Summary: Yami finds out that his hikari is not pure and innocent the hard way when he loses a duel and has to hold up his end of a bet: seducing the iciest businessman in Domino.  

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//...// Yami to Yugi
/.../ Yugi to Yami

*~* change of scene
*** change of perspective

Seduction of Ice

Yami was startled, to say the least. The cards lain out before him and in his hand were of no further use. On the opposite side of the field, however, it was a different story. "Aibou...won't you please reconsider?"

Yugi smirked. A purely *evil* smirk. So evil and mischievous and plotting in fact...that Yami had not thought his hikari possible of such a gesture.

"No way, Yami..." The words fell from innocent lips...well, not really so innocent...but lips that feigned innocence easily. "I win, which means you have to uphold your half of the bet."

Yami frowned, watching as Yugi happily collected his cards and reformed his deck. Well, his second deck.

How had he lost? He had even been using his own cards! Ra, damn him, the evil little imp that feigned innocence. The spirit of the millennium puzzle suppressed the urge to growl.

He gathered his own cards, sliding them into the holster on his hip as he got to his feet. "I will not go back on my word, Yugi," he consented bravely.

Yugi smirked again, adding that evil light to his eyes that sent a shiver up his dark side's spine. "You'll thank me in the end, Yami. Trust me."

The ruby eyed ex-pharaoh groaned softly as he closed his eyes momentarily. He had been certain he would win. And perhaps that had been his downfall. Overconfidence usually cost him duels against his hikari...not that they dueled very often.

But the fact remained that he had lost...and now...he had to stick with his word.

But to seduce someone? And HIM, no was, quite frankly, an impossible task.

However, the ancient pharaoh certainly wouldn't complain if he came up with a plan that worked.

He turned to head back to their shared bedroom with a soft grunt in Yugi's direction. He left a giggling hikari behind him. Ra, how was he supposed to seduce the iciest businessman in Domino?


That was how it had all started. That fateful day had caused him hours of grief, doubt, embarrassment, and unnecessary (if not a little painful) thinking. And now, here he was back at school for the beginning of his last semester, and Ryou and Yugi were *both* shoving him towards the corner where a certain brunette was sitting all alone.

English class. Gods, how he hated, detested, loathed, despised this class and its group projects. Or rather, its "partner essays".

Ra, damn his hikari and his equally "innocent" friends. Argh.

"Just go ask him to be your partner!" Yugi insisted, giving his dark side another shove in Kaiba's direction. "C'mon have to hold up your end of the bet, remember?"

Yami ignored Ryou's giggles. He could *hear* the tomb robber laughing at him. Life was NOT fair.


Seto looked up as Yami approached him, walking with his usual confidence and his hands comfortably slipped in his pockets. An eyebrow arched as the ancient spirit took a seat in the empty desk beside him, pinning him with a bored gaze.

"What do you want, Yami?" he asked, easily hiding his curiosity. Yugi was usually the one to confront him out of all the members of their 'friendship circle'. He inwardly snorted. 'Friendship circle my ass...Half of them are probably *sleeping* with each other...' he pondered this with a mental roll of his eyes, waiting for Yami's response. He was a little surprised that Yugi's look-alike seemed to be hesitating.

He had never seen Yami hesitate before. It was a rather amusing sight.

"We need partners," the spiky haired duelist stated finally, as if that explained everything.

Kaiba blinked. It *did* explain everything. Yami wanted to be his partner. Yami wanted to be partnered with *him*. All he had to do was open his mouth and say yes, and all would be understood, and he could spend time with his rival...precious, alone time, in which he would plan much more than essay topics.

However, his evil side was not about to let Yami's discomfort end so easily. He had to wonder just why Yami was asking him. He spared a quick glance around the classroom. There were still a few people sitting alone and staring off into space, though the friendship circle had paired off quite easily. Yami had ended up as the odd man out.

"And?" he questioned, turning his ice blue eyes back towards the other teen...who looked like he was about to start fidgeting. Seto smirked.

Yami's bored gaze quickly turned into a glare. "Kaiba...quit the acting. You want to work with me or not?"

Ah, frustration. Delicious. Seto quickly quenched his urge to lick his lips. Oh yes, Yami...I'm sure we would work *very* well together.

Kaiba could picture Mokuba laughing. 'Yeah...' his little brother would agree, 'if you could keep your hands off him long enough once you got him alone...'

Quickly jerking himself from his thoughts when he noticed Yami looking at him curiously and waiting for a response, he shrugged, turning back to the novel he had been reading. "Why not? Though don't expect me to do all the work. I'll expect you at the mansion after school. We'll have roughly and hour and a half before I will need to head in to the office. There are adequate resources there to complete the necessary research in that time period."

The brunette thought he heard Yami give in indignant snort, but he couldn't be certain. He was sure that the ancient Pharaoh muttered his consent before turning abruptly and heading back towards his shorter look-alike.

The smirk widened as he turned back to the book had been reading. At lunch he'd make a few phone calls. He was not about to lose another game with his arch-rival.

*** TBC ***

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