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Peps back again. In the last fic, Pepper and Logan had gotten along pretty well in "Quality time with Logan". Trouble and mayhem and a little romance (slighty) will occur but this time using his Kurt's inducer. For you Kurmanda fans laugh all you want as this kid takes over...


In the Dining Room...

Dinner was set and ready to be devoured by the hungry students and teachers after a long days' work in school and danger room sessions. Everyone sat in their own places and started grabbing all the food they could stuff in their empty stomachs. For some reason it was pretty odd to see Nightcrawler skipping a meal especially dinner. He hadnt even showed up after school or did his session? No one knew where he was or what he was doing.

"Hey guys wheres Kurt?" Pep asked staring at the empty seat beside her.

"Sorry sugah, ah dunno where blue boy is?" Rogue answered scooping spaghetti on her plate.

"Its Pepper..." the young mutant reminded. Ever since she arrived, everyone had been giving her cute nicknames and she hated it. She just wanted to be called Pep or Pepper nothing else.

"Oh youre' so cute when you say that!" Tabby squealed.

"Totally!" Amara joined.

Flames flickered in Peps famous bright red eyes.

"Chill guys I don't want dinner to be burned ok!" Bobby glanced at the two girls then at the lil explosive. "You too Pep."

"Thanks Bobby!" the flames disappeared.

"Oh yeah back to Kurt. Where is he?" Kitty continued the question.

"Its not likely of him to be missing dinner." Scott answered this time.

"Well maybe he went out to do something." Jean thought.

"How would you know Jean." Kitty said eating a plate of veggies.

"I didn't know you were a vegeterian?" Pep suddenly changed the subject.

"You never knew that?" Kitty sliced a piece of brocolli and carrots and ate them.

"Hey that reminds me whatever happened to the wedding cake you baked?" Sam asked disgusted.

"Well no one ever touched it so its been in the fridge ever since." Ray explained.


"We don't have a fridge anymore!" Roberto reminded.

"Oh yeah so whatever happened to the cake?"

"It ended up in Sabertooth's face!" Logan smirked.

Pep quickly remembered the encounter she had with Victor just last week. She couldn't believe she actually beat him with her powers. Logan was very proud of her and that was the day when they started their friendship. Yes and she was the one responsible for blowing up the fridge.

"You said it!" Pep gave Logan an evil smile.

"Well aht least the cake didn't go tah waste." Rogue chuckled.

"You guys are mean!" Kitty folded her arms.

"Sweetie you havn't even touched your food." Storm looked at Pep's plate of spaghetti.

"I don't like the taste, it's weird." she said disgusted. She watched as everyone ate their share too. But they seemed to be uncomfortable with it.

"What the hell!" Logan yelled.

"Oh god!" Storm choked.

"Ew!" most of the girls freaked.

"I am never eating spaghetti as long as I live!" Jean felt like vomitting.

"I think I'm gonna be..." Sam held his stomach.

"Sick!" The Jamie spat a spoonful of it back to their plates.

"This taste like sh..." Ray cursed.

"Crud!" Roberto turned white.

"Water! Water!" Scott grabbed the pitcher of water and poured the whole thing in his mouth and face.

"I need to use the john!" Bobby covered his mouth and ran to the bathroom.

"Someones trying to posion us!" Hank gasped.

"I'm not hungry anymore!" Amara pushed her plate away.

"Same here!" Tabby did the same.

"I'll pass!" Rogue luckily hadnt got a chance to taste it.

Kitty was already on the ground, kicking her legs in the air laughing like a maniac. "Karma!" was all she could say.

"I warned you guys!" Pep had been trying to hide all her laughter but had just let it out now. Everyone glared at both of them. "Hey it was a good escuse for Kurt to skip dinner riiight?"


After the situation, everyone decided to skip dinner too and got back on their business, the spaghetti went straight to the trash and poor Kitty had to wash all the dishes. No one even cared about Kurt anymore.

