Sweet Simplicity

She was at The Bronze, a little cheerer upper by the gang. Nothing could console her, the love of her life or at least she thought, had disappeared in the mist and blinking lights. He was gone, really gone. Angel was gone. She stirred her Diet Coke with the straw impatiently. Willow and Oz were dancing, Cordelia was flirting with the bartender, a young twenty something, and Xander was well, in the little boys' room. It was Cordelia's last Bronze appearance, she'd be going to LA tomorrow afternoon, trying to make it in the entertainment world. Buffy would be enrolling in UC Sunnydale that fall, as would Willow and Oz. Xander would be going on his cross country "See America" tour. A tour of one.

She sipped her Coke and put it down. Meanwhile, a college grad walked in with his best friends.

"Wasn't that something? The high school blown up? During graduation no less." Graham, one of the grad's friends asked.

"Probably a punk." Riley, the grad muttered.

"Probably a hot girl punk." Forrest, Riley's other friend sighed with interest.

"Forrest, get your mind off girls for one minute, 'kay?" Riley hit him over the head playfully.

"Why are we here if not to scope out chicks? I mean..... woh, check HER out." Forrest pointed at the blonde in the corner sitting at one of the round tables, sipping her drink.

"What about her?" Riley asked.

"Total damsel in distress, look how she pours her sorrows over a soda while she watches her friends dance." Forrest said, not knowing the half of it.

"No doubt some jerk broke her heart and now she's trying to get over it. Riley, I dare you to go over there and ask her to dance, help her." Graham said not changing tone.

"Are you kidding, Gray?" Riley raised an eyebrow at his friend.

"Nope, I can tell, he's really not. Graham's serious. Give it a try. If she spits you out, I'm gonna try it myself." Forrest pushed Riley out there into the table area.

Was that a guy, a guy walking over to her? He looked older, older than her anyway, probably by three years at least. He was tall, and muscled, he had blue eyes, and dirty blonde hair that was floppy and almost came to his eyes, but didn't. He was cute. And he was coming to talk to her. "Hello, would you like to dance?" He asked nervously, because he was not a good fast dancer.

Buffy thought a moment then asked ", what's your name?" She made eye contact and got lost in the depths of his own eyes.

"Riley, Riley Finn."

"I'm Buffy, Buffy Summers. Nice to meet you, and I would just love to dance." She replied and let a smile enhance her dimples. She took his hand and let him lead her to the dance floor. Why not? Why not dance with this dashing stranger? She liked him, she liked it, the freedom. It was sweet simplicity.