Does the figment of imagination show it all?
A virtual dispute given into the World with just the small.

Every time I see you, my own heart skips a bear;
That of the player mattering, well that is only the fleet.

When deletion was in the process, that simple fact of the point of no
There I felt the pain swell in my heart, as if the fire that would never
case its burn.

These feelings, they come from within me;
Its no program, you have you believe that from within for it to be.

My power has never felt so weak, so disputed;
Transforming from a powerful warrior, to that of some damned damsel with
the weakling's soul computed.

Such a waste of time, such a scorn of energy;
My entire existence now depends from you to me.

Though when the day ends, and the people are gone;
Sometimes I look back with such a blank existence that my form feels

Yet, when I think about it, my mind goes of the figure
And there is nothing more in the world than I want, for you to be nearer