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Chapter 4: Brotherly bonding (Well not really)

Kagome gasped and Sesshomaru looked at her "Who did you say you were?" she asked him "I'm Sesshomaru" he said again and Kagome asked "Do you have a brother?" Sesshomaru nodded his head "Yeah I'm going to have a little baby brother soon my daddy said" he smiled up at her "Um is your brother's mother a human or demon?" "She's human my daddy really loves her!" he replied and smiled at her.

'This is Sesshomaru but he's a kid and he's definitely not tricking us if he gave me all that information but if I tell Inuyasha then he will try to kill Sesshomaru and Miroku-sama and Sango-chan will too I mean even if Sesshomaru tried to kill Inuyasha a whole bunch of times he's a poor kid right now I can't let him just be killed by Inuyasha like that' she thought and stood up 'But I can't use the name Sesshomaru' "Ano Sesshomaru do you have a nickname?" Sesshomaru shook his head no "Uh-uh"

'Now what... wait I know! I'll give him a nickname!' Kagome thought and said "Uh Sesshomaru right now your name will be uh Koinu" (AN: Someone told me that that name meant "puppy" in Japanese but I don't know if it's true so tell me please people) and Sesshomaru just stared and smiled then asked "Is this a game?". "Uh yeah it's to pretend your name is not well your name and if you tell anyone you lose" Sesshomaru nodded.

Kagome walked up to the others "His name is Koinu and he's an orphan his mother and father died but he thinks Inuyasha is his father because Inuyasha looked so much like his father" she lied and looked real sad Sango looked sad too and replied "Oh the poor child" Inuyasha felt sorry for the kid too but of course wouldn't tell or show it.

Shippo (AN: I almost forgot about him) just then ran up to Kagome and jumped into her arms where she caught him "Kagome!!" Shippo cried happily and looked at Sesshy. "Who's the kid?" he asked and Sesshy looked up at him angrily "You're a kid too" Sesshy said and pointed at Shippo and Shippo just looked at him then jumped out of Kagome's arms.

"I bet I'm stronger than you" Shippo said and crossed his arms. Sesshy looked at him and put his arms on his hips and said "Yeah right" Shippo looked at him and then pounced on him. They both fought and rolled around; of course both of them didn't get hurt.

Finally Sesshy was sitting on Shippo's back on said "Ha I won!" Shippo growled and the rest of the group sweatdropped. Sesshy got off Shippo and did a victory dance while Shippo went to the group and huffed "He isn't bad" Inuyasha smirked at Shippo "What are you smiling about Inuyasha?" Shippo asked and Inuyasha answered "How do we know if he's good or not I mean he beat YOU" (AN: OUCH) Shippo started whining "Kagome Inuyasha is being mean!!" "Osuwari!!" Kagome said and Inuyasha fell, face first to the ground.

"You little bitch!" Inuyasha said as soon as he got up but Kagome was running away 'Huh?' Inuyasha thought and Kagome yelled out "I forgot I had a test tomorrow I have to go and study for it!!" and Inuyasha just said "Feh" and turned around to see Sesshy and Shippo fighting again and Inuyasha sweatdropped.

Shippo tried to punch Sesshy but Sesshy dodged and kicked Shippo, Shippo dodged by ducking and tried his magic top thingy (AN: Don't know what it's called) and Sesshy just moved to the side where the top landed and turned back into a little harmless toy. Of course in the end Shippo lost and Sesshy did his victory dance again where Shippo just huffed again and ran off somewhere. 'I think I'm beginning to like this kid' Inuyasha thought as Shippo ran away.

Sango went over to Sesshy "Hey Koinu you know how to fight don't you?" she asked and Sesshy said "Of course I just made Shippo run away didn't I." "Feh I wouldn't be so full of it if I were you kid so you beat Shippo there are a lot more of demons who are a LOT more powerful than Shippo" Inuyasha said while walking towards Sesshy and Sesshy just stared at Inuyasha and asked "Like who?" "Feh like me of course!" "Than how come when that girl says 'sit' you always drop to the ground?" "..." Inuyasha didn't respond

"Is she more powerful than you or is it a game?" "Feh like she's more powerful than me! And it ain't a game neither" "Then what is it?" "Uh it's uh just forget it ok" "Ok say what else kind of youkai are REALLY strong?" "Well there's..." and Inuyasha and Sesshy spent the rest the day talking about powerful youkai.

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