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Chapter 1: Chibi Sesshy!

Sesshomaru, Rin and Jyaken were walking in the forest when all of a sudden they hear a giggle. "What was that?" Jyaken asked. "It was a giggle silly" Rin said and giggled herself. "Yeah Jyaken how can you soooo ugly and stupid at the same time?" the giggle turned into an insult then back into a giggle. "Shut up!!! Whoever you are come out or you have to face Sesshomaru- sama!!" the toad said. "Ok" a girl with blue eyes, black hair and in a blue kimono darker than her eyes appeared in front of them.

Sesshomaru noticed a pair of black cat ears on her head and a cat tail. "A neko youkai huh" she stared at Sesshomaru then nodded then smiled brightly "can I touch your fluffy tail onegai?" Jyaken went over to her and bopped her on the head with his staff of heads "ouch why you little why'd you do that?" "Because you asked the most stupid question ever".

"Woman" Sesshomaru suddenly said "hai?" "What is your name?" "Neko-chan" "Neko-chan huh" she nodded "well Neko-chan I don't have time to deal with another half breed I already have one to deal with" "what did you say?! Did you just call me a half breed?!" (Minuyasha: ooh he's going to get it now)

Suddenly the once Neko-chan turned into a inu hanyou with silver hair, golden eyes that are almost as cold as Sesshomaru's and the blue kimono turned into red the tail was gone and her cat ears were replaced by dog ears. "You did not just call me a half breed"

"So what if Sesshomaru-sama did he has the right to say anything!" Jyaken suddenly said. "This has nothing to with you beat it" she kicked him so hard he landed in Hawaii "now for you Sesshomaru muhahahahahahahahahahahahaha" she raised her hands and started chanting Sesshomaru started glowing and poof standing in Sesshomaru's place was the cutest little chibi.

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