Light in the Shadows

By: xxlostdreamerxz

Disclaimer: No, I do not own HP.

It was a dark and cloudy day in the mid of winter, bitter icy flakes landed blew about furiously as the wind screamed with pain. The once magnificent Hogwart's grounds had been transformed into a barren wasteland of haunting memories. The once protective trees of the Forbidden forest lay scattered upon the ground dead as small wisps of black with smoke rose from within. The once beautiful sky blue lake was reduced to pools of blood and tears, with the Giant Squid lying defiantly upon a rock, dead as a doornail. While as the majestic castle was reduced to nothing more the rubble... Most would mourn the death of Hogwarts, the ancient school that disciplined them in the arts of magic. A school that had once held their fondest memories, was reduced to something close to a complete nightmare.

It was the end of the light, and the beginning to a new era of darkness. With Hogwarts destroyed, and Albus Dumbledore dead, most members of the light had lost hope completely. Which eventually resulted in the enslavement of all those pure of heart, and those once loyal to the light...

"It ends here, Potter," hissed Voldemort, staring down at Harry with a twisted smile upon his face. "I will show the wizarding world my true extent of my power, by starting with you...their savior..." A horde of death eaters snickered softly in agreement, however the remaining Light members struggled fiercely against their bonds trying to break free. To fight to death with their comrade...

Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived was currently tied securely to a metallic stone. To put it shortly, the boy looked like shit. His face was a mask of bruises and cuts. One of his eyes were bruised shut, while his other was opened weakly. Not to mention blood was dripping down his chin every time he attempted to breath. His robes were in sheds, probably due to the extensive number of Cruciatus and torture curses he'd been subjected to. However, regardless of it all, the boy's eyes flared with a passionate emerald flame. He refused to be broken, refused to allow Voldemort the satisfaction knowing that he'd won.

"What's wrong Potter? Cat got your tongue?" he whispered sadistically, as he aimed a hard kick at the boy's ribs. Harry cried out in pain, as he spat out a mouthful of blood. "You're pathetic," he spat, turning his glaze towards the struggling light wizards. "Risking your life to protect a bunch of Mudbloods. You could have been great, you could of have power...but you threw all that away the moment you joined the Light."

"Your point being?" he replied cheekily, or tried to at any rate. Harry's voice was hoarse and weak from hours of screaming, but for some strange reason was his voice was as passionate as ever. "I would rather die then to serve you, Tom," he spat out disdainfully, "If I should die, at least I'd die knowing that I fought for a cause that I truly believed in. Unlike you, I am not afraid of death, whether it be now or later, the fact remains that we are born to die..."

With a swish of his wrist, Voldemort once again cast the Cruciatus curse upon the boy-who-lived. He waited patiently with a insane glint in his eyes as he watched Harry wither upon the ground helplessly. "You're a fool, Potter. What did you expect to gain from joining the light? You know just as well as I do that they see you as nothing more then a scar. You're seen how fast they've turned upon you..."

'No, that wasn't true," thought Harry mentally, as he tried to regain his breath. 'I don't care what the bloody wizarding world thought, both my friends and parents care about me..."

Voldemort seemed to be thinking along the same lines as Harry. "Just think about it Potter," he added slyly, knowing that his next words would destroy the boy's sprit, or at any rate degrade it. "Everyone you've cared about would have been alive if it hadn't been for you. It was all your fault, a murderer are you not? First it was your mother, the bloody bitch that scarified her life to protect yours. She would have been disgusted at how you're entire life has been nothing more then a waste." Demonic ruby eyes met tired emerald green ones. "And then there was your father...yes, such a sly man was he not? To think Severus Snape successfully spied on me all these years, without my knowledge..."

"But no matter, he paid his price in death..." Voldemort snapped his fingers, and one by one the death eaters pulled something out from behind them. It has Snape, his father, however the man no longer resembled the greasy sharp-tongued man he once was. The corpse of Severus Snape had been severely mutilated, not to mention the fact that he was missing a few body parts. "'re father, the man that you've sworn to protect with your life..." he said cruelly, "...but you're still alive are you not? And your father lies here...dead..."

