave the world where their own families were waiting.

She heard a scream and went to the sound. "No Kagome," Her guard, Hojo, warned her harshly.

She didn't listen. She knew she should have, but she couldn't. Kagome ran faster and faster to a scream that sounded all too familiar to her. She found the cause, her own brother.

On one side, her little brother, Souta, lay dying. On the other, Sesshomaru Yukai, one of the last remaining noble sons of the demon Lord nearly bleeding to death. She recently heard that he was to be the next lord.

Kagome hugged her dying brother, trying hardest not to cry. That was frowned upon among Mikos, if her emotions became too strong then her powers would be out of control.

Then she looked to Sesshomaru. She felt sorry for the demon, knowing that he would die soon. She got on her knees and sung to him. She didn't care that he could possibly be her brother's murderer. She didn't care that he was a demon. Death was death, no matter his sins.

"Kagome, we should go." Hojo told her.
"No! This man is dying all alone, no one deserves that no matter what!" She continued to sing, ignoring her guard's protests. They were songs of war ending, peace, a time when there would be no anger.

"It could take hours until he dies." He pointed out.

"Then we'll take hours." Kagome replied.

Then Sesshomaru's eyes rolled back in his head indicating his death.