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The First Step- Getting Acquainted


"What, the hell, do you think you are doing?" Inuyasha asked, eyes glaring at Kagome's look-alike.

"Inuyasha, I was just-" She started to reply, eyes dancing around, afraid of what could become of her.

"It is 'my Lord' to you right now, Kikyo." His voice was dripping with venom; it was easy to tell why he was the most fear demon of these lands. At least, by Kagome's people.

"My Lord, she stalked right up to the gate. The witch is our enemy; I didn't know what to-" Kikyo was once again interrupted by the fearsome demon.

"Was she unarmed?" He asked, already knowing the obvious answer as he looked to the soon-to-be High Priestess that was tied by her wrists and ankles.


"I said, 'Was she unarmed?'" He once again asked, baring his dangerously pointed fangs.

"No, My Lord, but she-"

"Kikyo, if you ever, lay one finger, on Kagome again, I will see to it that you can't touch anything."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Now go up to your quarters before I really get angry." Inuyasha watched as Kikyo left in a furious race to get to her quarters.

Inuyasha regarded the other officer as soon as Kikyo was out of hearing range. As a Fate demon, she very well knew what would happen anyway. "Would you excuse us." Inuyasha started. "Now." He added as an afterthought, making sure the demon would get the real picture.

Inuyasha's anger was surprising. It scared Kagome to no end, she was not yet sure if she should trust this demon that she was going to marry.

He knelt before her and shred the ropes off her body at once. Kagome's stiff muscles screamed at the release, pain evident in her eyes. Then, she regained her composure and ignored the pain, like all good Mikos do.

Inuyasha watched her go from 'ready to collapse' to emotionless composure.' He didn't get her people's habits, they just weren't healthy. As he studied her he noticed his signature necklace hanging from her chest.

Kagome sat up at once. She began to moth out her clothing to reassure herself that there were no wrinkles. Next thing the girl knew, she was in Inuyasha's embrace.

Inuyasha inhaled her scent, knowing that soon enough, it would be everywhere. The evidence was hanging around her neck, she had agreed to getting married! Then he realized that he was putting her through pain, not emotional, but physical. His guards had hurt her badly. It was definitely time for her to sleep.


Kagome was in an awkward situation. She was being carried up the stairs to Inuyasha's bedroom. HIS bedroom. She hadn't told him yet why she had arrived, though she guessed he knew why by his hug. Was she going to have to sleep in the same bed as him every night? Most likely, yes.


"Shh. We'll talk after some rest, love. Sleeping in the same bed as me will probably be a little uncomfortable and come as a shock at first, but if we are going to be married, my people will be suspicious. First, we'll have to clean you off." He whispered. Why did he whisper? Who knows? Questions will be asked later. Then Kagome realized what is last sentence implied.

"Wait, clean me-" She was cut off by a growl and then a chuckle. How was he able to change his mood so quickly?

"Don't worry, love. My sister Ayame is a great nurse. And I'm pretty sure she has some clothes you can fit into." Whew. There goes that problem.

Inuyasha walked up the stairs and to his right, searching for his sibling. Sighing, she was most likely off with Kouga. If Inuyasha were going to clean off Kagome, she would most likely purify him. And he understood why. Marriage was one thing; intimacy was a completely different subject. There was a bathroom down the hall, and he was pretty sure she could fit into some of his old clothes. That would have to do for now.

"Do you have enough energy to heal yourself?"

"Yes, why?" Kagome asked, becoming exhausted as she sank deeper into his arms. Then she realized what he was asking. "You know I can't do it while you're in the room, right?"

"There's a bathroom down the hall. You'll have it all to yourself. I'll get you some of my old clothes, too." He looked at her, waiting for her answer.

"Okay, just set me down in the bathroom. I'll be out in a minute."


After Kagome was clean and relaxed in a pair of Inuyasha's boxers and button-up silk shirts, she called for him. With his excellent canine hearing, she could have just barely moved her lips and he would have come running. 'I think I'm going to pet his ears some day.' Kagome thought to herself, though she would never admit it to anyone.

He picked her up bridal-style and carried her down the hall and to the left, into his bedroom.

Unsurprisingly enough, it was full of silk and satin. The colors were dark, mostly scarlet, while purple and black took over his bed sheets. Dark and sleek, it was the utter essence that was Inuyasha.

He put her on his bed, bringing out a nice, warm blanket to cover her with. He slid into the bed, on top of the sheets, so as not to disturb the resting princess. The two weren't very close at all, inches apart. She, too afraid to get close to a demon, he, accommodating to her fear. They awoke quite differently.

Kagome and Inuyasha subconsciously moved closer to each other through the night, each comforted by the other's presence. They got close enough to where Kagome's cheek was resting on Inuyasha's shoulder, and Inuyasha's chin was atop Kagome's head.


Ayame peeked in on her younger brother, not realizing that he had company. Then, she saw them; she already knew what they were getting into. She knew that the world was not yet going to be accepting to a Demon and a Miko together. They weren't the first time. The trouble was on its way.

Ayame quietly left the room, leaving them to rest. Whether the two were in love or not, they would need their sleep.