Harry Potter, otherwise known as a Snape, turned his face away, as a single tear trickled down his cheek. Even if there was some truth to Voldemort's words, Harry refused to surrender. Moments before his death, his father had made him promise to never give up...and to try his best to survive. "My father was a great man," he said fervidly. "And even in his death, I will honor him. Although he might have made some mistakes in his past, however he has avenged his wrongs. He did not have to spy for the light, he had the choice to live a normal life...a neutral life. For Dumbledore would have protected him all the same even if he didn't support the Light. However he chose another path. A path that he truly believed in..."

"Unlike you, Tom, my father was not a coward. You in your splendid glory hide behind the mask in fear of your loyal followers rebelling against you. Did you ever tell them that you're nothing more then a half-blood? Not to mention the fact that your father was a mere Muggle? No, the truth is Voldemort, if there's anyone weak in the world, it would be you...and your blood followers." At that Harry did something unexpected he spat a mouthful of blood right towards Voldemort's face. "Go to hell..." he spat furiously, as he unconsciously steadied himself for the upcoming death blow.

There was dead silence throughout the grounds, as both the Death Eaters and Light members were frozen in shock. Probably due to both the fact that Voldemort's bloodline was not as pure as they'd expected, or probably due to the fact that Harry had just literally spat upon Voldemort's face. Most likely it had something to due with the later.

"Well then Potter...or should I say...Snape," he said maliciously, as he slowly drew a long silver black dagger from his robes. "Since you so graciously decided to enlighten my followers about my personal history, I'll go one step further as to relinquishing a few more 'fond' memories of mine." Voldemort held up the dagger so that the moon glinted dangerously off the edge of the blade, making it resemble something like liquid silver. "This knife was very special to me..." he said softly, however his eyes betrayed his murderous intentions. "You mentioned earlier about my Muggle father, the very man that deserted me at birth. This knife contains a liquid form of the Avada Kavada, the exact replica of poison that I used upon my disgusting Muggle sire. This poison will leave no visible trace upon the victim's body, for it will at any rate kill them at touch..."

"Then kill me," he said quietly, with an unreadable expression upon his face. "Of all things, I would welcome death," a bitter laugh escaped his lips. "After all, what do I have to live for? Everyone that I've ever cared about are dead, or insane." Harry shrugged lightly, ignoring the slight pain that tore through his sore muscles. His face however was slightly dazed, almost as if he was seeing something that he knew that he'd never have. "Should I die, at least I'd be able to see them once again..."

A thin twisted smile emerged upon the demonic eyed man's face. Voldemort expertly swung the dagger around with his fingers, carefully avoiding the tip. "Well Snape, that might be all well and true, if you disregard the fact that the liquid form of the killing curse is slightly more well...potent...then the curse itself." Harry stared at Voldemort unblinkingly, his entire demeanor was cold and bitter. However his emerald eyes glistened sorrowfully. "The liquid will forbid you to every completely join the realm of the dead. You'll be like a sprit doomed to wander the earth alone until the very end. Unlike ghosts, no one can see you, much less hear you. You'll be alone...always..."

Harry closed his eyes, knowing fully well what was in store for him. His heart had leap painfully at the thought of never being allowed to experience love...and joy. He'd lost so much during the past few years, even at one point he'd truly considered the thought of suicide. However, he would try to do everything in his power to fulfill his father's last wish...

He released a shattering cry of pain when he felt something sharp enter his heart. At that moment, Harry Potter, had submitted into the darkness of his mind and had inevitable become the boy-who-lived-no-more. Screams of terror and anger roared though the grounds, as the Light supporters in mounting distress, watched the death of their beloved savior. The only thing that anyone could see, was the sadistically delighted expression upon Voldemort's face. It was over, from now on, no one...would ever stand in his way. The world was his...forever...


'Help...please...' whispered a soft voice, from deep within the tunnel. An innocent voice, the voice of a scared child. For some unknown reason Harry felt himself drawn towards the voice. It was beckoning him, forcing him to come closer...

'Daddy? Where are you?' screamed the voice desperately, as it's words rebounded about the walls. 'I can't me...I don't want to leave yet...'