Everyone walked out of the kitchen misereblely, cursing under their breaths and had cross looks on their faces. Some of them went to finish piles of homework while the others did their sessions. Poor Pep had been left alone...again.

"I guess they were too busy and piss to even notice me." She mumbled. "I wonder where Kurt is?" she walked to the living room and jumped on the couch. She sat there just silent. Boredome strikes again. Out of the silence, she heard voices outside but didn't mind it. Then she realized a German accent and some female voice she had never heard. "Kurt!" she beamed and ran outside.


Somewhere outside...

It was quite dark so she couldn't really she what was in her way. She manged to bump into a few trees, tripped on two rocks and had her legs get caught in the water hose. She had a hard time untanggling and had to hop many times until her legs was fully free. "Man the Prof should put lights around this place." She continued walking without knowing the other end of the hose was still tangle to her right foot.

She followed the direction where the voices were coming from. "I bet its Kurt! Its gotta be!" she screamed in her mind. She stopped and listened very carefully.

"Oh Kurt I had the most romantic time of my life!" the female voice was heard. "We should do this again."

"Vell ja I had a blast too!" Kurt said wearing his inducer, in his human form.

"Its pretty cold out here." She shivered.

"No prob cupcake, I'll teleport you right inside." He insisted.

Pep couldn't believe it! "No way! Kurt has a girlfriend. The fuzzy blue dude has a girl friend! "How come he never told me?" This is so wicked!" she gasped and fell to the ground with a loud thud.

"What was that!" Amanda jumped and Kurt and both of them fell too.

"I zont know? It zounded like a cat tangled in ze vater hose?"

"But you don't have a cat."

"Nice guess Kurt but I'm not a cat!" she finally untangled the hose from her shoe and stupidly threw it up in the air. It fell and hit her on the head. "Grrr!" she gritted her teeth and tried to endure the pain.

"Kurt I don't think it's a cat? It sounded more like a dog!"

"Ja, vut ve zont have a dog."

After a while she rolled herself to a random place and ended up hitting her head again. It so happened to be the 4th tree she had hit tonight. "Yeow!"

"Whats it saying?" she whispered.

"I zink it said 'meow'?" Kurt answered. "Yup it's definitely a cat."

"Should we check if it's hurt?" Amanda suggested.

"Vhut it's a stray cat! I can't touch zat!" he freaked.

"Cmon Kurt, don't be such a scaredy cat!" she pushed him forward.

She didn't want to be caught spying on them so she quikcly climbed the tree and made her great escape. It was a great view from the top. "Isnt this evesdropping?" she rubbed her sore head.

"It's gone!" Kurt told Amanda when he reached the spot and found nothing.

"Oh well I guess it ran away." She still shivered.

"You vant my jacket. It vill keep zu warm?" he wrapped it around her cold body.

"Don't be too sweet smuccums!" Amanda pushed him gently to the tree and cornered him.

"Smuccums!" Pep bit her lip trying to hide a giggle.

"You too cupcake." Kurt seemed to be under a spell.

"You make me wanna..." she said bringing her face to closer to his.

"Yes." Kurt stared at her with love in his eyes.

Her bright red eyes grew wide. "Sick! I hate romance!" she freaked and lost her balance.

Just before their lips had settled, something from the tree had crashed on the couple, leaving them both on the ground. Pep got up and ran for her life. "Bad move!"

"Kurt who was that!" Amanda said rubbing her head.

Kurt quikcly stood up to his feet. "I dunno cupcake but I'm avout zu find out for myself!" he teleported and happened to appear in front of the evesdropper.


Sorry it took a while for me to come up with a good fic and sorry if the chap was too short. She finally found out Kurt's secret. Poor Pep. Not to mention the others, being tortutred by Kitty's spaghetti. (I have no idea how to spell spaghetti and the microsoft word I have sucs!) Next chap coming up. Don't forget to review.