Pillow Fight

by pari

Rated: G

Abby/Tony/Kate friendship PWP

Disclaimer: Nothing NCIS belongs to me.

A/N: This is a little snippet that was going to be a part of a longer, general NCIS fic. The fic fell through, but I kind of liked this part so it's survived as a bit of PWP. Set sometime in the near future.

"So...tell me why we're on stakeout again."

Abby Sciutto shifted in the backseat of the dark car the NCIS agents had parked across the street from Lt. Darnell's apartment building. She crossed and uncrossed her ankles where they rested on the console between the front seats, her heavy combat boots scuffing the leather.

Special Agents Todd and DiNozzo exchanged a glance - DiNozzo with a grin, Todd with a look of fond exasperation.

"Because Darnell is a flight risk," Tony told Abby, gazing back out the window at the door to Darnell's apartment. DiNozzo was slumped in his seat, head resting in his left hand. With his right he drummed a random beat on the steering wheel in front of him.

"He's supposed to be at the conference all evening," Kate continued in the same inflectionless tone. "But Gibbs thinks he's going to make a run for it once he finds out NCIS confronted Boedecker this morning." Kate's last few words were slurred by a yawn. Tony grinned at her cheekily, earning himself a glare that soon transformed itself into a smug smirk. Yawns are contagious, and by the time Kate's had made the rounds Tony was yawning loudest of all.

Abby smiled as Tony and Kate instigated a tug-of-war over the lone pillow she had brought with her for the stakeout.

"So why not go to the conference?" Abby asked, as if nothing were happening. "Wait for Darnell there?"

"Because..." Kate began to respond, then stopped as Tony made a successful grab at the pillow and came away victorious. Kate's eyes narrowed. She made as if to reach for her piece. Tony rolled his eyes...

Giving Kate the perfect opportunity to snatch the pillow back and hit Tony over the head with it.

"Fornell's already got a team at the conference," Kate said finally, smiling, as Tony frowned and smoothed back his hair.

Abby slurped on her Big Gulp. "Ah."

"And Gibbs is there," Tony reminded, eying Kate's efforts to make herself comfortable with Abby's pillow enviously. "We're just backup."

Abby sighed, shifting again. Several sighs, shifts, and clunks of boots later, Abby had her head on the console between Kate and Tony, and her feet resting on the back dash. Tony grinned down at her.

"Couldn't Darnell just take off from the conference," Abby asked, reinitiating conversation. "I mean, if you know the Feds are on to you, why swing by the pad for travel accessories? There's a 24-hour right around the block."

Kate responded with her eyes closed. She had Abby's pillow sandwiched between her cheek and the half-raised glass of the passenger-side door window.

"The disks, Abby."

"Hardly your average travel accessory," Tony added, glancing out the corner of his eye at Kate.

"You're kidding," Abby said, raising a brow. "You mean he's still got 'em at his place?"

"Hasn't had the chance to move them yet. But he'll try once Gibbs puts the heat on him."

Suddenly Tony was sitting up straight in his seat, a smile forming on his lips. Abby began to rise to see what was going on, but Tony stopped her with the wave of a hand and a gesture for her to be quiet.

Abby watched him skeptically, but smiled and said nothing.

Kate, oblivious, asked, "Tell you what, Abs - since you're into this whole stakeout thing, why don't you be Tony's second and wake me up if Darnell shows? That way I can get some sleep."

Abby bit her lip. Tony's finger was paused over the window switches on the driver's side door.

Abby rolled her eyes but played along.

"Uh-uh. It's my day off, remember?" she said. "I'm supposed to be home recuperating, waiting for Pascelli to piece my lab back together." Abby grimaced, scratching at the stiff bandages that encircled her stomach; a memento from the last time the NCIS had tangled with Hassat's men.

'She'll kill you,' she mouthed at Tony.

Tony gave her one of his thousand-watt, 'has-that-ever-stopped-me-?' grins. And jabbed the button.

Immediately after came the sound of a thunk and a shrill yelp.

"Tony!" Kate screamed. Abby giggled and drew herself out of the crossfire.

[ end ]