Harry floated closer and closer, and to his surprise he discovered that he was staring face to face with a small dark haired lad with strikingly familiar emerald green eyes. It felt almost as if...he was looking inside a mirror... However, the boy looked as if he was some sort of dark liquid black shadows. The child was screaming in fear as he fell deeper and deeper into the unforgiving pit of darkness.

A shiver worked itself up Harry's spine as he watched to boy's frantic struggle. It felt so strange watching himself die. Was this what people really meant by the quote of one's life flashing before their very eyes? Slowly and carefully, he reached out his hand and grasped the struggling boy's. The moment Harry's finger's met the boy's, he experienced an unexpected surge of power before everything blanked out.

Meanwhile, outside of the dreamscape, the corpse of the young Harry Snape was currently lying upon the crisp white sheets of a small neat bed within the Hogwart's hospital wing. A few hours ago, the young boy had been struck by the killing curse for the second time in his short life. However without his mother's sacrifice this time, Harry was on his own. But to Dumbledore's and his father's relief, he had not died instantly, unlike normal wizards. For according to his father, as long as he was alive, there was always a chance of recovery, but now...Harry Snape's heart had long stopped beating...more so...he was officially dead.

Severus Snape was usually a very composed man, who rarely displayed any form of emotion other then the usual bursts of anger and contempt. But now...the once proud man...looked broken, as if his entire world had been destroyed upon word of Harry's death. Then again, that was probably the truth. For the only two people that have ever successfully managed to worm their way into the man's icy heart was none other then Lily Evens, and their son...Harry Snape. With the death of his beloved wife, Severus had given way to depression. Harry was his savior, for without his lovingly innocent son, he would have given way to suicide years ago.

One of the hardest moments in his life, was when he had to allow his son to be raised by Remus Lupin. For with the constant danger of Harry existence being discovered by the Dark Lord...Severus had no other choice in the matter. A few years ago, Lord Voldemort had attacked Snape's house and killed Lily. However when the Dark Lord struck Harry with the exact same curse, it'd caused the boy to fall into a magically induced comma, in which he would not wake up from until it was safe. More so, Voldemort had assumed that he'd destroyed Harry Snape...which ultimately played in their favor...or so they had thought. For the Dark Lord had attacked Remus Lupin's house hours ago, leaving the once homey cottage in shambles...

He felt a hand squeeze his shoulder comfortingly. Severus turned away abruptly, as he closed his eyes in pain. "Severus...are you alright?" questioned Dumbledore with a sad expression upon his face. "I know this is hard for you..." he trailed off when Snape spun around on heel and glared furiously towards him.

"How do you think I feel if I'd just had my heart torn out?" he hissed out, his voice coming out in a dead whisper. "He's DEAD ALBUS! MY ONLY SON IS DEAD!" his tone exploding with pain. "FIRST LILY, NOW HARRY! AM I CURSED TO LIVE WHILE THE ONLY ONES I LOVE ARE DOOMED TO DIE! DAMN IT ALBUS! I'M WAS A BLOODY DEATH EATER! I SHOULD HAVE DIED! NOT HARRY! HE WAS ONLY A CHILD...AN INNOCENT CHILD!"

Severus took a deep breath as a single tear trickled down his cheek. "I...never got the chance to say good-bye..." he whispered quietly, oblivious to the fact that Dumbledore was watching him with a mixture of shock and sympathy. "I...never told much he meant to me...and how much...I've...loved him..."

The headmaster looked severely saddened when for the first time, he truly realized the depth that Severus had loved Harry. He knew deep down that this tragic incident would destroy the man from inside out. Severus Snape would no longer be the sharp-tongued, witty potion's master of Hogwarts, rather he'd become nothing more then a shell of his former self...

The dark haired man slowly gathered his son's body in his arms protectively. "Harry...come back to us...please..." he whispered brokenly, as more traitorous tears feel from his eyes. "If I had a second chance...I wouldn't be such a fool. I promise you...that if we ever meet again...I'll be a better father to you..." Severus wrapped his arms tighter around his son. "Please...all I'm asking for is a second chance...a chance of redemption..."

"Severus...please try to understand. Harry is dead...and no matter how much I'd wish it was otherwise, there is no force that can bring back the dead," stated Dumbledore softly, unable to meet his associate's dead eyes. However at that moment, something completely miraculous occurred.

Harry Snape's heart began beating...