Kagome awoke to the feeling of someone's heartbeat against her ear. At first, she couldn't figure out where she was. She used her extraordinary senses to figure it out, not yet wanting to open her eyes from the dream she thought she was having. She felt silk, heard the fast panting of a demon breathing, and finally, smelled the scent of a thousand forests. It was Inuyasha.

"I was wondering when you'd wake up." He suddenly said, startling the Miko.

"What? Wait-how? Uh, I…" She started to ask, flustered by his sudden status of her awaken status. Her eyes weren't even open…how did he know?

"Demon, remember?" He reminded her, baring his teeth as an extra admonition.

After that it became really quiet, neither willing to acknowledge the fact that they were both marrying the one thing they were taught to hate.

It was so quiet a pin could be heard if it was dropped.

Kagome decided to break the silence. "So, um, do you want to go for a walk?" She asked, uncertain of what to do now. She forgot that she was leaning against him, and quickly caught the fact. Kagome got up and sat on the edge of the bed, not looking at Inuyasha as she regained her stoic expression before he saw her blush.

"No, we really shouldn't. My people tend to get nervous around Mikos, no offense. Maybe we should just sat in her for a while? Order in breakfast, get to know each other before the ceremony, change clothes…" He trailed of, remembering that he didn't have a shirt on…Inuyasha hurriedly got up to retrieve some clothing.

"That'll be nice." She hollered as he changed in the walk-in closet to her right. "But the changing thing might be hard, considering that all of my clothes are at home." She listened as he fumbled around in the closet, every once in awhile hearing bangs and loud yells of profanity. She giggled as he came out, momentarily forgetting that her present was to remain hollow.

"Yeah, I guess that does present a problem." He said, debating whether or not to give her the dress. On the one hand, she was there, and it was for her. On the other hand, it was an after wedding present from an old friend. What the hell, it was the day, wasn't it?

"Alright, I do have a dress for you. It's in my closet. An old friend made it." He said, making his way towards the evil closet once again, ready for another battle.

Kagome stared up at the demon in wonder, once again ignoring her normal façade. Inuyasha went into the closet, and, soon enough, he was out again carrying a box. He handed it to Kagome and she gazed at it.

"Well," came his gruff voice, "open it." She did as he told and opened the box carefully to find a beautiful scarlet silk dress. It was strapless and the top tied behind her neck and connected to the crisscrossing straps that engulfed the back. I stopped at the floor.

Kagome gasped as she realized that her new brooch matched this dress perfectly.

"Go put it on." He said, relishing in the iridescent features that controlled her face when she wasn't trying to be unemotional.

"Inuyasha…I can't just wear this all day when I'm not doing anything. I'm just going to be lounging around with you until we have to get ready."

"Keh. It's about time you learn that demons make their own rules. And when a demon decides that it's okay to lounge around all day in evening wear, then it's okay. Remember that, seeing's how you're marrying one." Kagome went off to the closet.

'That's what scares me the most Inuyasha. Every word you just said.' Kagome thought sadly as she got out of his clothes and into her new dress.


Inuyasha growled appreciatively as Kagome came out of the closet dressed in silky scarlet.

"I see you like it." Kagome commented, not missing his growl at all.

"Of course I like it. There's a beautiful witch standing in front of me and she has the power to kill me at any second. What's not to like?" Inuyasha mused.

"Hmm. This must be very enjoyable to you. The fact that my mother would kill me in an instant has no effect on you whatsoever."

"Oh come on! This is the stuff love stories are made of! Forbidden romance, a chance to end a feud, a couple that could destroy everything, but chooses to stay together instead?!" The passion coming out of Inuyasha was quite strange, and very out of character.

"Yes, well, this isn't a love story, Inuyasha." Kagome said, almost amused by his poetic display of words.

"Yes it is. You've liked me ever since I set foot on your lands thanking you." Ah, there's the cocky demon we all know and love.

Kagome paled for a second, regained her senses, straightened up and asked, "So where's that breakfast you promised me?"

Inuyasha grinned, knowing that she was avoiding his last statement. He'll have to tease her about it later, after she knows him well enough to either laugh with him or ignore him. He was hoping it would be the former.

"It should be here in a bit. I didn't know what you would like, so I ordered a bit of everything. Excluding anything raw or with blood, of course."

"Oh thank goddess. I don't think I could have handled any blood today, much less something that's still moving." Kagome commented, as there was a knock on Inuyasha's door.

"My Lord, there has been a disappointing intrusion." Said the demon Kagome recognized as being one of Inuyasha's personal guards. He was tall, with brown hair and almond eyes. He was the one that was cautious with Ayame. Inuyasha walked out and talked to the guard.

"Kagome." Inuyasha said, looking at her closely, making sure the other demon was looking the other way. "One of your people has been shot. He came on ground with weapons, startling my guards. What do you need me to do?"

Kagome took a deep breath and remained calm. "Let me see him." She said, remember suddenly that she should hide her feelings.

"Bring him in." Inuyasha said to the guard.

After a few moments the wolf demon brought in a Miko. A Miko that had long brown hair and had been Kagome's friend for years.



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